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Fan di Fendi by Fendi

I want to like this, because it has a beautiful, sexy drydown and lasts for ages, but the opening is just too fruity for me - the blackcurrant is gorgeous, but the rest is just too much all together.

But maybe it's a question of skin chemistry - first time I tried this, in hotter weather, it was lovely, whereas the next couple of times, cooler weather, the fruit (and something else very strong, possibly tuberose? I'm not yet an expert at identifying different notes) just took over and it felt too teenage/brash for me! Very Italian and I live in Italy so...I might give it another chance next summer...
12th October, 2011

Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain

I should say that I'm no expert on orientals & co. and I can't wear original Shalimar as I find it too powdery, but this was very disappointing - cloyingly sweet on my skin, syrupy and fruity. Girlish and rather unsophisticated. But what a gorgeous bottle!
28th September, 2011

Pure Poison Elixir by Christian Dior

The bottle is absolutely gorgeous but I prefer the original fragrance as this one doesn't work for me; it's too jasmine-heavy on my skin and lacks the delicious opening notes of Pure Poison.
15th November, 2008
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SummerbyKenzo by Kenzo

Very summery and sunny to me. I loved the soft almondy, milk and musk notes but the only thing that bothered me was an initial over-flowery note that made me feel like a walking air freshener but soon dried down. That and the fact that this perfume didn't last very long at all on my skin. Unfortunately I dropped and smashed my bottle on the bathroom floor a couple of weeks ago and lost about 70 ml of this stuff in one go! :(
15th November, 2008

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I actually like the bottle and the notes looked promising just doesn't work with my chemistry - it was far too harsh-smelling and overpowering and made me smell like a whore's handbag!
28th September, 2008

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

Never got the point of this one - for me it had something too synthetic about it, which reminded me of the smell of musty old nylon "net curtains"...
03rd October, 2006

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

Sparkling, floral and peppery - yum. I wore this in 1997 and loved it. Don't want to wear it again because I don't want to dilute the memories it brings back!
02nd October, 2006 (last edited: 14th January, 2017)

parfums*PARFUMS Series 1 Leaves: Lily by Comme des Garçons

a lovely scent for anyone who loves lily-of-the-valley and green florals in general, although some may find it a little too sharp.
02nd October, 2006

Ralph by Ralph Lauren

yuck! was recently given this as a gift and swiftly gave it away (to a younger, sportier friend of mine). Apart from being totally non-descript and cheap smelling, on me it produced a cat-like stench so horrible I had to wash it off!
02nd October, 2006