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Cavalier by Avon

Been trying some of the older Avon's recently and Cavalier is a drugstore barbershop scent reminiscent of the late 70s, early 80s. My take is it's the equivalent of two parts Old Spice, one part Timberline (old MEM version). Can be had on E-bay for $10 a 3oz. bottle so it won't set you back much if you go in for this type of thing. Brisk Spice by Avon is in the same vein, but better.
23rd December, 2013 (last edited: 05th January, 2014)

Rectoverso Man Absolute Musk by Ulric de Varens

Got Jovan's White Musk for Men? Then you already own this. Decent enough for a tentative thumb's up, synthetically clean, ever so-slight, musk-and-fruit aura (some say reminiscent of peaches and shampoo?). Won't offend but may come across a little Caspar Milquetoast in the virility department. Still, all-in-all, a safe bet probably best for office wear.
21st January, 2013

Super Man by Al Rehab

Al-rehab fragrances, at least the six or seven I've tried so far, tend to blast from the bottle (or in this case, roll-on stick). Superman maybe more so than others.

Clove is definitely the dominant theme here, along with a layering of spices that produce a smokey effect, not unlike that of the original Jacomo de Jacomo, or Open by Roger & Gallet. As it dries down it actually projects even more, as do other Al-rehabs like Al Fares or Khaliji, and in this instance, Superman wafts a trail reminiscent of gold-bar Dial soap.

A deep, clean smelling scent no doubt, but you'd better like clove! Then again, at the ridiculously low price it goes for and how little it takes to massively project, you won't be out much if it's not to your liking.
13th December, 2012
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Ho Hang Club by Balenciaga

I bought this blind off the recommendations here, something I tend to do with a little too much frequency lately but typically with good results!

First impressions of Ho Hang Club were a HUGE let down. Ericrico provides an excellent description (as usual, good sir!) and I suspect my initial negative reaction was to the sharp carnation, and sweet, honey-like florals emanating from the top...but as with much in life the details are in the timing, and within 20-30 minutes it tones down, and how!

HHC melds into an accord that to my senses evokes serious "landed-gentry, old money" vibes, particularly the jasmine and light rose notes. There's an alternating radiance of perfected florals with a touch of leather and talc, an air of ''old school' sophistication about it. In this way it reminds me of Dunhill Men ('34 ed.) and Guerlain's Heritage. This stuff wears you and to pull it off with aplomb takes a certain gravitas: Think Jeremy Irons as the CEO in 'Margin Call,' not so much commanding the boardroom as attending gala evening events.

I've really come to love HHC and wish only that I could get my hands on the original Ho Hang for comparison. Great stuff and highly recommend, but with a caveat - I'd try before I buy. This one in particular seems geared to those over 40.
25th October, 2012 (last edited: 26th October, 2012)

Musgo Real No. 1 Orange Amber by Claus Porto

Immediately upon application I was struck by a strong sense of deja vu....I had smelled this somewhere before...nice orange floral and bergamont at the opening...and then it hit me: 4711. This smells very much like 4711 except stronger and more tightly formulated and with far less alcohol in the mix.

I don't really care much for 4711, but for me this somehow succeeds were 4711 doesn't. It lasts longer although less so than I would have anticipated for the money, and it has a light yet distinctive hint of musk in it, which mixed with the amber and orange spice also produces an underlying dry down reminiscent of Acqua Classica by Borsari. I like it and suspect it will grow on me. Seems a very good choice for a summer scent.
08th August, 2012

McGregor by Fabergé

What a nice surprise! A blind buy reminiscent of Polo Crest (even the bottle is similar) and Chevignon, with an herbaceous opening of lime and sage, mixed with patchouli and vetiver, and although I'm not discerning enough to identify it exactly, maybe a hint of anise in the base somewhere? With Polo Crest nearly impossible to find and Chevignon becoming more so, this will become my fall back replacement. Available at less than a 1/4 of what either of the former go for on eBay, I'd say it's a safe buy.
22nd June, 2012

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

To each his own, and yes, many women have commented positively on it, but every time I whiff this I envision Vince Carter (Gomer Pyle's drill instructor) in a cheap guayabera at the dog races; brash, loud, and indifferent to common courtesy. In classic Claiborne fashion this stuff is just flat out synthetic. It's as though someone in R&D lost track of what went in, shrugged, and poured a large flask of surfactant in for good measure. Not as prevalent as it once was, thankfully, but for me even a little is too much.
16th December, 2010

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

Eugene Levy sporting chest hair, gold chains and a track suit. Faux-machismo that's so over-the-top synthetic it's laughable, and at higher doses, intolerable. This isn't 'bang for the buck,' it's a ten-megaton chemical bomb.
11th December, 2010

Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge by Jacomo

Le Male, Cuba Gold, 360 White, Bogart PH, etc. Throw in any others with a vanilla-and-light-syrup vibe and you're there. This is very smooth and obviously well-blended, perhaps as well as if not better than many of the aforementioned, but unless you go in for gourmands this probably won't be for you. It's inexpensive but doesn't smell cheap, and I'll give it a thumbs up solely on its technical merits, with the opinion that it will probably appeal most to a younger (under-30) crowd.
30th November, 2010

Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

Yeah, this is good stuff. I will say that that upon application I get the fecal blast of a barnyard (may just be a one-off bottle?) reminiscent of swine, mud and fermented hay, but this rapidly and amazingly settles down into something exquisite, and indeed I too am reminded of Worth pour Homme, and in my opinion better. Great juice here, very masculine and in it's own way somewhat subtle but evoking a sense of a well-grounded cologne. Probably not for those under 30, but still very nice.
07th October, 2010

L'Anarchiste by Caron

Dullah, thanks for alluding to Creed's Baie De Genievre, as this is also one of my favorite colognes, and having just received a bottle of L'Anarchiste, I'm ecstatic. Yes, it has a spiced accord throughout but not overly sweet. In fact it reminds me also somewhat of Bogart's Witness, only much better formulated. A cool, spicy and to my nose reserved dry down that no doubt isn't for everyone, but still I love this stuff. Blood? No. Metallic? Maybe. Certainly unique.
07th October, 2010

Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

Yikes! An amped-up chemist’s concoction of synthetic sweetener with a heavy dose of vanilla thrown in. There's something in the dry down that has the same cloying aspects of Burberry Brit, a cotton candy, baby powder with marzapan background that ultimately is too much. Bogart PH is so linear and loud that even when there's nothing left to say it keeps on saying it. If used, use sparingly (please). For me, I’ll pass.

Edited - I still can't wear this and gave it to my teen son. He walked by the other day and I was curious what he was wearing? "The Bogart cologne you gave me" he replied. Have to admit, on him it smells fairly good. I have other Bogarts and like them, but BpH is sill too sweet and youthful in my opinion for a guy who just turned 50.

Edited again! And now I must admit...I like it. My brother wore it to a Christmas party I recently attended. I recognized the scent but couldn't place it and when I asked his wife she told me it's" Bogart Pour Homme," and one of her favorites of his, too. It's the powdery pipe-tobacco dry down that gets me, warm, inviting, maybe better for cold weather wear? It's a little sweeter than most scents I wear (Escada PH being the closest) but I've ordered a bottle and look forward to it during the winter months. It is strong, so a little goes a long way!
30th January, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2012)

Trussardi Uomo (original) by Trussardi

Whoa, Nellie! Word of advice - never apply this stuff if you're traveling commercial carrier. Your flight will divert immediately as the crew tries in vain to locate the source of the insulation fire emanating from the cabin. Seriously, the initial blast of 'essence of styrofoam' is so intense it'll have those around you moving away for fear you've bathed in something potentially carcinogenic.

Having said this, however, within thirty minutes of application an entirely different essence appears; a clean, somewhat powdery dry-down that is as sophisticated as it is elegant. I'll admit it's hard to sit still for the good half hour it takes to burn off the "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" statement this stuff exudes upon application, but for me, its worth it. As someone approaching fifty, I'm a huge fan of 80's power scents and while this isn't the best of them out there, not by far, it's good nonetheless. I would also add that this is definitely a scent best tried before purchased blindly.
10th September, 2009
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Yatagan by Caron

If you've ever driven anything with a diesel engine and bogeys, know what a torque wrench is, have herded cattle, or can juggle chainsaws while holding off a grizzly bear, then Yatagan MIGHT be for you. Strong stuff. I don't get celery as much as strong patchouli, a scent I normally don't like, but Yatagan is so unique that oddly enough I find myself drawn back to it again and again. And every time I like it even more. Blues jeans and pointy boots cologne, the kind that hired hands would wear for a night out on the town. Gritty, strong, astringent stuff. Two thumbs up.
11th July, 2009

YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

I'd could write a page on what I love about this cologne, but then Ken Russell nailed it. A crisp, masculine scent with incredible silage. In fact, most scents meld into something milder as the day wears on, while YSL concentre seems to actually become more defined over time. What evolves is class-in-a-bottle, without being overwhelmingly stuffy or loud. Just refined, clean and self-assured. Excellent evening formal-wear cologne. (One caveat: A little is all it takes, so go easy on the application).
30th September, 2008

1903 by J Peterman

I couldn't agree more with Docwinters assessment. I'm in my mid-forties and over the last three decades have owned a lot of scents, and 1903, more than any other, has elicited inquiries, turned heads and even gotten whispered commentary from passing women, such as, "Damn, that smells good!" It's clean and masculine in an entirely unpretentious way. The middle and base notes meld into a warm, mellow drydown that evoke a sense of contentment, like the reassuring feeling of sliding into a large, perfectly worn, leather chair. Just amazing stuff! I only hope J. Peterman can keep his house in order so this wonderful scent is around for years to come! One of my top three and highly recommended!

UPDATE Aug 2012: I recently ordered the spray version of this (white bottle versus the glass-and-wood wrapped splash) and was extremely disappointed. Either they've reformulated this, oh God forbid, or the more expensive splash version is a much better product. At the moment I can't recommend the spray version. Just too light and toned down.
05th October, 2006 (last edited: 22nd August, 2012)