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Ancient Attar Pure-Fume Spirit Spray by Aveda

i got a whole bottle of this at my favorite resale shops...i love it but only use it occaisionally as it has an unusual scent that folks constantly ask what it is...sometimes this is cool sometimes you want something subtle....
10th November, 2008

Sex On The Beach South Beach by Demeter Fragrance Library

got it in a three pack with persimmon and pear....geez this smells like a drink i cant get with it at all. kind of sweet like cough medicine lol...looking to find it a new home almost a full bottle
10th November, 2008

Honey by Demeter Fragrance Library

Ive bought this twice,and it seems the older botter smells better than the newwer version...the older version comes in a sort of rounded bottle whereas the newer version comes in a square bottle...i can live with the newer version tho..
05th October, 2006
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