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Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

Still a great smell but the current formulation of safari(on me)has no real lasting power and fades quite quickly this is the only fragrance in my collection that i have had to respritz on the same day of wearing.The version of safari i had in the 1990s was a lot stronger than the current formulation and its sad to say that the current version of safari is a shadow of its former great self.
16th September, 2011

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Hand on heart over the years i have spent quite a lot of money trying to find a mens fragrance-that women generally like the smell of.I have bought allsorts from lacoste homme,to minotaure(loads really.Yesterday i took delivery of one bottle of drakkar noir(i had read up on this fragrance supposed effects to intice a woman to compliment the wearer)Well this morning i put some of this drakkar noir on and went around my local town to do the days shop-went into the supermarket(or mall)-and the woman behind the counter said to me"i dont want to be rude but you smelly really gorgeous what do you have on"? I then told her what the scent i had on,she then said to me that she will get her husband some of what i had.The point i am making is that i have been a customer of that supermarket for years and in all the time i have worn my other more expensive fragrances never once has that girl complimented me on how great i just goes to show that drakkar noir works,women love the smell of it!!
14th October, 2006