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Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

GPH II reminded me a bit of Penhaligon's Opus 1870 because of the pepper overlaying sweet undernotes. Opus uses rose while Gucci uses tea and cedar. I'm a fan of Gucci Envy and the first Pour Homme, and while this scent isn't bad, it's sweeter, lighter, and blander than Opus 1870 (which I love), so it gets a thumbs-sideways. The visual presentation is stunning.
10th November, 2007

Thé Pour un Été by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Lovely and evocative jasmine tea fragrance with depth and complexity provided by the citrus and florals. It would seem to me more suitable to a warm but spring day than the height of summer because it combines an airy coolness with sweetness that might be too much for summer (I haven't tried it in very hot weather yet, so I could be wrong). Am I crazy or does this smell like the sister fragrance of Taylor's Eton College Collection?
05th April, 2007

Maharadjah by Nicolaï

Love at first sniff! Reminds me of YSL Opium EDP but finer and more imperious. Intoxicating, spicy, sweet, warm, and honeyed. I see nothing in the notes listed above of vanilla, honey, amber, but the fragrance is certainly rich, redolent, and exotic (to this Western nose anyway).
04th April, 2007
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Greyland by Montale

I like the sweet, spicy, cedary opening, and I smell shades of pine needles too. Maybe the woodsy cedar, sweet sandalwood, and herbal. . . herbs creates that effect? I'm reminded a lot of Eau des Iles, and even a little of Dzongkha.

I also get the cumin. The good news is I find it far subtler than the cumin in Eau d'Hermes or Kingdom. The bad news is I don't feel it's integrated well into the overall fragrance creating a jarring sense of "Huh, what's that?"

I'd give Greyland a thumbs up but the longevity is more like shortevity, and I'm not a fan of fragrances that wear as close to the skin (after the first half hour or so) as this one does.
04th April, 2007

Blue Amber by Montale

A very very warm, intoxicating, heady, thick, and musky amber. I suppose "blue" implies the fragrance is not at all bright and maybe even a little melancholy; both true, but I find it very comforting all the same. The sillage is more sweeter and more pleasant than the smell on the skin, but the overall effect is magic!
05th January, 2007

Royal Delight by Creed

Rapturous! I discovered the beauties of Royal Delight and Acier Aluminium on the same day and find them both sweet and intoxicating and different enough from each other that I will buy bottles of both. MonkeyMan's review is spot on regarding the notes and the androgynous nature of the scent (not to mention the name!), but it's too lovely to miss.
12th December, 2006

Sandringham by Crown Perfumery

Ugh, I so wanted to like this one based on the reviews below, but my God it's the first fragrance I've ever worn that I found repugnant: a harsh, abrasive, lemon start that dries down to a harsh, abrasive bug spray. This is one of those fragrances that you remember even after you scrape it off your skin, and in this case that's not a good thing!
14th November, 2006

Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Wow, I'm in love, VdR is a completely intoxicating scent! After trying it once, I was enveloped by a rich and overripe but not overpowering plummy jamminess softened by rose. It was so velvety, seductive, and unforgettable that I had to use it again the next day. After only a couple of hours, I found myself online ordering a bottle. While I agree that it's probably not an everyday scent, I also know I'll be finding (or making) opportunities to wear it whenever possible. It's addictive!
05th November, 2006

Black by Bulgari

My first review! Everything about this fragrance primed me to love it: the name, the urban positioning, the packaging, the reviews, and several of the prominent notes (tea, vanilla, rubber, etc.: I love the scent of tea but perhaps not in a fragrance?). It just doesn't work for me: cloying and superficially sweet(none of which sounds very urban!).

Fortunately I only purchased one of the very inexpensive testers referenced in these reviews, but I'm sorely disappointed. That said, the packaging is still amazing.
22nd October, 2006