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Hémisphère Sud by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I got a sample of this through a lovely eBay seller and I was very excited to try it.

My first impression isn't very good though, I was expecting something warm and mysterious but instead I only came across a bidimensional, flat and boring fragrance.

It's a 100% spicy-oriental scent , you can definitely feel pepper as a strong top note, then no middle notes at all -so no floral notes IMO. After this first phase it goes straight to ambery base notes. I can't smell any vanilla, either. I find it slightly similar to Gaultier 2.

Although I don't find it's anything special, it could be a nice fragrance, were it not for the fact that it's too "bland" and simple. It's so weak you won't even have the impression of wearing perfume, but rather a body spray. It's staying power is hence quite mediocre.

My rating: 2/5, I was expecting more from CSP.
23rd April, 2009

Vanille Peach by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This is one of the best vanilla-based fragrances I have ever tried. I already got my so coveted flacon via eBay and everything about it is just good.

Starting with the container, it's just awesome to everyday use and travelling: metallic so it won't break in case you drop it, and protecting the product from the light. And regarding weight issues, it's so light that it seems like it's empty when holding it -but it's actually not. That's why they're called "eaux de voyage"!

I would also call them "eaux de bonheur" -bonheur standing for happiness. As for the fragrance, I feel like a blast of sweet and warm breeze upon the first spray. I don't know why, for me it smells of hot weather, juicy and ripe peaches combined with a rich and balanced vanilla, sweet but not in a foody-teeny-gourmandy way; as some reviewers have stated previously, it's darker and more mysterious.

After a few hours, it settles down to a warm vanilla scent with creamy notes. It's lasting power is remarkable also: two spritzs last all day, even after my evening gym sesion -sweat and shower included.

I feel so proud owning this. Strangely enough, either this is a limited edition or it's been discontinued, as it's hard to get and it's not listed in the CSP website any more -why, oh why????

If you love vanilla scents, get hold of a bottle while you can -and given its metallic package I assume this scents can last years and years.

My next "catch" is going to be Vanille Citrus, that's for sure.
06th April, 2009

Vanille Bourbon / Bourbon Vanilla by Yves Rocher

It's sweet and warm, but how it smells will depend strongly on your chemistry. On one of my friends it smells lovely -like caramel, but on me I only get a Marie-biscuit smell which I can't stand.
Nevertheless I must point out that it's an artificial vanilla -like the little vanilla extract bottles my mom uses for her cakes.
15th March, 2009
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Vanille by Roger & Gallet

This stuff is awesome. If you want to smell clean and fresh give it a try. It's a wonderful combination between a citrusy eau de cologne and the oriental warmth of vanilla. Not too citrusy, not too sweet, the perfect balance. And the lasting power is great for an eau de cologne. Can be used by both moms and kids.
11th March, 2009

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

It is sweet, it is flirty, it's vanilla-y, but to this day I never managed to get the cotton candy and strawberry notes. For me it smells more like nail polish remover mixed with vanilla extract. Unable to repress my nausea everytime I smelled it, I eventually gave my EDT to my best friend who finished it off within a month. Its staying power is amazing, which would be great if I liked the scent. My opinion: sweet and synthetic.
11th March, 2009

Fendi by Fendi

All I can say is Wow! I was given this perfume when I was 21 yrs old and it immediately disgusted me, so I left it on the shelf inside its box.

Some days ago I tried again and I found a sexy, warm and luxurious fragrance, yet too overpowering for me. The initial notes show fruits, honey and some flowers. The drydown is leather, honey, woods and a little bit of vanilla.

It makes me think of an executive woman in her 30's, sexy, strong, agressive, determined, long manicured nails and plenty of devoted lovers, but in a classy way. I'm a student and I'm 25, so it doesn't suit my personality at all, but when I need extra courage I wear it to feel more confident -and it works!

Not for a daily use, though.

It's a classy scent and it's quite cheap also.
11th March, 2009 (last edited: 12th March, 2009)

Comme une Evidence by Yves Rocher

I really liked this one but it ended up cloying me so I gave it away.

This is a very elegant, feminine scent, mainly chypre, a little floral and quite sharp, but not heavy IMO.
The drydown is conforting and pretty, without losing its freshness.

I think it's a suitable fragrance for the office, sprayed in moderation, of course, as its lasting power is quite good.
11th March, 2009

Ming Shu Fleur Rare by Yves Rocher

A flat floral-aquatic. Very similar to Jesus del Pozo's Halloween. A agree with DebraJean, it smells cheap. It's not offensive but not interesting either. Duh...
11th March, 2009

Chèvrefeuille by Yves Rocher

Watered down floral splash. I never got to like actually like it. I think it's been discontinued. Nothing special.
11th March, 2009

Lumière (2000 version) by Rochas

I sold my flacon via Ebay, as on me it smelled like insecticide. IMO the rose and the peach don't mix very well in this one, making a bizarre concoction.
11th March, 2009

Promesa by Myrurgia

A soft rose scent for middle-aged ladies with a slight citrus twist at top notes. Too "oldish" for me -and I hate the smell of roses.
11th March, 2009

Halloween by J del Pozo

Dissapointing. This was the must-have fragrance in Spain some years ago, when it was launched, I don't understand why. It's the typical cookie-cutter aquatic fragrance you could find in any drugstore. Its staying power is ridiculous, but the most important thing for me is that it smells of NOTHING. Some artificial and aromatic note, but nothing special really.
I doesn't stink though.
11th March, 2009

Dulce Vanilla by Coty

I used to like this in a time when I was a sucker for vanilla-based scents, so I bought two bottles.
Now I that I have developed more of a "grown up" taste I find it cloying and cheap smelling. It is not even ultra sweet or gourmand, it just smells like the plastic that dolls are made of.
Non interesting at all.
11th March, 2009
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LouLou Blue by Cacharel

This has been discontinued, so I keep my flacon in its box like a treasure. And it is, indeed. This perfume is very special. It's sweet, deep and mysterious. The initial blast upon spraying is not very pleasant, as in the original Lou Lou, but within minutes I can smell anise and flowers. The drydown is mostly anise, tonka bean and vanilla with some smoky substance. Lasting power is outstanding, and two tiny squirts are enough, as it's quite heady. IMO it's a perfect winter scent.

Although this could perfectly suit a young woman, I don't feel able to wear it now, it's too powerful for me. Maybe in the future...
11th March, 2009

Aquawoman by Rochas

This a very interesting marine scent, people always ask what you're wearing. It's fresh and as kitty_moon says it has a subtle floral touch. Nevertheless it can be a bit overpowering if you overdose on it, so refrain from soaking in this EDT.
11th July, 2007

SummerbyKenzo by Kenzo

I hate flowery scents. And this smells of absolutely nothing but flowers. I suffered a headache within minutes of trying it, it's way too heavy and overpowering. Moreover, why did Kenzo called this fragrance "Summer"? There is nothing on it that could remind me of summer days (i.e., fruity or marine notes), but it does smell of spring flowers.
28th October, 2006

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

It's sexy and provocative, with some vanilla, freesia and fruity notes. A year ago I was absolutely in love with Deep Red, but a few months later I ended up finding it non-interesting and artificial, although I don't dislike it yet. I just got tired of it. There's only a few mililiters left that I'm going to keep on using until I finish the bottle. I don't think I will buy it again.
28th October, 2006

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt

This perfume brings me memories of my childhood,as my sister used to wear it in the eighties. For me, Vanderbilt smelt so womanly, so sensually that nowadays still represents for me the quintessence of femininity. Now I'm old enough I've started using it and I always get compliments from people. It's a timeless scent that will never go out of fashion. It's sweet but not in a gourmand way, I'd rather say it's musky or ambery. The most I like about Vanderbilt is that it's suitable either for a young girl or for a fifty-something woman. It's all about universal womanliness, regardless of age. A must-have classic.
28th October, 2006

Pur Désir de Lilas by Yves Rocher

It's true lilac! It's a very nice fragrance, flowery and romantic, it reminds me of those Avon lilac soaps my mom kept on the wardrobe so clothes would smell good. I'm not a great flowery scents fan as they give me headaches, but this one captivated me. The only drawback is that it went rancid after only seven months, it smelt so bad I had to throw it out when I came back from holiday. This seems to be very common with many Yves Rocher products.
24th October, 2006

Matin Calin Sugar Milk / Lait Sucré by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Very warm scent, I like because it reminds me of butterscotch or dulce de leche and I'm a great gourmands fan. What a shame its staying power is so mediocre! I would give it a thumbs up if it was more intense...
20th October, 2006

Emporio Armani City Glam for Her by Giorgio Armani

I like this one. The first time I tried it from a sample I found it too overpowering, but after a few minutes it dried down to a very sexy and sharp scent, it reminded me of Giorgio Beverly Hills. I think it's the right scent for modern women who can be a bit agressive sometimes. But don't overdose on this or you'll have people around you complaining of migraines, as it's a bit strong. Two sprayings are enough.
20th October, 2006

Ode à la Joie by Yves Rocher

This is one of my favourites. I just love its sunny, happy and shiny notes. Its a lovely blend of citrus, jasmine and solar notes, with a hint of peach. Very fresh, all my friends love it.
20th October, 2006

Ode à l'Amour by Yves Rocher

The first time I sniffed this eau de toilette from a paper strip I was delighted by its fruitiness and sensuality so I ordered a flacon straight away. But after trying it on my skin I realized it made me feel physically sick. Too overpowering, too sickly sweet, the strenght of amber clashed violently with overripe fruits such as cassis or mirabelle plum making this concoction unbearable. It leaves a rancid drydown -even the cap smells bad, definitely a no-no.
20th October, 2006

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Firstly, where's the chocolate? All I could smell on this fragrance was a strange plasticky, burnt pong.The moment I tried it I ran to wash it off my skin immediately because I was feeling quite nauseous. IMO it smells like a motorbike's skid on a hot road previously sprinkled with vanilled sugar.
20th October, 2006