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Bolt of Lightning by JAR

This fragrance is tuberose, top to bottom. The decaying smell at first, the white floral dry down, the absurd price tag, all it comes down to as far as I can tell is the juice is mostly tuberose absolute, which does cost a lot, but not upwards of $700/bottle unless there's really nothing but tuberose absolute in there. Honestly, there is something fantastic about being pampered and wowed in smelling fragrances, and they are generous with the time spent with a customer.
20th November, 2008
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Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum by Aedes de Venustas

Stopped by Aedes this weekend and tried this one. The opening was dominated by the sweet orange, pink pepper, and incense notes. The heart appeared after about twenty minutes and was nearly pure oppoponax/sweet myrrh, with hints of coffee and cedar. This persisted on my skin for at least 4-5 hours, following which soft woods emerged, tempering the pure incense experience. Those with me agreed that it smelled not unlike catholic mass, warm, incense laden, and familiar. It had good tenacity on the skin and the sillage was also fair. Worth a trip and a sample for the incense lover.
15th October, 2008
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Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Une Fleur de Cassie is most impressive in it's transparency. It evokes the smell of a person who has perfumed oneself. There is a dirty human core veiled in powder/musk notes from the cassie/mimosa, orris, and musk/sandalwood so it wears almost more like an idealized version of a person's natural scent than an overt perfume. I couldn't stop smelling the back of my hand (a tester does it no justice).
02nd May, 2007
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