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Red Roses by Jo Malone

I agree with the others! This is the best rose fragrance I ever tried (and believe me,I tried a lot) This is a rose, exactly like a red rose, no more, no less. It has an excellent staying power. It's absolutely gordious. My favorite.
18th February, 2007

Tea Rose by Body Shop

It is still sold as an oil. To me it is very much like the true tea rose. A nice, strong rose perfume.
20th January, 2007

Curious by Britney Spears

It reminded me of the discontinued Ananya from the Body Shop wich I also liked very much. To my surprise a good scent.
20th January, 2007
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À la Nuit by Serge Lutens

This is the best I ever got! A perfume so close to the flower. when one loves jasmine, this is it! It stays all day and keeps the beautiful frangrance.
20th January, 2007

D&G Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana

I get many compliments with this fragrance. It is pretty and soft, but stays the whole day. I can even smell it the next day! But it is never too overpowering.
20th January, 2007

Ananya by Body Shop

This smells much the same like Britney spears first fragrance. Sweet, but not too sweet. a pleasent flower scent. shame it is only in oil
20th January, 2007

Acqua Chiara by i Profumi di Firenze

I don't agree, I found the I profuma fragrances quite strong. Maybe that's my skintype. I tried Rosa di damasco, tuberosa d'autonno and talco delicata. They last very long, but all 3 scents are a bit sharp. Also, and maybe that's the type of house, a bit old fashioned like.
But I prefere I profumo more than L'artisan and gantier.
12th November, 2006

Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Terrible. Sorry Guerlain. This perfume sticks too everything, it goes in your nose, your mouth etc. Even a little bit makes me sick (like guerlain-lover experienced) It's very much like Heure Bleue, which has the same effect on me. Too strong, too sweet, too everything.
06th November, 2006

Damascena by Keiko Mecheri

A wonderful rose like scent. It's definitely a modern fragrance. You can smell the roses, more the fresh cut mai rose and something else which gives it the staying power.(musk?) In a strange way this frangrance makes me think of modern, glass buildings and white furniture. It's not sweet in the candy way (ribbons and giggling girls) but
more straight to the point sweet. A fragrance with self confidence. I think once you learned to like this, it's forever.
06th November, 2006

La Rose de Rosine by Les Parfums de Rosine

On me this fragrance is a bit strong, but I get many compliments. It has a good staying power. Better than Annick Goutal's rose absolue, which is 'dusty'
This one is more romantic.
06th November, 2006

parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Rose by Comme des Garçons

A modern rose fragrance to be used any time. It's one of those fragrances I grap when I can't make a choise. It's not overpowering, fresh, good staying power. I like the combination with the fruits which makes it not old fashioned, what many rose fragrances have.
06th November, 2006

parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Carnation by Comme des Garçons

this is better than Bellodgia from Caron. Just carnation, pure and simple. When you love the scent of this flower, this is the one!
06th November, 2006

L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

This is one of my favourites! It's perfect on any occasion, never too light, never too strong. There is no fragrance like this one. Simply beautiful. The most compliments I get are always with L'Instant. And it's hard to describe the scent. Luminous, and at the same time warm. One has to try this!
06th November, 2006
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Liù by Guerlain

It reminds me of Annick Goutal's Heure exquise. A classic fragrance, not for young people. For the wintertime.
06th November, 2006

Gardénia Passion by Annick Goutal

The first impression is the best, but on the skin it becomes too sharp. I miss the flowery part. It's a good scent, not one in a dozen. I agree with Helg that it's not really gardenia.
06th November, 2006