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Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Overall all, this is potent. The top notes are heady, overpowering, confusing, and project in no particular direction, or in all directions. As it dries down, it becomes more appealing to me. The mid and dry notes remind me, or resemble, a perfume from the mid eighties called FIOLE by J Casanova, discontinued a while ago. As a man, I loved FIOLE and used to wear it.

This is definitely more on the feminine side. If I dare to wear it, I'd mainly do so to enjoy the dry down. It lasted 16 hours or so on my skin. I lean towards thumbs up rather than neutral, at least in appreciation of its uniqueness.
15th December, 2012

Version Originale by Jean-Marc Sinan

Unique. I wonder what notes are in it. the remaining bottles go for $180+. You can get an imitation scent from many essential oil shops that mix elements to imitation perfumes. It's very close to the original.
16th October, 2009

Jivago 24K Women by Jivago

The best I can describe this one is it is like the aroma of a very fine red wine. I can't pick any individual notes. But it is sensual, romantic, very feminine, mysterious. It is rather unique and doesn't resemble anything I know of. But, at the time I tried it, it slightly resembled Quelques Fleurs. This is the perfect gift for your romantic lover.
17th July, 2009
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