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Joop! Homme by Joop!

I used to think this one smelled like a clown's fart, but not anymore.

First a short story: Back in the 90's, Joop! was absolutely everywhere. And I hated it. Every club or bar that you went into, someone was BATHING in the stuff. Every time I went to the department store to pick up a frag, the SA would push this one on me. No thanks. I wore and loved cologne back then too, but I just couldn't figure out why anyone would wear this one. It was sticky sweet and had this strange bung smell to it. Until about a month ago, it was the only scent I could think of that I actually hated.

Then something changed. Recently, I was talking with a colleague and I noticed he was wearing Joop!, yet very lightly. I immediately thought, "Good grief," but then I decided to silently explore the scent as we were talking. I'm not sure what it was, what notes I was picking out, but this was not the fragrance that I hated. It smelled much more complex and sensual, and very, very good. "I have to get a bottle of this stuff," I thought to myself, disbelievingly. A few weeks later, I picked up a bottle at a local perfume shop, rushed to the car, and sprayed under my shirt. What happened next was magic.

The scent opens up with an incredible, almost three-dimensional kaleidoscopic black cherry note. A few moments later, a very lusty jasmine opens up (this was the "funk" smell that I used to hate and was not able to identify) and then everything comes together in a very smooth, pink/purple/red-light glow of a scent: cardamom, vanilla, patchouli, honey, sandalwood. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it is complex, masculine, and very sensual. Very well blended and it lasts all night long.

This one is certainly a love/hate scent, and like others in the category (e.g., Kouros, A*Men) the less you apply, the better. Like another reviewer noted, one shot of this is almost too much. Its power is legendary. Yet, at the same time there is something about the scent that begs to be sprayed and sprayed, hence the problem. Needless to say, one shot is plenty. Two if you are wearing a sweater. Three only if you have an Andy Kaufmanesque sense of humor.

This is without a doubt my biggest 180 ever, but I am more than happy to have made that turn.
03rd March, 2011

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Probably the most nauseating perfume experience I've had since Serge Lutens' Miel de Bois. The opening was very delicious and boozy vanilla, very nice actually, but soon morphed into such a nauseatingly sweet scent that I actually became sick to my stomach. After two hours, I still didn't sense much tobacco to calm down the vanilla, and in the end reached for the baby wipes to scrub this one off.

Thumbs way down. Another BN hype monster.
12th February, 2011

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Strolling through the billowing snow, scarf around your neck, tuque on your head, breath completely visable, and the warm yet subtle scent of hot cocoa, mint, and coffee beans rising from your jacket. Delicious and comforting in the best possible way.

It has taken me some time to appreciate this gem, but appreciate it I do. I get none of the gasoline or syrupy crap scents from this one, but I also don't get the negative scents from Kouros and Farenheit either. A love it or hate it, certainly, and love it I do.
29th November, 2007
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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Beautiful, strong, masculine, clean...and incredibly powerful. The Greek tragedy of scents, for it was his own strength, the young Kouros, that did him in.

I have nothing to say but wonderful things about Kouros...just don't ever (EVER!) spray more than two shots. One spray out of the shower is excellent and will last you well into the evening.
03rd March, 2007

Canoé by Dana

Canoe is a very nice smelling scent. Reminds me of barbershops and talcum powder, in the best possible way. The drydown is soft, yet masculine, and not overpowering. It also lasts quite a bit as well.
15th January, 2007

Aspen for Men by Coty

I don't know what it is about this one, but I really like it. I once complimented a colleague on his cologne and asked what it was. He would not disclose the name, but the next day he arrived with a gift set of Aspen. "Aspen?!" I thought. "What?"

Nice, green, fresh, and simple. Perfect for crisp, wintery days.
15th January, 2007

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I love Polo. Yes, we have all smelled people who drown themselves in the juice. But when applied sparingly, is classy, warm, and altogether beautiful.
11th January, 2007

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. These are the thoughts that come to mind when smelling this.

That being said, this is a very beautiful creation. Another member mentioned the word "textured" and was spot on. The combination of lavender and leather are delicious. Yet I can't help but feel that this was originally designed for a woman. It smells nice, like lipstick smells nice. But, like lipstick, I prefer it on my wife.

The_good_life's review was beautiful and I too feel that certain men's fragrances merit social commentary.
10th January, 2007

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Quorum is a very masculine and in your face cologne, but if applied correctly (I'll explain), it smells wonderful...smoky, leathery, classy, and debonaire.

Like another fragrance in the "ultra-masculine" category, Kouros, application is everything. If you approach Quorum mid-day, shoot a couple of sprays across the neck and then hit the town, you will offend everyone, even yourself. You will have that "too-much-cologne" smell and the scent will not go away. With every breath you will inhale the overpowering fumes of the Spanish brew and everyone else's disgust.

There is a better way. Start with a shower. Afterwards, when dried off, apply a couple of shots to the upper chest (that means 2, not more or you are asking to offend...this is Quorum after all), get dressed, and wait for the magic to happen. First, the zestiness of the lemon and grapefruit appear, complimenting the fresh fact that you showered. This will later dry down to a beautiful smoky, leathery, and all-over classy aura that is nowhere near offensive, and quite nice. (This same advice can be taken for Kouros.)

Not for metrosexuals or those who prefer to smell like girls, Quorum is a robust and manly scent that deserves to be approached with care. Failure to do so has disastrous consequences.
10th January, 2007

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Smells just like Cool Water. Sure it came out first and lasts longer, but nobody will be able to tell the difference. Does it smell great? Of course. But if you want to fork over 100 dollars just to smell like a fragrance that sells for only 40, that is your choice.

If you really want to wear Creed, go for another fragrance, like Bois du Portugal. You will smell like a million bucks and like no one else.
30th December, 2006

Cacharel Pour L'Homme by Cacharel

This is my favorite of them all. I still remember when I first smelled it...southern Spain. There was never another scent that had such an impact on me. One moment I was sampling it, then it was mine.

This is definitely one cologne that you can wear and never worry that anyone is going to smell like you. (At least here in the states.) My wife loves it. Nothing comes close. Completely masculine, mysterious, sensual and spicy, yet clean. Cacharel is a classic.
12th November, 2006