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Red Sea by Martine Micallef

Red Sea is overwhelmingly pungent at first - another funk/BO scent ala Kingdom - but more masculine IMO. Two hours into the drydown this has sweetened considerably on my skin and has ALOT in common with MKK at roughly half the cost. The sillage has dropped dramatically too... The notes (from the Luckyscent website) are neroli, cinnamon, rose, iris, sandalwood, and white musk. I would have sworn there was cumin in this when I first applied it. I did get the cinnamon and rose. If you like MKK but don't own it, this is worth trying, although it does become more of a skin scent than MKK. (If you put enough of this on to guarantee good sillage after a few hours you'd probably get arrested.)
09th January, 2009

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

I'm in my first full wearing of Muscs Koublai Khan today and I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
I guess with all the hype I was expecting something brash, bold, controversial even. But MKK is none
of these things. It reminded me a bit of an 80's power scent on the opening - not any particular 80's scent - just
the profile. It was loud, but certainly not overpowering like the Kiehl's I once tried. It settled down quickly into a smooth musk with an unwashed edge. This was pleasant to me however, not rank or nasty, and I found no fecal or animalic notes. Quite contrary to what I was expecting, "subdued" is an appropriate term to describe this scent.

It is sweet, but it stays far away from the realm of candied musk that is Musc Ravageur. It is, in fact, very natural smelling - and settles into a nice skin scent on me. I catch a whiff now and then and fancy it coming from my own pores. If my sweat smelled like this I wouldn't have the need for cologne. I'm certain that it was created for intimate moments with a partner - and it seems best suited for this. MKK is the smell of The Morning After... (minus the bad breath)

With so many scents intent on covering up our natural odors, it's refreshing to find one that blends so naturally,
and wears so unobtrusively. It's a nice change too from the cumin-laden scents that try to be dirty by design. Compared to MKK they all fall flat.
08th November, 2007

Orris by Tauer

This has the signature Tauer "tar" note, but it is much more smoothly
blended with the other notes than in LDDM or Lonestar Memories. The tar retreats into the background early on, leaving a rich and warm interpretation
of the iris note.

It is a well-balanced and intoxicating scent that is dark and sensual in the vein of Voleur de Roses. This was my first full-bottle floral purchase, and my first iris.

I see no need for any other. This is an easy Holy Grail for someone, man or woman. When I wear this, I envision a heat-shimmer of energy pulsing from my body, wave upon wave, perfectly synchronized with the beating of my heart.

Art... Mystery... Seduction... and Love...

They are all here in abundance! Thank you Andy Tauer for this fabulous scent! Both thumbs up!
15th January, 2007
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Cuiron by Helmut Lang

A Porsche body on a Pinto chassis. Oh it smells great all right, and longevity is fantastic, but where's the SILLAGE? A liberal application (4-5 spritzes) gets me 2 hours of very good sillage maximum. After 3 hours this one is almost nothing. DW said it smelled "delicious" on me, so I'm keeping my sample for intimate times. I may even buy a decant when it's gone, but I can't justify a full bottle purchase. I'd highly recommend it as a date scent though - light, masculine and inoffensive. If you only need a few hours this is a great one.
01st January, 2007

Knize Ten by Knize

Smells like a nasty old chamois that's been sitting in the garage for a few years, and has been used to wipe up EVERYTHING including WD-40 and motor oil. Horrible to me, but others seem to swear by it. I think it has that "Kouros" quality... some love it, and some love to hate it. I'm SO glad I sampled this one before buying blind!
01st January, 2007

Lonestar Memories by Tauer

WOW! This one kinda' jumped up and stabbed me in the neck if you know what I mean... That birchtar note is VERY pungent! However, after an hour or two, I like it better than Cuiron (sampled the two side by side). It's not as versatile, but is a definite head-turner. It dries down to an almost "smoke and birchtar gourmand" (what a strange concept), with hints of leather, and a slight medicinal quality (probably that birchtar again).

This is not for the office, or everyday wear, but is a marvelous distinctive scent that everyone should sample at least once in a lifetime.
27th December, 2006

Tam Dao Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Put me firmly in the predictable, linear drydown camp. I blind-sprayed my new sample on a blustery, overcast, winter morning. It wrapped me in its light and fragrant warmth like a cashmere blanket. It is rich and distinctive, but fairly subtle - exactly what I look for in a versatile everyday frag. I can't imagine it offending your coworkers either. As an office frag, it fits the bill far better than MPG Santal Noble, which I find cloying in comparison. These are the only two sandalwoods I have tried, but I intend to sample as many as I can find now, thanks to Tam Dao.
27th December, 2006

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I get the Barbasol shave cream, but not the patchouli, no matter how hard I sniff. It does last a long while and it comes off as clean and masculine. In a word, unpretentious.

This is the well-groomed male plus ultra. Some will say barbershop, but I say this is truly unique (and confident in its uniqueness).

I could see Jay Leno and Stephen King wearing this, just because they are both old-school regular unpretentious guys that have made it big, and their celebrity has not detracted from their character.

(Is it me or is Jay Leno the ONLY guy that can pull off jeans and a denim shirt of similar hue?)

This is sneaky and potent stuff, to be sure. It will disappear within an hour, only to "blossom" profusely with minimal physical activity.

Double plus thumbs up for capturing an era when men actually waited in line for a decent wet shave... It is timeless and superbly masculine.

Oh, and the ladies like it too :)
14th December, 2006

Yang by Jacques Fath

The best description I can give is, "Bvlgari Eau de The Vert Concentree Extreme", with emphasis on the EXTREME. This one lasts all day on me and seems pretty linear in the drydown. My skin shreds many frags quickly, but Yang is good for a solid 8 hours. I bought this blind with beauty bucks on Perfume Emporium, so it cost me nothing. This was a great addition to my wardrobe! I've heard it referred to as the, "King of Green". I concur with this! It's fairly heavy with great longevity and high sillage. I think it's classified as green/oriental. Usually one or two spritzes is enough. I wear it as an office/casual scent, but it really deserves better play - a quality sleeper frag.
14th December, 2006

Corduroy by Zirh

Am I crazy, or is this the original DK Men by Donna Karan in an uglier bottle??? I get sweet, then a leather/wood drydown similar to John Varvatos, but the sweet seems to hang around through the entire drydown.
I LOVED DK Men, and I really like Corduroy as well. I would say it is suited best to the under 30 crowd, and is a good all around casual/office scent. THUMBS UP!
05th December, 2006

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

I guess aquatics are just not my thing, I've compared the Bulgari Aqua with the original Bulgari PH (and the extreme version) I like the PH and extreme, but probably wouldn't buy them because they seem far too subtle on me. Same goes for the Aqua de Bulgari. All aquatics eventually lead me back to L'eau D'Issey, which I own, but am no longer very fond of. I will give Bulgari Aqua points for capturing the "seaside" salty note to a T, but if I want to smell like the ocean, I'll go to the beach and swim in it.
05th December, 2006

Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bulgari

I like it, but then I also like Yang by Jaques Fath. The Bulgari version seems lighter - maybe a bit fresher - but they are similar. Yang has superior sillage (and longevity - always a problem on my skin). - My $.02
05th December, 2006

Black by Bulgari

I don't get the rubber - but certainly the tea and smoky wood - also a little touch of sweet. This is (so far) my favorite from house Bulgari, but I'm just having a hard time deciding when I would wear this. I'm sure office would be OK as would any casual occasion. I will call it cutting edge simply because I have never smelled ANYTHING like it. I give it thumbs up, maybe I will even buy a bottle when I run out of Armani Code. The two are not so much similar in fragrance notes, but I would wear either in similar circumstances (casual Fall comes to mind).
05th December, 2006
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Pink Sugar by Aquolina

Heavy cotton candy note from the get- go. It fades gradually, but doesn't change much on the way down. I think this last about 3 hours with good sillage, probably more like 6 hours up close. I like this alot, but it is very simple. If you like this scent, you will like Fantasy by Brittany Spears, and probably Angel by Thierry Mulger and Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Angel and FB will last FOREVER -- 10+ hours each. Pink Sugar is more of a teenage scent, but who doesn't want to feel young now and then??? It is a playful and capricious scent that will draw compliments, probably along the lines of, "you smell good enough to eat"!
02nd December, 2006

Burberry London by Burberry

Can you say honeysuckle? I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife because we both love honeysuckle. I think there may be some jasmine thrown in for good measure. It is a very feminine, somewhat sweet, and alluring floral. I can't speak for the longevity yet, but I LOVED IT when my wife sampled it. It reminded me a bit of Beautiful, but much more toned down.
02nd December, 2006

Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

This is just watered down L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake. L'eau is a bit potent for the office - this might be a nice substitute if you like L'eau D'Issey.
Just another generic citrus/aquatic with no staying power. I think it lasted about an hour on me. If you like this frag, try the real thing. Issey Miyake lasts for about 12 hours and a spritz is all you need.
02nd December, 2006

Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

This is elegant, effervescent, and sweet, with a definite candy overtone- reminds me of the (now discontinued) Byblos Cielo. It exudes innocence more than seduction, and is like a quarter-strength V&R Flowerbomb. It's appropriate for everyday office wear. I think it's being marketed to teens, but I just bought a bottle for my 35+ wife because it is so YUMMY!
02nd December, 2006

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I recently sampled this at Nordstrom's on a female customer's wrist. It's very similar (but a bit less "foody") than Angel. The two are very similar, but I think FB is more feminine, and has greater mass appeal, than Angel. Viktor and Rolf claim 16+ hours longevity, and sillage is excellent. Of the two, FB is superior to Angel IMO, and is more suited to the more discreet and discriminating 30+ woman. If you are into gourmand (edible) fragrances you can't go wrong with this one. It is expensive, but also exclusive. If you like the candy style but want to stand out from the crowd, this is the one to buy.
02nd December, 2006

Angel by Thierry Mugler

This is a love it or hate it scent. If you like it, try flowerbomb or Miss Dior Cheri. Angel is heavy and long lasting, but there are better examples of the style. Angel is heavy on the food/chocolate scent. I like it, but flowerbomb is more subtle and possibly longer lasting. Sillage is excellent on Angel as well as FB and MDC.
02nd December, 2006

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

This is a classic fragrance that anyone, male or female, over 35 should appreciate. I rarely smell this on women these days, but when I do, it leaves a memorable, and nostalgic, impression. They don't make them like this anymore. If I could choose only two women's fragrances for the woman in my life, it would be Lauren for daytime, and Dolce & Gabbana for night/romance.
Lauren has great staying power and is complex and sophisticated, yet feminine and sweet -- very UN-unisex. If you are a girly-girl, or just want to pretend, this is a great fragrance. --Just one 40 year old manly man's opinion.
02nd December, 2006

Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

Simply put ladies, this is sex in a bottle (at least to my sensitive nose).
It is appropriate ONLY in the bedroom. Women who wear this as a daytime/office scent are sadistic!
Ten out of Ten!
02nd December, 2006

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

I just bought this last week. The initial burst has an almost nausea-inducing peppery note similar to Cartier Declaration, but this passes quickly. What is left is a warm woodsy drydown with a hint of sweet candy. The pepper is still there, but much more subdued. I think this is a modern masculine classy frag appropriate for day/night and formal/casual wear (at least in cooler months). Sillage and longevity are both low on me - maybe 4-5 hours tops. But this one is really growing on me.
01st December, 2006

Santos by Cartier

I have the older packaging - dark brown glass bottle instead of black plastic. I have compared the two side by side and the old formulation is superior IMO. It's all wood & spice with a very warm leather?/tobacco? drydown. Sillage and longevity are both very high. The new formula is weaker, with an extra (or perhaps missing) note. the new one is also gone in a few hours. The old one lasts 8+ hours for me. I save this one for fall and winter - mostly evening wear. I don't know WHAT I'll do when I run out - maybe try Antaeus! I do feel rich when I wear this - Donald Trump would smell at home in this, as would James Bond. This is definitely a dressier scent for the older (35+) "Man Of The World", type. You will get comments on this!
01st December, 2006

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I love this and have worn it off and on since the 80s, (although I never bathed in it!) It is definitely long lasting, 12+ hours on me, and sillage, I assume, is extreme due to all the jokes and cliches. However, it is a quality (and nostalgic) almost magical frag for me. The green pine opening that never quite goes away, and all the tobacco make a rich cocktail. Nothing else I know of smells like the original Polo. There are women I know that still go nuts over this stuff, although they are mostly over 40. The last several years I have worn this as my signature scent around the Holidays. So now it makes me think of Christmas.
01st December, 2006

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

This is what I wear the most out of about 15 scents. It is sharp and strong at first, but dries down to a rich warm amber/wood on me. Sillage is extreme, use sparingly. Longevity is about 5-6 hours on me, which I consider good. I disagree with the posts stating it smells feminine. It is one of the few scents I own that I think is suitable for year-round day/evening wear, regardless of dress, and also appropriate for the office (in small doses).
01st December, 2006

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

This is a potent citrus/aquatic I have used for years, but have yet to put a dent in the bottle. A single spritz on the neck is all you need. I can smell this on my clothes for DAYS. Sillage is high and longevity is 12+ hours. I would say that this is definitely NOT for every day wear, although I think it would be appropriate in all 4 seasons. Lately I have found myself only craving to wear it on rainy days - weird. Many compare this to Aqua Di Gio. I think ADG is lighter and less complex - more suited to the office, but FAR too many people wear ADG.
01st December, 2006

Gendarme by Gendarme

I have used this during the warmer months for a few years now and have yet to go through a small bottle. It is a clean and light scent that is probably best worn for casual/office. You will not offend with this one and it's probably impossible to overapply. It does have a "soapy" note, but to me it evokes memories of the beach (and suntan lotion) There is definitely something a little coppertone-ish. I like it, but it's only a fave in summer. Longevity is short - about 3 hours on me, and sillage is nil.
01st December, 2006

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

I had never smelled this until last month, and then I just HAD to have it. The citrus opening is very simple - almost lemon furniture polish - but the masculine and complex drydown is where it's at baby! This is my new favorite scent. Sillage is good and longevity is about 4-5+ hours. This is a real quality frag. I think it's more suited to evening wear or day/night in cooler months - probably too bold for the office. Does anyone on here ever wear this to work, or know someone who does?
What are the reactions? I recently bought Burberry London Men and the two are similar, but the London seems more appropriate for the office. Comments?
01st December, 2006

Cool Water by Davidoff

Yes it's fresh and clean, but even now that it's dated too many wear it. It has an almost marine quality that I like - an ocean breeze sort of thing - but it's the kind of ocean breeze that a soap, candle, or air freshener company would sell. It most closely resembles Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills (to me) but Wings pulled it off much better. Cool Water is an OK scent for the office maybe, and is probably OK to wear year-round day or night, but there is just nothing outstanding. Combine this with the fact that you will always remind her of SOMEONE in her past who used to wear this, just because it was so popular, and I'd have to say thumbs down.
01st December, 2006

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

A rich and classy warm citrus fragrance. I would have a hard time wearing this in a T-shirt - it just seems dressier and more formal - suit and tie all the way. I wore this on my wedding day. Sillage and longevity are both excellent, lasting 8+ hours on me.
I wear this on dreary winter days sometimes for a burst of summer when it's snowing outside, otherwise I would say it's a good year-round frag - maybe too potent for the hottest months.
01st December, 2006