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Le Jardin D'Amour by Eden Classics

This is absolutely vile - I only bought it thinking it would bring back memories of the fragrance I first used in the 80s. Not a hope - the overall stink of this hideous concoction is as if someone has sprayed cheapo air-freshener to cover up the smell of vomit. I tried it twice and left it to see if it would become acceptable once it had settled in. No chance - I had to scrub my wrists to remove the stench and even wash the top I'd been wearing which was also imbued with it (why can't smells you love linger like this??).
Today I gave it to my mum and she hates it as well (so it's not just my body chemistry) - and agreed with my description of the smell. My sister walked into the room and, without knowing anything about it, asked what the horrible smell was. So, be warned, do not buy this with the intention of reliving teenage memories - unless they were spent vomiting and then spraying air freshener to hide the smell. All in all, the very worst perfume I have ever had the misfortune to sniff. Thank goodness it was only a couple of quid in a discount shop!
28th October, 2012

Bleu Marine pour Elle by Pierre Cardin

I've tried this perfume twice now and each time it smells like rancid air freshener, just horrible. I can't describe just how vile it is on my skin - I gave it to my mum and told her that if she doesn't like it, just to bin it.
I don't know what notes it's supposed to contain but it smells so artificial and cheap. Just yuck I'm afraid.
11th September, 2009

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

A friend of mine was given this as a gift but, unfortunately, although she liked the smell initially, after an hour or so it made her feel sick and headachey. She gave it to me and, when I tried it, I thought it was lovely and fresh and flowery but the same thing happened to me - sick headache. I passed it on to my mum who wears it with no problems and loves it. Body chemistry eh? Shame.
16th July, 2007
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