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Pasha by Cartier

Finally got around to buying this. Its almost twenty years since I last bought it. Still smells wonderful. Maybe the kind of thing an older guy would wear. it smells rich and sophisticated in the way the Cartier fragrances from the 80's/90's typify.

When I last bought this back in 1993, it came in a very expensive (all silver) refillable bottle. That's gone now - a reflection of a new age but luckily the scent smells the same.

Wonderful, heady stuff!
14th August, 2011

Allure Homme Sport Cologne by Chanel

Nice light fragrance with excellent citrus top notes. Good for warm weather but sillage is questionable so it's meant to be used often, I guess.

I am sure I read somewhere (maybe on Chanel's site) that it is to be used liberally and applied often. That's probably why they called it a cologne (even though it is really a EDT). It's also the reason they probably botttle it in 150 ml.

My only complaint now is that if they wish people to use it all day, after sports etc - then they need to make it available in the same refillable spray bottle as they do for the original Alllure Sport.
23rd May, 2007