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Aventus Cologne by Creed

Personally, I find Aventus Cologne a fairly disappointing experience. After seeing other people's reviews my expectations had been managed but I still couldn't give more than a neutral for this.

It opens with a generic freshness that's followed up by a synthetic undercurrent of "nice smell". It's not unpleasant at all but it just isn't great. It puts me in mind of Prada Luna Rossa. I'm not saying that the notes are the same but the experience is very similar. Generic, fresh, synthetic.

I love the original but I do feel that it hasn't aged well due to the saturation of sauvage and others making it a cliché to smell so boldly "nice". Every other dude at work or in the supermarket now strongly smells great. This flanker just falls even more into that designer led cliché. It's just a "sport" version of aventus which has ripped the heart out the original by stripping away everything which isn't fresh.

Still, neutral cause it smells nice.
10th November, 2019

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

Vague, metallic, chemical.

I find this (on my skin) just smells quite harsh and metallic up close, and nothing at all from a distance. Not much else to say as there isn't anything which I would regard as a scent, to appraise.
05th August, 2018

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

Perfectly balanced blend of citrus and wood. The citrus is very vibrant and fresh but the woods give it good longevity. The only thing I would say is that it got a bit cloying when it got hot. Was fine once it cooled down again. Great for anything except exercise.

This is really good. Can't believe I didn't find it sooner.
20th July, 2018
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Reflection Man by Amouage

Aggressive, overwhelming, persistent. Like a joop flavoured chemical cosh. Had to wash it off. It still kept assaulting me nasally, even after 2 good scrubs with soap and water. I felt like "young Alex" in "A clockwork orange" where he gets drugged to make him feel ill (the bit where his eyes are forced open whilst violent video's play on the big screen). Sorry but this is a no for me.
20th July, 2018

Mûre et Musc Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A pleasant sweet blackberry smell but it is quite powerful. It lasts for ages on the skin, it was still there after a shower. My main issue is with it being billed as unisex. It's much too feminine for a man to wear unless wanting to advertise femininity. Not something I can wear to work without getting "are you wearing perfume?" type remarks.
20th May, 2018

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

Opens with an enormous blast of rose which comes across as quite feminine (to me at least). Reminds me of the smell of a bottle of rose syrup which I use occasionally. I have no idea how this can be considered unisex. I personally wouldn't wear it as it's so feminine.
20th May, 2018

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Firstly, GIT is an amazing frag. Addictive, alluring and refreshing. The opening is fantastic - reminds me of Sherbet Lemon's - a delicately balanced mixture of intense lemon and green undertones. This opening is so good that it smells edible to me. I just want to lick myself when I spray on GIT, it really is that intense.
After the opening comes an incredible green drydown which is good but never really matches the opening for me as the lemon (my fave note) seems to ebb away.

Comparisions to cool water are justified but GIT is just in a completely different class. Cool water is very short lived in comparison to GIT. I own both and I do like cool water but it is a long way off the high std set by GIT.

One thing I think some creeds get unfairly punished for is poor longevity - the problem is that the initial strength is so great that the drydown can seem weak but when I compared creed longevity to run of the mill frags the creed fruity / green / marine drydowns lasted lomger then their rivals and were only bested by silage monsters like Gucci Pour Homme which lasts forever on me.
03rd February, 2007