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    Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

    Like most of Bernard Chant's work for Estee Lauder, this is heavy handed and slightly industrial. It plays its repetitive, repulsive/addictive, matronly/modern duality like an angry child of a dysfunctional family. The contradiction of balsamic notes mixed with the white flowers, ylang ylang, feels like it could spark a palace coup. Nice work, Bernie!

    15 November, 2009


    Eau de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermès

    I poured an entire sample on my arms and the smell of virtual, fresh grapefruit was uncanny. 35 seconds later, not a trace was left. Who stole my grapefruit? The follow-up turns out to be a nice, sheer vetiver citrus that last a couple of hours. Not bad, but a high price to pay for such mannered joy.

    11th May, 2009


    Mystra by Aesop

    Lovely and exotic for the 15 minutes it lasts on my skin. WIth such a high price tag, I want more life from this Byzantine concoction.

    12 April, 2009


    Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

    Revisiting CdG2 Man after a few years, I'm struck by how classic it smells. Perhaps this cross-over-from-artsy-to-mainstream CdG creation will survive all the other, more difficult ones in the CdG line-up.
    I also got the shower gel, which is very bright and invigorating - everything I want out of shower gel.
    This is truly one of Mr. Buxton's enduring gems!

    09 April, 2009


    Kohdo Wood Collection: Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

    A cedar dominated floral that mysteriously, as Luca Turin has pointed out, creates the illusion that you're wearing Mysore sandalwood: alchemy at its finest! I sure hope it loses its Limited Edition status and becomes a perennial!

    04 April, 2009


    La Nuit by Paco Rabanne

    La Nuit smells like an aging street walker's, cracked, old leather jacket that's been softened up with a stick of butter. Redolent of cheap make-up, wear this one and pretend you have some fascinating [i]john[/i] stories to tell.
    The amber-butter note comes from a slug of aldehydes, no doubt.

    30th March, 2009


    Messe de Minuit by Etro

    Etro's Mess de Minuit or midnight mass, is full of disparate fragrance notes, contradiction turned to liquid and bottled; the perfume equivalent of visiting a maddening and sublime city like Naples.
    The opening blast of its cleansing orange note is immediately followed by a sweaty and rank cumin accord. The spirit or the flesh? Heaven or Hell?
    These contradictory notes float over a lovely base of church-y incense. Incense used as a grounding element? Confused? Well, that's the Catholic church in a nutshell, isn't it?
    A contradiction of elements; at once as brittle as a Renaissance manuscript page, at the same time, as sensual as Donatello's biblical heroes.
    Heaven on earth.

    28 September, 2008


    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    1 year ago I tried GIT and thought to myself, "another boring green scent." Well, what a difference a year makes! Thanks, in part to Basenotes, and slowly weening my nose off, the largely synthetic, designer frags, I can now appreciate the beauty of all things Creed, Malle, Lutens, etc.
    GIT, along with my other favorite Creed Vanisia, speaks of quality, balance and refinement. GIT is evocative of being outside in nature while Cool Water can only only be evocative of being inside of a Sephora.

    07 August, 2007


    Chergui by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    I'm a big amber fan and Chergui delivers the amber, big time! I love to transition to this in the early evening from something fresh, like Annick Goutal's Vetiver. It puts me in a sensuous, happy mood. Great longevity and a bit softer then Ambre Sultan.

    04 August, 2007


    Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

    Unique, easy and refreshing. Sure it smells a bit synthetic, but it is based on Cashmere Bouquet soap, which is quite fun if you think about it. I heard the secret S note is semen. If only semen smelled so fresh......

    04 August, 2007


    Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

    File this one with YSL's Nu - two "take no prisoners" insence scents that miss genius by a mile. Oh, the humanity!

    04 August, 2007


    Vanisia by Creed

    Another sublime Creed that is mistakenly marketed as a woman's fragrance. Vanisia is clearly unisex. Some similiarity to one of the early CdG's - a cinammon note? Of course, it being a Creed, it's much more natural and luxurious. Opening with jasmine and a very spicey rose, then on to vanilla and sandalwood. It envelopes you in a warm aura, but works well in the summer heat.

    24 July, 2007


    Nag Champa by Ava Luxe

    This is not the scent of Nag Champa incense. It smells like a vague mix of aroma chemicals thrown over a vanillic base. Whatever!

    17 July, 2007


    Firewood / Feu de Bois by Ava Luxe

    To me this does not resemble the scent of fire, wood or incense. It smells synthetic, plastic-like even.

    17 July, 2007


    Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie by Creed

    A wow, a gem, a keeper. I've worn JIE during a week of high humidity, and it stayed beautiful for the entire day and it made me feel comfortable. It's an exquisite mix of Jasmine, rose, vanilla and sandalwood. It projects loudly for the first 15 minutes, but after that, it's a perfect balance of discreet sillage and staying power. Not for everyone, thank god, but it suits me to a tee.

    16 July, 2007 (Last Edited: 17 March, 2010)


    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Let's get a sleeper car on the Marrakesh Express - bring along your leather pants, you know the ones you wore all last year without underwear and never cleaned.........

    05 July, 2007


    Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

    My second Creed purchase is a keeper. From the nose stinging opening of ginger, then to the wonderfully uplifting, green tobacco heart note, down to its sandalwood base, this one is a winner. A fresh scent that is truly invigorating!

    03 July, 2007


    Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man by Caron

    I was convinced that I had found my holy grail scent when I first tried 3rd Man. But, within a month, it bored me. I'd pick up the bottle stare it it for a few seconds and put it back down and pick something offering more of a thrill. As the cliche goes, "too many cooks spoil the pot". Yes, in the end, there's really nothing/everything to focus on in this potion, it's sweet, it's floral, it's woody, it's well done, it's high quality. Zzzz..........

    02 July, 2007


    Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

    A horrible, chemical scent. It goes on like bug spray and then, aldehydes take over and it's gets even worse. A chemical romance if there ever was one. Instant headache - avoid at all costs!

    29 June, 2007


    Virgilio by Diptyque

    In my attempt to round out my fragrance wardrobe, I needed to add an herbal and a green potion. Virgillio perfectly fills both needs. Quite bold and wonderful with its full on Mediterranean ingredients, I find it to be the perfect summer in Provence fantasy frag. I wear it when I feel the need to be uplifted. Is it for work or weekends? If you have to ask, don't even bother!

    25 June, 2007


    Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

    Two thumbs up for the opening blast of incense and bergamont, but after 5 minutes I'm left with a strange, soggy accord that must be the orchid.

    12 June, 2007 (Last Edited: 26 February, 2011)


    Bulgari Black by Bulgari

    Olfactive Block? Why bother? While I love vanilla bases, I found BB to be a cloying and polluted vanilla. Too simple and, IMHO, nothing to do with the divine Dzing!

    25 April, 2007


    Cabochard by Grès

    I thought I was going crazy, when I sprayed Cabochard on my arm, after the drydown, I thought to myself, this reminds me of Aramis. What was I thinking? This is a fragrance created for a woman and Aramis is one of the most macho scents ever! Well, to my suprise, I just saw that Bernard Chant also created Aramis. So, there it is: Cabochard is Aramis for the the gals. As Gomer Pyle used to say, "Golllllly!!"

    21st April, 2007


    Rochas Lui by Rochas

    I was about to be indifferent about this one, but I just put some on, and Wow! Is it the 80's or is it the 00's? Lui is the one of the most confusing fragrances I've ever encountered. It is a wild card. The first 60 seconds it's, neroli, cedar, neroli, cedar and then the vanilla shows up to do its job, taking the bitterness off the neroli. But then it freezes up and it's back to neroli, cedar, neroli, cedar. The notes are what make this one an 80's tribute, but the contemporary feel comes from its cedar sweetness. I really can't decide on this one. What I do know is, that it's very flashy.

    15 April, 2007


    Iquitos by Alain Delon

    I did so much want to like this, odd-ball, mainstream fragrance. I so much wanted a masculine rose in my wardrobe. Iquitos is synthetic rose married to some very macho notes. Unique to the extreme, but unfortunately it's like Lillian Gish playing James Bond. I wore this out to a concert the first night I got it and someone looked at me and said, 'Granny?' I put it on my swap list the next morning.

    14 April, 2007


    Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

    How did I live through the 80's and miss this one? Nicely done, slightly sweet and powdery. This one holds up well. I love the Art Deco lettering.

    09 April, 2007


    R de Capucci by Roberto Capucci

    I hate to be the spoiler on this one, but IMHO, R, is a mix of Yatagan and Aramis. Two great fragrances, mind you. If you like "macho" fragrances get this one, but contrary to what has been written, there is nothing Guerlain going on in this beautifully done 80's tour-de-force. Quite good, but not exactly what I expected.

    08 April, 2007


    Mitsouko by Guerlain

    I have gone insane over Mitsouko. I have the new EDT, which is great, but I had a small sample of the original formula and it was almost criminal in its beauty. The new bottle has a plastic top, which is sad.

    31st March, 2007


    Arabie by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Arabie was my first Serge Lutens fragrance and it remains my favorite. It's not a gourmand and it isn't an oriental. Actually, I don't know what it is, but it is the best, rich hippie scent that I've ever worn. Syrupy, yes. Perhaps it's the scent of a fruit cake, but a fruitcake from Ladurée.

    28 March, 2007


    Lonestar Memories by Tauer

    The openings notes are a big wow! But it dries down to something close to Pinesol.

    22 March, 2007

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