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Eau Folle by Guy Laroche

Amazing they discontinued this gem... smells like Dior's eau fraiche also discontinued but not impossible to find. It echoes its time (1970's). Fresh lemony, like a field in the sun untainted by man.. but visited by precious fresh breeze carrying the most seductive of senses... if you are lucky enough to have stumbled upon it. I love it.... Have a 110ml bottle certainly an unusual size... perfect in every way and it didn't have to cost me a fortune like the discontinued dior...
31st January, 2007

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

I am surprised at how many bad reviews this perfume has received. in contrast to Rouge Hermes which is not at all that pleasant yet seems better received. Anyhow for me this perfume is slowly climbing the charts as one of my favorites. Don't buy it in the EDT for some reason it isn't as good as the EDP in fact it doesn't last that long either. Though there isn't a tobacco note in any of the layers of this perfume, it smells smoky in a delicious rich sort of way. like a baccarat room in the roaring 20's... I can't get enough of it. It is a pleasant surprise
11th January, 2007

Rouge Hermès by Hermès

Hmmmmmmmn. It starts off nice soft powdery, but evolves to something pungent has this funny after scent-- Which is not very pleasent. I like the eau des merveilles much better....
11th January, 2007
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Clandestine by Guy Laroche

I have over 183 bottles of perfumes, some are blah, some I keep for the bottle or a memory. I am not sure what it is about Clandestine I love so much. Reminds me of my childhood between Africa and Europe... My uncle introduced me to many perfumes as he worked in advertising and was constantly getting free bottles from the sponsors. Clandestine was one lucky acquisition. It is in fact as the name suggests. So secretive, deep, sophisticated, unravels but doesn't reveal too much. It is a perfume for a woman who commands presence yet isn't center stage. Not the bold blonde in the red dress to whom all the men are clamoring. It is more a provocative brunette perfume. one whose eyes speak both of melancholy and mischief. One who is both adventurous and a recluse. One who isn't easily approached, an other worldly woman. I love it.
11th January, 2007

Escada Margaretha Ley by Escada

I have quite a few perfumes and where I don't consider myself a cognoscenti I do know what I like... I am sure no two people feel the same way about a particular scent nor does it react with everyone's chemistry the same way. But this scent is very blah. It has no depth or layers or personality. I thought when I sprayed it on it was admixed with one of my other scents and maybe ruined its essence, but I tried it on another day and it was not good enough to be room spray, plus it gave me a sinus headache both times I sprayed it... Oh well.. makes my collection look nice though........
11th January, 2007