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Songes by Annick Goutal

Ah, Songes, this is a fragrance which I bought without testing on my skin first, much to my regret. I gave it a fair try but just couldn't get along with the frangipani which for me is so strong in Songes that I could barely detect any other notes. In the end I swapped it for Bellodgia which is much more pleasing to my nose. A beautiful fragrance for lovers of frangipani but not for me.
26th June, 2007

Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi

I really want to love this fragrance but it infuriates me that my skin chemistry causes Teint De Neige to alternate between the most beautifully scented clouds of almond/vanilla powder and a strange medicinal 'ointment' smell which is pungent and repugnant to my nose. This
medicinal aroma is a real gremlin, weaving in and out of Teint De Neige and rendering it unwearable for me. This perfume must be amazing on those lucky people who can wear it well but I have to rate it neutral, although you never know, maybe my skin will let me wear this sometime in the future.
26th June, 2007

Vanille Noire du Mexique by La Maison de la Vanille

Bergamot in the topnotes makes for a fresh introduction to one of my favourite autumn/winter scents. Not-too-sweet vanilla then kicks in with some florals (rose and jasmine). As the floral notes soften Vanille Noire Du Mexique dries down into gorgeous dark chocolate/vanilla heaven. Slightly powdery and very sexy.
Fab price too.
23rd June, 2007
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Hypnôse by Lancôme

Hypnose had me instantly smitten, usually a sign that I will get bored quickly with a fragrance but not this time. Definitely the sweetest fragrance I own but there is a note in here (vetiver?) which tempers the sweetness just enough to make it wearable for me. I can also detect almond in Hypnose alongside the vanilla and passionflower. Love this for autumn/winter.
23rd June, 2007

Perfect Veil by Creative Scentualization

Perfect Veil is a deliciously soft skin scent. Reminds me very much of Ava Luxe Pearl Musk which I love too.
23rd June, 2007

Lea by Lea St Barth

For me Lea has an gorgeous, very brief 'middle stage', if I can call it that, in which I can smell white chocolate, vanilla and almond. Sadly, within half an hour of applying only a bland vanilla/almond whisper remains.
It's not bad but there are other vanilla scents I prefer.
23rd June, 2007

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

For Her edt is a clean pretty musk on me but also has depth from honeyed notes and woods which I can't pick out. I used to own SJP Lovely as well as For Her but gave that one away because it was too light in comparison. I would describe For Her as a 'comfortably sexy in your own skin' scent.
23rd June, 2007

Vanille by Molinard

In answer to the question below I can't begin to review perfection, certainly not any better than calchic has already. I will say that I have no desire to try any other vanilla scents now that I have Molinard Vanille alongside MDLV Vanille Noire Du Mexique in my wardrobe. Mexique is perfect for autumn/winter while Vanille is just plain perfect.
23rd June, 2007

Aqua Allegoria Foliflora by Guerlain

Notes as listed on Guerlain website are:
Head - neroli, bergamot.
Heart - apricot, white freesia, gardenia petals, sweetpea.
Base - angelica seeds, amber-vanilla, sandalwood.
I bought Foliflora unsniffed based on the previous reviews and the fact that it has gardenia and sweetpea listed in the notes. Very easy to wear, Foliflora is naturally pretty scent which will suit me very well as a spring/summer perfume.
23rd June, 2007

Bellodgia by Caron

My favourite of all the 'classics' that I have tried so far. Also the brightest, sunniest and most joyful.
If I didn't know already that it was created in 1927 I doubt that I could place it in the correct decade never mind year. Classy without being aloof Bellodgia is truly timeless.
23rd June, 2007

Anna Sui by Anna Sui

Very powdery rose/violet scent. I don't get any fruity notes. Reminds me very much of Lutece by Dana without the Lily of the Valley.
21st June, 2007

Madonna Lily by Ava Luxe

Madonna Lily is one of those scents for which the words 'lush', 'heady' and 'intoxicating' can be used without exaggeration. Just when I thought lily scents were all played out and couldn't interest me anymore this one is a delight to my nose.
07th May, 2007

Pikaki by Ava Luxe

Opens, to my delight, exactly like Black Gardenia by Michele Bergman. Pikaki Lei is more floral in the drydown, I think. It has been a while since I last tested Black Gardenia. For me Pikaki Lei is a sultry, potent, sexy perfume and it has replaced the Michele Bergman fragrance in my wishlist. Definitely what I would call a 'cleavage' scent!
27th April, 2007
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Pearl Musk by Ava Luxe

Ultra soft, sheer skin scent. Creamy whisper of a musk which could easily be applied after using the matching shower gel and body lotion without any fear of scent overload. Ava Luxe website describes it as 'a lovely pearlescent skin scent that is deliciously clean and sexy with just a touch of sweetness'. Positively purrs with sex appeal.
26th April, 2007

Tiare by Ava Luxe

Mmmmm, dreamy. Tiare will be perfect for lazy, languid summer days. I have only tried one other Tiare scent, Chantecaille's, which seems to be more green. Ava Luxe Tiare has an emphasis on soft florals and (very) subtle hints of coconut. I am not an expert on blending but this scent is very smooth. Definitely a positive thumbs up!
26th April, 2007

Passion by Annick Goutal

Tuberose, jasmine, vanilla, oakmoss.
Captivatingly pretty scent from Annick Goutal. I find it lighthearted, joyous, uplifting and an ideal scent for springtime. I don't detect the oakmoss at all but love the jasmine and tuberose which are softened by vanilla.
22nd March, 2007

Rosa Flamenca by Les Parfums de Rosine

Orange blossom lifts this rose scent out of the ordinary for me. A warm, sexy rose, not too heavy or powdery.
22nd February, 2007

L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

L'Eau d'Hiver is all honeyed sweetness on me with the merest hint of floral. Delicate but extremely long lasting.
21st February, 2007

En Passant by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

En Passant is the first fragrance which I love the top notes of!! Top notes for me in any fragrance are always too sharp, strong or overblown and I much prefer the heart note and drydown stages. However with En Passant the whole composition from top to base is delightful. Obviously due to the use of one main theme - the white lilac. Fresh, subtle, adorable. I love the wheat note, am less aware of the notes of cucumber and orange tree leaves. The watery notes add to the 'outdoorsy' impression I get from En Passant and I am so glad to discover that it is not a powdery fragrance. A scent which has been kissed by the purity of air.
21st February, 2007

Crystal Noir by Versace

Crystal Noir is a beautiful fragrance. It is my ideal voluptuous, femme fatale perfume: dark, deep, sexy and best of all it is not at all powdery. Also the first ambery frag which I have felt really comfortable wearing. I know that Versace perfumes are generally not rated very highly on Basenotes but those which I have tried do work very well on my skin and are among my favourite fragrances.
18th February, 2007

Nocturnes by Caron

Nocturnes opens on my skin with a very fresh clean lemony scent which softens as it dries down. Didn't seem to change much in the drydown except become softer but then....... after about twenty minutes I get a fragrant blend of vanilla, orange and roses (as Ayala has posted in her review). No green notes on me, just a lovely delicate and 'pure' scent. Some perfumes are described as 'femme fatale', 'seductress' etc. I'd offer 'sweetheart' for Nocturnes.
12th November, 2006

Narcisse Noir by Caron

I cannot smell any civet in this fragrance, mainly the richness of oranges tempered by rose and, yes, a little bit of incense. A big beautiful feminine fragrance it is far more glamourous than I had expected.
12th November, 2006

Tarte au Citron by Laura Mercier

Creamy lemon/vanilla custard scent. I thought I didn't like gourmand scents but this one is just heavenly. Very comforting scent for autumn.
21st October, 2006

Parfum Sacré by Caron

Divine Sacre! Evokes the hush of a spiritual place yet is very sensuous, finding its way into my soul and under my skin. I can smell a beautiful blend of roses, gentle spices and a note/s I am not so familiar with, is this the myhrr? I used to think Chanel No.19 was my favourite French perfume but this one wins hands down.Wow!
08th October, 2006

Red Roses by Jo Malone

Initially I tried this on one wrist and Bulgari Rose Essentielle on the other. Two hours later Red Roses was still true and delightful whereas the Bulgari had faded to a powdery whisper. I love that this scent smells so exactly like roses. Beautiful.
07th October, 2006

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

On me Euphoria smells like sugared almonds. It's not an offensive fragrance - just too sweet for me.
19th August, 2006

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta

Oscar is one of those fragrances that I can't believe I used wear and love
(and I wore it to death!!!!!). Giorgio Beverly Hills is another I'd put in the same category. One has peach, the other mandarin, and they're both big, blowsy, ultra powdery fragrances. Anyone looking for instant eighties retro need look no further.
15th August, 2006

Chantal Thomass by Chantal Thomass

Lots of sugary sweetness, concentrated blackcurrant juice and lashings of liquorice - sums up this Chantal Thomass fragrance. I did like it at first but I have always had a quirk when it comes to perfume of being attracted to a frag mainly because it is 'different' or 'unusual'. Have been trying for years to recognise that 'different' and 'unusual' do not immediately translate as 'beautiful perfume' in any language!!!! Sometimes, as in this case, I forget.
15th August, 2006

Roma by Laura Biagiotti

I chose Roma as my wedding fragrance in '95. The quest was one of those 'I'll know what I'm looking for when I smell it' situations and when I found Roma I just knew it was perfect. Romantic, sunny, highly individual and not worn by everyone else, it ticked all the boxes. An ideal fragrance for a special occasion.
22nd May, 2006

Mitsouko by Guerlain

I am not as well informed on the intricacies of fragrance composition as other reviewers therefore what follows is only my personal reaction to Mitsouko based on a few wears and a fair amount of time spent sniffing my wrist!
I have spent some time 'getting to know' this fragrance because it has puzzled me from the start. At first it smelled as though it belonged to another age, the Busby Berkeley 'Lullaby of Broadway' era, chinoiserie, fringed silk shawls, etc. I could imagine someone like Jean Harlow wearing this perfume on her way to a premiere. The style of the twenties/thirties holds no particular attraction for me. I kept going back to Mitsouko however because there was 'something' about it. It seems to be magically composed of countless particles of all the best smells in perfumerie. That is my clumsy way of trying to say that it is a chameleon among perfumes: everytime I smell Mitsouko I get something different and the overall impression it leaves is far more complex than the notes listed would suggest. To describe Mitsouko at the most basic level I'd say there was a beautifully light, yet pure, floral sweetness to it, underpinned by soft spices and warm woods: Mitsouko is a perfectly blended fragrance. I don't find it to be heavy, overtly sensual or animalistic. As Mitsouko's multi-faceted characteristics become more familiar to me it becomes more comfortable on my skin. I would say don't judge Mitsouko on first impressions if it is not to your liking. Take time to get to know it for yourself and perhaps your opinion will change.
21st May, 2006