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Royal English Leather by Creed

Creed Royal English Leather. I bought it blind based on the glowing reviews and my curiosity for a leather fragrance. While I've had disappointments with blind buys in the past, none reached the magnitude such as this. Let's just say; this is the only fragrance that I got rid of within a day of owning it.

It's a leather fragrance alright, very very fresh leather. So fresh that it smells like a freshly slaughtered horse. Upon first sniff it has an effect similar to burying your face in the cavity along with the entrails and taking a deep sniff/snort.

There's something about REL that literally had a vomit inducing effect on me. I tried to let it grow on test strip and my arm but the same nauseous odor persisted. No matter how much an acquired taste it can be, if it stirs my gag reflex, there's absolutely no way I can wear it.

I've sampled alot of controversial fragrances and I do wear such ones as Yatagan and Kouros with frequency but Royal English Leather marks the limit for me.
25th December, 2007

Sables by Annick Goutal

Think maple syrup after you've added suger to it. Sweet, strong and heady but not the least bit cloying. This is one of the most addictive scents I've ever tried and the fact that it lasts a solid 24 hours only makes it more impressive.
02nd November, 2007