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Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

Bought this for my BF, but I like to spritz it on sometimes... It goes on quite fresh, with the citrus and slight whisper of mint, then quickly warms up to a slightly sweet spice: I get mostly the cinnamon and nutmeg, very well countered by the lavender and orange blossom. The drydown, despite all of those notes, is rather muted, and just, well, 'nice', nothing extraordinary. I imagine this would be wearable on almost anyone's skin.
22nd December, 2006

Ange ou Démon by Givenchy

Im about 30 minutes into testing this, and I have to disagree with the 'ripped-off hypnotic poison' comparison. They're in the same neighborhood, but definetely not neighbors. Ange ou Demon is more floral, and less potent. Can't speak yet for the full development, but so far this is a charming, sweet, relatively simple, well-blended fragrance. Don't think the name quite fits though... to me this is definetely 'Ange', with no 'Demon'. ***/*****
02nd December, 2006

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Based on the notes and reviews, I thought I would love this. No. It smells like a scented 'my little pony' I had when I was little. Blech. Thank god I sampled first!
01st December, 2006
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Escape by Calvin Klein

'Nice,' in the most boring sense of the word. I don't actively dislike it at all, but there's nothing here that does it for me either... I've heard it called a marine fragrance, which I suppose is accurate. If it were a person it would be a big, dumb oaf. 'Big' due to the strength, 'dumb' due to the complete lack of complexity or development, 'oaf' because you can't really relate to it, nor can you find it in your heart to really dislike it... it is what it is... it just isn't for me. I should mention though that this is my dad's girlfriend's signature fragrance, and she seems quite happy with it (judging by the over-generous application;-)
01st December, 2006