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Sauvage by Christian Dior

Can't remember the last time I've smelled this horrible fragrance. It was an immidiate disgust...Very nasty and harsh, vulgar and vile. And I was near to buy this blind..This has nothing to do with Bleu de Chanel. I suffered untill the middle/early basenotes, then scrubbed it away. I find it simply unwearable. I'm left disappointed and confused as this sort of fragrance comes from a house like Dior. If this is going to sell in the long run, I will be even more confused.
04th October, 2015

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

A one more example of the fragrance that is ruined by a reformulation. Both longevity and sillage has gone. So I'm reviewing the vintage Eternity for men which I have purchased several bottles. That's the original CK Cosmetics version and somewhere in the mid 2000's the Unilever version. (the reformulated current version being the Coty Prestige one.) Ca. 50% of my purchased bottles had turned bad, and I'm left with 3 good vintage bottles. They smell amazingly good and different from the current formula. Much more potent! Based on my own experiences, i'd say Eternity turns relatively easily bad - a word of warning to any other possible vintage hunters.

I find this a refreshing and comforting woody aromatic which has especially very nice sort of sharp top citrus notes (lemon, mandarin, bergamot). The lavender is excellent here. The citruses are not at any phase too dominant. Aloof, clear, sharp, herbal, aromatic. In the middle notes I find an aspect of beautiful sadness/melancholy. Don't know where it exactly comes from, maybe the lavender-other florals-vetiver combo (?). Corresponds well with the name Eternity. For me this works best as a good needed change after some heavier, sweeter, powerhouse fragrances. The times when one needs lighter, refreshing, comforting, cooling, maybe even a bit sporty fragrance. It's not aquatic though, which is a big plus for me. For those who search for compliments, this one works in that sense. Strictly masculine, I find nothing unisex or feminine here. The base woods are vetiver, sandalwood and rosewood.

I go with 3-4 sprays of which one to the arm(s), the rest to neck-chest area. As for vintage Eternity, there's no need to spray more, you'll get noticed by others - and in a positive way! One extra spray from long distance to shirt, or spray to the air and "walk through the mist" is a good idea. Works well as an office scent. Afaik it's not so popular any more (versus in the 90's) - it may offer a certain amount of individuality.

04th October, 2015

Boss Bottled Intense by Hugo Boss

I never cared for the original Bottled because it felt somehow too fruity. Instead this Intense version was love at the first sniff. I'm also getting boosted woody twist, also in the top and middle notes a bit more edge than in the original Bottled. To my nose this does not smell as sweet and fruity than original, and that's probably why I like this so much. This is denser, a bit darker (both color and feel). Absolutely gorgeous drydown and great longevity!
06th August, 2015
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Journey Man by Amouage

I find this smelling a little bit like my beloved vintage Macassar (tobacco-juniper-leather-all the aromatic elements) - but the overall feel is yet different - where Macassar is cold and a bit thin, this is warm and full, as well a bit sweeter. It's nice spicy dark, brooding scent, but as well as some other reviewers, this left me missing better longevity.
17th April, 2015

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

This is much more thicker, deeper, smoother and softer variation of Bleu de Chanel than EDT, the most describing adjective is imo more SENSUAL - more quiet and lacks the sharp edges of the EDT . It's a very nice variation and can be worn at the same time with the EDT. I get more woodiness and amber than EDT and maybe some tonka (?) as well. The longevity is slightly better than in the EDT but projection and sillage are like typical for an EDP, toned down, this works closer to skin.
The relation and idea between Bleu EDT and EDP is comparable with Allure Homme Sport EDT and AHS Eau Extreme.

I like the idea of owning both EDT and EDP of this one, because they both smell really gorgeus but work in a different way - one can choose to wear whichever suits more to the specific time, place, situation and the mood of the wearer, or even wear they both at the same time - both receive full 5 stars for me and I count them to the masterpieces of Jaques Polge, the perfumer.

The 150 ml bottle can be bought for about 100 euros, likewise Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. Any other bottle size is overpriced if you calculate the price/ML ratio, this applies to fragrances in general of course, but especially in Chanel ones.
06th April, 2015

L'Homme Idal by Guerlain

The Guerlains get all the time better as they have Thierry Wasser as a house perfumer. L'homme l'eau boisee was a nice surprise, and Idole is even bigger positive experience. An instant favourite of mine and my wife. It's the almond (amaretto) that makes this fragrance, but thanks orange blossom, rosemary and vetiver the scent has its needed herbal freshness and crispiness that add certain edge and won't get too sweet and cloying.

This is all that i wanted L'instant de Guerlain Homme to be but what it never was.
10th January, 2015

Idole Eau de Parfum by Lubin

I've been interested in Idole for a long time, and finally bought a bottle after doing careful comparison with the EDT version (2005) and Bentley for Men Intense, which has been reviewed as sharing similarity with this one. I liked Idole Eau de Parfum best. Good things compared to the EDT version: The leather accord is obviously weaker and the addition of frankincense, amber and labdanum makes this fuller,rounder and more enjoyable.

Even thought this is marketed as unisex and less masculine than the EDT, imo case is just the opposite. In any case both are masterpieces created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti.

Found a 100 ml bottle for a good price in a known UK based perfume discounter.
22nd August, 2014

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood by Dsquared2

The scent is awesome, what a great smell, indeed. Best of the dsquared2 He Wood line. I sense this scent except woody of course but also as a cooling, comforting, oudoor-sy - Which it is no doubt meant to be. Can be worn in hot humid climate as well - It was yet to see the day for me to find a current, non-vintage fragrance that i can from all of my heart give honestly FULL 5 STARS. Glad i found this one. Like it more than CdG Wonderwood for example.

That was for the scent/smell - unfortunately on my skin the longevity is really bad, only 1,5-2 hours so i will run out of this juice soon, but have already bought a couple of backup bottles - fortunately this one is a quite inexpensive frag.
31st July, 2014

Reflets d'Eau Rochas Homme by Rochas

The bottle is very nice looking: like the Eau de Rochas Homme bottle but with eye-pleasing green hue. It evokes images of summery, fresh, refreshing contents of the bottle. This flanker needs to be sprayed liberally, 6-10 sprays is OK. Then i get 4-5 hours longevity. It's a good idea to spray onto the clothing in order to boost the effect of this one.

This kind of scent is a perfect choice for the hot weather: refreshing and light with the notes of citrus, melon, violet, water lily, nutmeg (which i don't get in this one). About in 1-1,5 hour the light woodiness begins slowly to emerge- that's sandalwood combined with amber and musk base. There's a small dose of aquatic notes in this fragrance, but just a very tiny dose - fortunately not enough for the fragrance to get ruined.

I believe this is a kind of scent that's aimed to provide the wearer feelings of hot sunny summer, cleaness, freshness, anti-stress, optimism and overall good feeling. Personally i wear this only on summer and when the weather is very hot.

Rochas launched also a female version of this in the same year 2006. Tried to track down the nose(s) behind these but with no success so far. This is a limited edition and no more in production.

At the moment this is one of my best hot-weather frags.
25th July, 2014 (last edited: 31st July, 2014)

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boise by Guerlain

The only Guerlain fragrance besides Heritage, which i like. A very well balanced concotion. The hint of mint as being not too prominent is a great addition. The vetiver in heart - base is not too prominent either. So this is worth trying even to those who don't belong to vetiver friends. Longevity is very good, sillage moderate-good. A very good choice to wear on spring-summertime. One thing that's lacking for me personally is the certain edge/sharpness/harshness that i like in fragrances.
10th May, 2014

Monsieur de Givenchy by Givenchy

Can't explain why any of the group YSL Pour Homme, Rochas Moustache, Chanel Pour Homme and all that are said to belong to the same family with MDG don't really impress me, only Monsieur de Givenchy....I simply love this fragrance. Haven't tried the reformulated later release, so this applies to the vintage juice. A refined classic, that i find a bit melancholic and calming that's not typical for a citrus scent. The best part is the soapy musky oakmossy drydown - it offers a calming and relaxing effect that i personally enjoy.
26th January, 2014 (last edited: 08th October, 2015)

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

It's all about quality from Armani/Roger Pellegrino

This is a classic from 1984 which has gone through 3 main reformulations, in 1999, in 2009 and in 2013.
The 2009 reformulation removed the oakmoss and treemoss from the fragrance, and it has a significant effect on the fragrance.
So i recommend to all to buy pre-2009 formulation, it's better and it's stronger. This review is for pre-2009 formulations.

The scent in all is nothing but strong, it's refined, low-key citrus but in the older versions the already mentioned oakmoss gives it a good heavier base.
I wouldn't use the word subtle though because it's masculine and natural and has a solid base. For it's low-key nature i recommend 1) to wear the older formulation 2) spray liberally (4-7 sprays, one to the shirt) and 3) use the Armani eau pour homme
showergel and deodorant as well.

It's all about quality and that's no wonder because the launching year was 1984 and the nose behind this fine fragrance is the genious Roger Pellegrino (whose other creations
are for example womens' Anais-Anais by Cacharel and mens' legendary Rochas Macassar (in collaboration with Nicolas Mamounas, the nose of Rochas)

The best wearing is day-time scent, thogh this is one of the most safe and versatile scents there is, can be used in work (office), won't offend anyone, others will notice it's YOU who smells good not your perfume.
One warning though: There's one delusive aspect in the scent: The wearer's nose will get used to this very quickly, and others can smell you for hours when you self can't, so be careful not to re-apply too often.

For those whom this simply is too weak after all, stronger citruses i recommend Boucheron Pour Homme, Monsieur de Givenchy and Eau de Rochas Pour Homme. (all preferably in vintage formulation of course.)

Pros: Green, natural, versatile, refined, low-key
Cons: The 2009 formulation spoiled this fragrance

26th May, 2013

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Old ladyish

This is for the current (latest) version.  Saw it through a window of a fragrance shop and decided to ask for the sample to my skin, as this has been getting some very positive reviews and never had smelled this before.  Right away as i smelled the first time i knew i could never wear a scent like this.  Even LIDGE smells better to me than this stuff.  The adjectives that came to my mind were: Sweet, powdery, feminine, soft, old-lady-like.   Shame, i would have liked to enjoy the classic, but just can't.


I guess the older formulations including the Cologne version could be better, and i'm ready to test them without prior expectations and objectively.

Cons: To me smells feminine and dull

23rd May, 2013
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Armani Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani

A very nice fragrance and a good take from Armani. One of the best of the recent launches.

No doubt this one has a nocturnal feel (as advertised) but imo it's a great daytime scent also and makes a great signature fragrance to somebody who wants to have such. Works as a work scent too as long as is sprayed moderately.

Longevity could be better. Projection is a little better than average.

- The comparison with DHI is justified; it's that much similar but in a good way different ... smells better on my skin being slightly fresher. I like the fact that this is less sweet and intense and crisper than DHI. The tobacco accord is notable and is another detail that i personally prefer over DHI. Would be nice to know who is the perfumer! (?)
03rd May, 2013

Rochas Lui by Rochas

I discovered Lui too late.. it was already discontinued. Fortunately it is still quite easy to find.

The key thing that i love in Lui is its bittersweetness. Lui is a vanilla based fragrance, but
the sweetness of Lui never gets overly sweet,thanks to bitterness of citruses and the tie with patchouli and neroli, a good example of the vanilla scent which is still stricktly masculine. A very nice work from the perfumer Michel Almairac. Longevity and sillage both are great, a little goes a long way.

Again, i find this fragrance a very soothing and relaxing kind ; it has an anti-stress element.

First i rated this a 4-star fragrance but soon had to go to correct my rating to a full 5-star fragrance. Found myself liking this more than Dior Homme Intense and that's a lot! Already a 3rd Rochas fragrance that gets 5 star rating from me. A coincidence?
29th January, 2013 (last edited: 30th January, 2013)

Bel Ami by Herms

One of my friends used to wear this back in the 80's and i remembered clearly that it was to my taste very offensive and revolting especially the top notes right after application. The way the leather is served here is wrong to my taste. Looking more closely, it's the overall concept of leather + lemon that is a no-no to me. The overall feeling about this fragrance gets a bit better as it developes to heart notes, but then it's at it's best just bearable. On the contrary, Antaeus is a good example of the leather scent i DO like.

Recently i wanted to give this another chance because wanted to see if time has changed my taste especially as i've seen this fragrance having so many friends in Basenotes. I had to disappoint: it still disgust me. I'm glad i only bought a 7 ml small mini bottle of this (it was vintage one)

I'm still curious to test Equipage, which haven't smelled yet. Could well be that i'll find my "Bel Ami" of Equipage though the real Bel Ami just was not my cop of coffee.
02nd October, 2012

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

The review is of the original "made in france" vintage version. I found a full tester bottle at eBay that was from the stock of an ancient perfume shop in France. - Never smelled the reformulated version so i can't compare. This was a blind buy and I'm very happy it was successful.

On the back of the bottle is listed the notes triangle: From up to down: Lemon, orange, pepper, geranium, patchouli, galbanum, sandalwood, vetiver, sensual note.

Simply beautiful fragrance with floral heart - still masculine. Floral, rich, full-bodied, soft, dark, beautifully melancholic/poetic, big, captivating, demanding, somehow menacing or sinister (strange! but not bad though), introspective, romantic, best at evening or night wear. If i had to associate a color to this fragrance, it would be dark brown- not black like the bottle is. It's said there is no rose in here, but surely there's a rose kind of accord present though! I especially like the way and timing this develops: the woody accords are increasing very nice and slowly. Not suitable as a work scent - this is so informal, dreaming and romantic type of fragrance. In this fragrance i can't find anything casual, common day-to-day feeling or practical.

This goes before Zino Davidoff in my wardrobe - i prefer this to Zino. As well i prefer this to Salvador Dali PH. This simply gives me more than those two. Ungaro III is quite unique. Now I'm curious to find out what the Ungaro I and II smell like. Longevity on my skin: moderate. Sillage: moderate-heavy.
25th August, 2012 (last edited: 12th November, 2012)

Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

I have a bottle of the old formula named "Eau de Rochas POUR Homme" and a bottle of the new formula "Eau de Rochas Homme". Both are great citrus fragrances and they are quite similar to each other, in this case the reformulation has not spoiled the fragrance. I get a bit softer and more comforting smell from the older version, but it's longevity is worse.

All in all, best citrus i have tried so far hands down, very comforting, relaxing fragrance full of warmth. Usually i don't need to spray more than 2-4 sprays but with this particular fragrance 6 is not too much. Only phase where i don't like it is when spraying - for some seconds it's too harsh. Yet, very soon settles to radiate peaceful and soothing citrus-woody tones and one can smell woody notes, myrrh, resin and oakmoss, really enjoyable. It must be the combination of myrrh and lime (like some other reviewers wrote) which causes this to be so good - a brilliant idea from the creator of this scent, Giles Romey of Quest International.
17th August, 2012 (last edited: 21st April, 2014)

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

This one was clearly such fragrance that needed several try-outs before i learned to like it. Even the second time it smelled much better than first time. Third time: i fell in love. I agree the opinions described by others as a dark, unique scent. Surrealistic? May be too much said, don't know. There is so much power in this fragrance, that it can be seen as 'evil' or 'creepy' but like said by some other reviewers but the key is spraying only 1-2 sprays! On my skin this amount developes really beautifully, when sprayed only 1-2 sprays under the shirt, to chest-belly area. Then this scent gives out its best. With heart/base notes i get a small connection to Kouros that some other mentioned, not very evident though.

One of the best sillage & longevity on my skin. Apparently this scent is more than average dependent of the skin type, because some reviewers get just opposite results of longevity.

If i think of possible candidates for the "signature scent" this is one to consider.
05th February, 2012

Macassar by Rochas

This one is the great fragrance that i used to wear occasionally in 1985-1987.
That time as juvenile it felt like too mature, strong, dominating and business-like, and it didn't belong to my top favourites. I remember this scent was highly respected in my country at that time; this scent was placed usually on the topmost shelf in warehouses and perfume shops - it was used by businessmen, managers mostly. I remember this scent had a very special effect on me though, it felt like magic... Not sure if it was black or white magic.

Then i forgot the whole scent for 23 years as it was discountinued at some point. I re-discovered this last year and now it has become my new favourite, signature fragrance.

I think this is a masterpiece, and by far the best of "The Nose" of Rochas, Nicolas Mamounas' creations. This creates a exeptional sillage, a distinctive, powerful, but somehow introvert aura, like hidden or hold back, drawn back power.

10th January, 2012 (last edited: 05th February, 2012)

Yatagan by Caron

I don't usually submit negative reviews at all and the fragrance must be something extraordinary horrible if i do - and this one fell below that limit!

This was a blind buy (125 ML edt !) and i expected it to be more like the some of the known 70's - 80's powerhouse fragrances which i generally speaking like.... First i thought that i'll let it develope so that i can smell the middle and the base notes.. but even though i applied just one very short small spray onto my hand the smell was so strong, disgusting and horrible that i HAD to wash it away after 15 minutes from applying. So i never got to know how it would have developed. By the way, I don't know how this one can be washed off, i've already tried soap, Fairy and Chlorine bleacher and still i can smell this odour on my hand!

I have to give this one away to someone who is more sophisticated than me to appreciate this - can't use this even as a toilet washbowl cleaner. I honestly have never smelled this obnoxious odour before.
Edit 16.8.2012
I've done research work and found out the notes that disgusting me so much in Yatagan. It's that certain bittersweet aroma in top notes that comes from Ylang-Ylang flower note combined to celery and wormwood. For some reason, my nose just can't stand that particular smell.
09th August, 2011 (last edited: 15th August, 2012)

Boss Spirit by Hugo Boss

I used this first back in 1994 when i purchased both 100ML EDT and aftershave for a bargain price. I liked this fragrance a lot but later around a couple of years later moved on to use more sweet (gourmand) fragrances, and was so stupid that threw these 2 half-used bottles of Boss Spirit away! Sometimes around 1995 this was discontinued.

I just re-discovered this sleeping jewel and managed to purchase an EDT bottle on eBay. I feel like heaven and use this nearly daily! It gets me back to the 1994 that was a great and very special year for me as i met my spouse back then.

The smell is dry, crisp, quite linear, dark, heavy and masculine. If i were blond, i wouldn't use this. Somehow i just can't picture this on a blond haired person, this is a dark man's scent. Is easily overdozed, for me 3 sprays are enough: 1 spray to the chest, one to neck, one to the wrist. This is the only BOSS scent i like (unless Baldessarinis are counted). This is quite potent and because of the better-than-average sillage you'l definately be noticed when wearing this one. You surely will get compliments as well.

31st May, 2011

Dclaration by Cartier

This has been my signature fragrance for years. From time to time i get bored for it, and at those times i long for and would use "darker" and heavier scents, but i always find myself coming back to use it.... so i'm kind of hooked on it. It's simply the best fragrance i have tried or used, and i've tried some much more expensive and niche ones as well. Definitely a keeper, i hope this won't be discontinued.

The sillage is above average, but longevity is average or below. I wish it would last longer. I would describe this fragrance as woody, green, spicy. It gives an aura of confidence, purposefulness, even up till the hint of arrogance. Suitable for office/work/everyday scent, i would not recommend it for sport activities or night out fragrance though. I think this fragrance does not fit in specially shy or sensitive people, but more for energetic, strongwilled and determined persons. Can't be used as unisex of female scent, this is a Masculine scent.
11th December, 2010

Baldessarini Strictly Private by Baldessarini

One of the rare vanilla based fragrances that i find wearable. Longevity being average or a bit over average and a big sillage. The black bottle with a gold color sticker saying "strickly private" describes this fragrance aptly. A good example of a masculine vanilla frag thanks to the quite dominating vetiver-patchouli heart. The smell reeks of money, power, privacy, dominance and authority yet being warm and comfortable at the same time.
26th April, 2009 (last edited: 05th May, 2013)