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Chergui by Serge Lutens

I've been testing this now for the second time. The first time, it couldn't captivate me, it was dull. It took me a while to re-test it.

It's warm and spicy in the opening, very comforting and perfect for winter.
I kept on thinking that I red a review a while ago that someone was recommanding this for a wedding day.
This absolutely does not fit for a wedding. I would say a funeral... .

It misses flowers or something fruity. Normally that can work perfectly, I'm thinking about Le Feu by Issey Miyake or Feminité du Bois or Tentation by Paloma Picasso, the spicy smell. But here I always tend to mix this up with i.e. Miss Dior Chérie or something else that is fruity because it's so plain.

All I smell after half an hour is incense. Although when I smell it close to my skin or on a piece of cloth, it's nicer, it's the air that it spreads that I don't like.

I really wanted to like this one.
Maybe I'm not the right person to wear it.
I always keep on thinking how I smell to others when this creeps even in my nose for hours. Maybe they think I come from church (and I NEVER go there!):)
12th December, 2010

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy

If I make my pick of the day, this comes out quite often. Why? Because it's different than all the others. This one dares to be seductive and fresh at the same time, and it works! I love the citrus combines with musk and roses. This is a scent you can wear as well in summer as in winter.
28th July, 2010

Iceberg The Fragrance for Men by Iceberg

where is Iceberg The Fragrance for women?? I own this, so it does excist!
28th July, 2010
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Ferré for Men by Gianfranco Ferré

Everytime my husband wear's this I think, what's this great perfume? It's very fresh and still warm, not overwhelming and has a great lasting power.
10th December, 2007

Now Women by Azzaro

I've tried this from a sample, but didn't like it. It's fresh in a certain way, but also a bit masculin. After a few hourw the smell was gone. No surprises, no wows, just another perfume like there are many others. No NOW ik want to buy this... .
10th December, 2007

Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun

Great perfume! Reminds me of Narcisso Rodriguez but this one has a londer lasting power and is a little bit warmer. I want this!
10th December, 2007

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

A great male fragrance, not too strong and very tolerable on any occasion. Bought this as a gift for my husband and he adored it to. Very classy and not too masculin.
05th July, 2007

Tocade by Rochas

A nice every day fragrance, if you can't make up your mind about what to wear (that's a cosequence of being a perfume addict). Sometimes too powdery and floral, don't overspray. It lasts and lasts and lasts... . A good winter smell, warm and cousy.
05th July, 2007

Sung by Alfred Sung

I achieved Sung when I was a young girl and than it fitted me well. My mother did like is as well since she's fond of muguet fragrances. I didn't get the need to buy it a second time though. Very floral but nothing special, sometimes too much baby powder smell.
05th July, 2007

Trussardi Inside Woman by Trussardi

I just achieved a bottle of this gorgeous perfume! I received a sample a couple of months and I was always delighted when I smelled. It really fits with a classy look and it's warm and sensual. A warm smell that fits even summertime. I just had to smell this more often after I finished my sample! To me, this is a better version of Angel. And finally it's a warm scent that doesn't fade in a vanilla scent (which makes you smell like a candle).
03rd July, 2007

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

A real masculine scent, I bought it for my boyfriend years ago (whom is now my husband) since I adored it warm woody smell.
03rd July, 2007

Silver Light by Escada

I like the freshness of it, but especially the topnotes are good. Fresh but warm at the same time.
03rd July, 2007

Magnetism by Escada

Warm, candy, caramel, nothing new. Once had it, no desires of buying it again, I even got a sample recently and haven't used it yet.
03rd July, 2007
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Trésor (new) by Lancôme

One of my first perfumes as a young(er) girl. I kind a lost the idea of wearing it years ago, but lately I'm longing to wear it again. They have this nice eau de toilette version now, without he sharper (sometimes overwhelming) side of Tresor, which is very nice on a summers day.
26th June, 2007

Rush 2 by Gucci

A very nice, light summer perfume. Doesn't look like the original Rush at all, but is a nice welcome on a warm summer day. Has a great lasting power.
26th June, 2007

Rush by Gucci

This perfume is addictive! Once used, you always want to return to it. It has an incredible lasting power and stays quite the same all the time. It doesn't fade into an ordinary vanilla smell but stays incredible good!
26th June, 2007

Cabotine by Grès

This is a great "green" smell, I'm a very fond of it, has a great lasting power and isn't like anything else. I hope they keep producing it... .
26th June, 2007

Giò by Giorgio Armani

Not as popular as Acque di Gio, very different indeed. Very sweet, like honey, not very interesting though... .
26th June, 2007

cK In 2U Her by Calvin Klein

When I tested it, the smell reminded me instantly of Ck one. But then, instead of fading away as the last one does, it only gets fresher and sexier. I haven't tried the male one, so I'm talking about CKin2U 'her'. Although the citrus is very overwhelming at te start, and you would expect the fragrance to finish after this, it really seems to keep up with the heart and top notes, and is supporting them very well. To me, much better than CK one... . And thank god, not unisex
14th June, 2007

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

When this arrived on the market, I must admit that I loved it. Considering that we still had cold winters here in Belgium that time... . I really don't think you should wear a fragrance like this during summertime.
The lasting power of this is too long, I don't like the drydown and it just stays too long. It's lik I want it to disappear, but it doesn't. Too bad that most drydowns are musky or heavy, I do believe that a fresh scent should stay fresh.
Back to A*men, I bought this one for my husband (as I said when we had winters over here) and I liked it. Allthough it could get too much and it would be a good smell to use in a chocolate store, too be in a small room amongst others,... not so good.
11th June, 2007

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

Not bad at all, but on a man, I like a more masculin scent, the citrus makes it too fresh and light, would work on a warm day as a refreshment.
07th June, 2007

Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Love, love, love this one. Too bad they don't sell it here anymore. I love the scent of Amber, ripe fruit and the sparkling scent seems to last and last... . I still own a small bottle of it but never use it (miniature). Red is to Giorgio Beverly Hills what Beautiful is to Estee Lauder.
07th June, 2007

Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

There's one thing I like this perfume on, and it's on a peace of paper, fist smelled it in a magazine and liked it. But wat a disappontement wearing it. Only the top notes smell good on me, the rest is really old ladies smell, dusty, old and overwhleming, causing instant headaches to the ones surrounding you.
My friend bought a bottle of this a while ago, 'cause it reminded her of her young days, late eighties. It really doesn't fit her so I told her. She agrees... thank god for me..
07th June, 2007

Jaïpur by Boucheron

I got this one as a present from my husband, 10 years ago. I instantly liked it, to me it's the better version of Donna Karans Be Delicious.
Be Delicious smells like apples, Jaïpur smells like apples with sparkling water. Much better and has more lasting power... .
07th June, 2007

Boucheron by Boucheron

I had this one when I was 16 (!!) years old and oved it, so not really an old lady fragrance. I just happen to like odeurs who are not just young and fresh and fruity. There has to be a depth in it, a richness and staying power. Something that makes me want to smell it instandly, here and now! And Boucheron has it all...
07th June, 2007

Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

I do find it a bit too strong for me, too much coriander, smells more like a herbal store and starts smelling sour after a while.
06th June, 2007

Pleasures Intense by Estée Lauder

I did like the original Pleasures better, although I thought I would like this more. It's a bit too strong and you can easily overspray this one. A friend at work wore this and sometimes it was really disturbing and causes a headache... .
06th June, 2007

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

Like the smell, nothing special though, very flowery indeed, but also refreshing and absolutely sparkling. A classical, one to use again after not wearing it several years...
06th June, 2007

Scherrer 2 by Jean-Louis Scherrer

This was one of my first perfumes I bought as a teenager. Not really a teenager smell though, not at all flowery or fruity. But I adored it... and I still do. I don't have it anymore, too much other smells going on. Actually, when Amber Nude was launched it reminded me of Scherrer II, just the first smell though, I even find Scherrer II better. It has a bit of tobacco in it which makes it irresistible (for me) and it's also a bit more fruitier at the end. Last very long an is an ideal winter or evening perfume. Should buy it again... .
05th June, 2007

Jean-Louis Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer

I bought this one Paris when I was young, as a perfume addict I always knew what to buy on trips with school... . At that time I used it but wasn't very fond of it. Now I'm double as old as then and I must admit that I rather like it. Especially the green notes and if I wear it I smell something woody to. It's a comforting smell, but you should watch out that you don't overspray because the bitterness at the end can be overwhelming. A keeper.
05th June, 2007