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Cozé 02 by Parfumerie Generale

Coze opens green / smoky and dries down to a herbal-spicy patchouli classical fragrance. Brutally masculine, old-stylish, playing in the same league as Caron's Yatagan.

Maybe I'm brainwashed by Thierry Mugler, but I don't see the patchouli-gourmand link here. I would never call this a gourmand.

Projection / sillage is hefty, the scent trail travels a long distance, the aroma "hangs" in the air like a cloud.

This is not my style at all. Coze evokes dark thoughts, in a bad way.

19th September, 2016

Shooting Stars: Dhajala by Xerjoff

Feminine for sure. Opens with a blast of fruit and florals. Everything is very pretty.
Gets very sweet in the drydown, which are probably the balsams and the amber doing its work.

When I smell my arm up close, I can smell some cheap and generic Calvin Klein-esque notes.
So this is basically a cK fragrance where they added high quality balsams and florals to make it smell expensive. As it dries down the amber gets on the foreground and the rest slowly disappears.

This is how I envision what a gold digger must smell like.
The cK base as a reference to her past as a random girl.
The rich florals and balsams coming into her life when she married the millionaire.
18th December, 2013

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

King Kouros.

I do get incense out of Kouros. But it's certainly not the main player. It's very complex.
It's spicy, slightly floral, smokey, sweet, slightly animalic, it has a ton of musk and a touch of civet.
It's amazing that such a clash of notes can blend together smoothly in the drydown.
The biggest issue most people have with Kouros is the opening.
I own a 50ml of Kouros and I don't want to be without it.
I don't wear it monthly but there are times that I crave to wear it.
I love my "compliment getters", but I need my "Kouros" moment from time to time.
I need that moment when something is on my mind or when I'm unhappy about something or need to reflect on certain things.
It's brutal. Super masculine. Uncompromising. Kouros doesn't care. It gives me a rush.
I mostly wear it when I'm at home. I have worn it a couple of times while shopping.
I remember 1 old guy literally staring at me in the bus. Not in disgust though.
It was like he was hypnotized. I have never seen that look on anyone's face.
They might not expect such a fragrance on a guy who is in his twenties, lol.

If you don't give Kouros a test on your skin, you should be banned from this forum.

Oh BTW, my mother says it smells soapy.
I never asked her if it smells soapy, as in urinal cakes.
Because I don't care.

14th September, 2013
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Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin


The juice in my sample is dark brown.

Not purple like the bottles.... weird.

This stuff is very sexy.

Smooth. Powdery.

To me it's useless to try to point out specific notes, since the notes are very interwoven.

It contains quite a bit of florals, not only iris.

I get a fruity vibe.

The vanilla is slightly boozy.

Sounds like a feminine fragrance, right?

Well, it carefully walks the line of unisex.

Slightly tipping to the masculine side.

But it will keep you in doubt.

It's fascinating. You can't stop smelling yourself.

I got this sample when I was a newbie.

It was way too daring for me.

Now I love it.

I should have bought this...

Arpege pour Homme is grossly underrated.

This is so much better than the regular Dior Homme.

It outshines Midnight in Paris, which I totally hate.

The "feminine notes for guys" theme was perfected in DHI though.

Pros: Sexy. An unknown gem.
Cons: Might be too feminine for some. "

14th September, 2013

Potion by Dsquared2

I bought Potion EDP after the first sniff, which is something I don't do a lot.

There have been a lot of reviews claiming it has terrible longevity and sillage.
I tested it multiple times. I do 2 sprays to the chest and 1 to the back of the neck.
Longevity is at least 7 hours on my skin.
Sillage? Not really good but I did get some whafts during those hours.
I like strong fragrances but I am not disappointed with Potion EDP.

Now what people seem to forget with Potion is the purpose.
This is not a clubbing fragrance like Vintage Dior Homme Intense with superb sillage.
Potion is the perfect fragrance for a date.
It is not made to get attention, it's not a clubbing fragrance.
It's a subtle fragrance which will project at the right time.
For example when you move around.
You can't judge Potion while wearing it at home, sitting in front of your computer doing your work.
It will project a sensual, mysterious and inviting cloud while you are giving your date a kiss before you're going to a restaurant.

Potion is marketed as a sensual fragrance.

"It represents a tool of seduction, conquer and emotions and is inspired by the chemical workshops of the past. Potion is designed as a magical alchemy that evokes carnal desires and lust.

The composition is aromatic woody with a distinctive background of amber. It is developed by Annick Menardo. “A new recipe of olfactory seduction” and “a potion of quality ingredients arousing amorous desires”"

I totally have to agree with the marketing.
It's an interesting fragrance that will draw girls in.
If you are on a date with a girl, and she gets a whaft of it, you will come over as mysterious and sensual. She will get close to you to smell more. I repeat, it is not meant to project like most panty droppers, this is sophisticated stuff.

I like to compare it with Rochas Man.
Another sensual fragrance, but without good projection.
Great for dates, and even for college/university or even at work.

My advise is, try this fragrance and never forget the purpose of it.
I love this stuff.
I expected it to be very unisex, but it's really masculine from my view.
Smoky, slightly sweet and spicy, amber and cinnamon. Great stuff.
22nd March, 2012

He Wood by Dsquared2

I absolutely love this stuff!
From first sniff I was impressed and I knew I needed to buy it immediately. Funny how other users also had this experience.
Every time I apply it, I'm just smiling at how good this is. Sometimes I just take the bottle and sniff the spray head. It's modern and sexy. You will stand out from the overly popular marine-fresh scents. Sillage and longevity are both very good.
01st June, 2010

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

This could be a unisex fragrance.
Very feminine to me.
Could be a good attention getter with the girls.
I won't buy it.
Although my first impression (first 15 minutes), I was convinced I would buy this someday. But no thanks.
16th August, 2008

DKNY Red Delicious Men by Donna Karan

I get very bad sillage and longevity out of this...
This was love from the first smell, but the longevity is insanely low.
And the spray mechanism is really bad.
14th May, 2008

Chrome by Azzaro

This stuff is awesome.
It's one of the few fresh citrus scents with good longevity and sillage!
Sometimes the drydown is insane...
I remember being in the buss, and I was asking myself "hmm, who is smelling so good here". Untill I realised the smell was following me to my house and in my room... It was me who smelled awesome!!! Damn this stuff is great.
14th May, 2008

Solo Loewe by Loewe

User "Oolong", this is no way a feminine frag.
To me it's just a special masculine frag with not so good sillage (after some hours) but average to good longevity.
Suited for all ages above 18.
07th January, 2008