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Scuderia Ferrari Black by Ferrari

Yeah, a very mild pleasant oriental. Comparable to Hugo Boss, yes but less sophisticated. More comparable to Hugo's Energize which I call Boringize.

Does not develop, but it is a pleasant frag. Sillage and stay average. I would recommend frag only if you do not want something distugstingly sweet like Pi but want a mild oriental. Me, I want more personality.
19th May, 2007

Ferrari (Red) by Ferrari

OK, the bottle was less gay than the one pictured above. The bottle looked like the Ferrari black but cap was silver and box was obviously red.

The EDT gave me headache and I hardly ever get headaches from EDTs.

The notes did seem to clash and it was not a smooth fragrance.

I am kinda amazed this EDT is in production.
19th May, 2007

Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

A good clone of Platinum Egoiste PE, but less pricy.

Overall, the top notes simpler and slightly more peppery then PE but then the drydown is the same to PE. Not sure how come PE is not such a lady attractant as VS. Almost as if VS accomplishes the same scents w/ fewer notes.

I have and love PE, and T from Tommy, and think VS is great. VS has _much better staying power than T. T is much more peppery.

Somehow, T and VS are more simple and much more popular w/ the ladies. I get compliments from T but not from PE. Go figure, I think girls like something simple, crisp, fresh. Cheaper?

VS1 will do well with the ladies, and you may also like it as well.
15th May, 2007
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Quorum by Antonio Puig

Not much to say that it has not been said: very masculine, in your face Spanish EDT.

The top notes can be very overpowering so for quarter hour I don't really like it, but then then once it dries down it is very masculine and dry (not sweet).

I usually apply Quorum on the left and on my dominant side Faconnable which is a woodsy sweet complex EDT. Faconnable is distinguished but soft. Qourome is dominant and blunt.

Surprisingly, on my skin they don't clash and are very complimentary and become multidemensional.

Love it.
05th May, 2007

Pure Vetiver by Azzaro

I did not like its synthetic characteristics. I tried it a while back and I was disappointed.

This just did not have enough fragrance and the fragrance that it had was cheap and synthetic. I guess even a good house can have a boo-boo.

Liked the bottle and the color.
05th May, 2007

Façonnable by Façonnable

I am surprised w/ the mixed reviews. Yes, not overly manly components but this frag is delightful, fresh and sophisticated.

Not unisex, nor sweet. Slightly soapy. Top notes not outstanding but not offensive either. Top reminds me of Versaci PH or D&G tops, not what I expected.

The drydown is better than the above mentioned frags and is spectacular. It is true that the sillage for the drydown is not as impressive as the D&G but that is not necessarly a negative aspect. I would dare compare this drydown to Safari in its sophistication but it is mostly exotic woods and not leathery/soapy.

This is a phenomenal floral/woody frag. If you like orientals at all, give this frag a shot.

Yes, I bought.
13th March, 2007

Essential by Lacoste

Essential Green Lacoste = somewhat masculine, citrucy/floral frag

I like it b/c it is fresh, but it was ran by tangerine. Much better than Cerruti Image, not nearly as manly and bold as Tuscani by Aramis.

Could see where this frag could get old quickly even if you like the scent. There is not much in the way of development, but the stay is pretty good for a citrucy frag. Sillage was good.

If anybody really loves Essential and thinks it is the bomb, try YSL Kourous _Fraicheur_ which has more dimension, is fresher and lasts longer. It is worth the premium price (it was discontinued) :(

Overall, Essential is not a bad frag and is a safe buy.
11th March, 2007

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code = Black Code = Clean oriental unisex frag

Very pleasant, could easily be an office scent.

Not sure where the "black" comes from: this scent is not solemn, not sophisticated, just soft and clean. Not overly sweet.

Stay and sillage were average. Not very dimensional, just smells "nice" as per my girlfriend.

I like Burbery Brit, Jaipur, and Lacoste Green PH more and they are within the same class and have more complexity. Not nauseating like Pi. Code is not a bad frag, and would go along with a timid but well meaning demeanor. Just not me :)
11th March, 2007

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

Very unique and masculine. The drawback is that it does have a cleaning product strong citric note but that is spiced up very nicely. Not a "me too" scent.

To compare it to a classic fougeree would be a crime since this frag is distinct. Yes, you will get the tonka notes but also the citrucy notes will be there as well. Does not develop, but I consider that a plus b/c on me this is the first citrusy frag that actually lasts more than an aftershave. Overall, I like it, not sure if I will buy.
11th March, 2007

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

Aqua de Bulgari = Aquatic male fresh fragrance. Light.

Less character than the Acua de Gio and Polo's Black.

Better stay than Polo Black, much less A de G on me.

Not a bad try for the aquatic fan. Personally, don't like aquatics. Tried it wanting to see if it had another dimension to it, and it failed: it was very predictable, aquatic.
09th March, 2007

Echo by Davidoff

Synthetic yes, may have a limited niche. It reminds me of the sweet smells associated with the upholstery scorched by the sun. It is sweet, synthetic, metalic. The base has a fabric softner aspect to it that is not as distinct as your average oriental but pleasant.

Overall, I could see somebody like this fragrance based on that burnt car seat smell - it reminded me of my first car. The base is nice.
09th March, 2007

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

Mixed feelings - I tried the EDT. I was expecting the frag to be sweeter and crisper but it is smooth, almost powdery. I like it more than Pi as it is more spicy and less nauseating.

More refined than many orientals including Gucci's Envy.

Somehow, I wanted to get intoxicated in the frag and it was bland but pleasant. Stay was good even for EDT. I personally like Santana and Gray Homme Lacoste more as they simply have more layers and complexity. Ditto for Burberry London.

I also have Envy which I like more as a basic non-offensive medicinal smelling vanilla clinic frag.

Definately should try if you are a fan of orientals.
09th March, 2007

Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

Not much more to add. A very good, classy fouragee. I have Chanel's Platinum Egoiste and this frag is basically the same. Well, I have Realities as well, and I am pretty sure that if I combine 2 parts PE and 1 part Realities, I get this fragrance. Overall, very good frag for the money, opens up intensely, base is smooth and pleasant. A+
09th March, 2007
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Envy for Men by Gucci

Disclaimer - when G PH is one of your all time favorites, it is hard not to be biased.

Envy is great, but it reminds me of medicinal creams. So I use this setback to my advantage as my new daytime clinic frag.

The drydown is amazing. Based on reviews, I don't see how this fragrance could be described as refined. It is pleasant, powerfull and powdery but far from refined.

On me, if I took vanilla, antimicrobial triple ointment cream, topical anesthetic cream and some ginger/nutmeg spice I would end up with the same medium and base. The amazing part to this frag, is that it actually works together!
09th March, 2007

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

Originally, the top was very brisk refreshing and rather manly. Similar to the top for Kouros for men.

But then more subtle notes appear which are sweet, floral and feminine. I still like it, but not for a guy.

I tried the oil, which had a stickiness to it that was almost organic. I don't want to get to graphic, but I had thought of its sexual aspects even prior to reading about the "dirty musk."

From my perspective, very sexy frag on a girl. I disagree that it goes with jeans and T shirts, I think it would go better with more formal attire to add a little dimension.
28th February, 2007

Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss


Very light on my skin. Tried it as a comparison to Hugo and Energise just failed to inspire.

I found the scent pleasant, just not enough notes. Nor did it have the dimension of the original.

In retrospect, I should have sprayed 3x more than once so I could have something to say about the frag. Bad sillage and stength. Pass.
28th February, 2007

Hugo by Hugo Boss

Very safe Oriental frag.

I find this frag pleasant, but do not like it nearly as much as Lacoste PH (grey) as it just does not have as much dimension. Yes, all the notes come together well like the political correctness of fragraces. Could see why it is still a favorite after all these years.

I have read a review and bought the knock off fragrance which I like more b/c it has an added dirty musk scent to it that makes it slightly edgy and at the same time keeps the oriental scents.

28th February, 2007

The Dreamer by Versace

The top is like liquerish. I don't like the liquerish candy, but this frag is _slightly sweeter and I like it, but almost as an aquired appreciation.

30 min later the middle and the base are oriental warm. Definately still manly. More generic at this stage, and similar scnets to V man / D&G.

I like it, but I could see where I could get tired of this frag as the top is very commited to liquerish.

By comparison, black Jeans is a lot more unique, dark asphalty and refined. V man is more generic, but more easily tolerated. The Dremer is a pretty good compromise between acceptance and being unique, but I would try before buying.
27th February, 2007

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Platinum Egoiste = manly, aromatic, fouragee.

Went off from the reviews and the pyramid and bought blind. Sillage excellent, stay average.

Not bad, but I was expecting a bit more dimension coming from a '93 fouragee. It reminds me of the 70s fouragees where top = middle = base. Now, I do admit the base notes are more generic but the scent is an all around a aromatic fougeree.

Fresh and pleasant, not offensive and could see where this scent could transition very easily from day into the night.

Borderline refined VS copy of 70's fouragees.

Oversprayed = offesive.

I like it, but think there are fouragees out there that have more personality / dimension now at the same or sllightly cheaper price tag. Not in my top 5.
23rd February, 2007

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

If I remember correctly, it was a pleasant generic frag when I first tried it about 10 years ago. It was advertised all over and it was sweet and sporty (unidimensional).

Longetivity was a joke, as this was a mass EDT, aimed at selling the ounces not the quality. Amazing, but 10 years later, EDT is still going strong.

I don't see anything unique with the fragrance, and find it a safe EDT for the timid teenager. Now, priced for that age group as well.

Knock yourself out if this is your thing, at least is not going to make me gag.
22nd February, 2007

Micaelangelo Bellagio Uomo by Fragluxe

Bellagio EDT = disgusting Aquatic

The top notes are pleasant and citrusy, that's it. The fragrance then develops itself into an intense aquatic.

To me it smelled like 2 day old stale fruit salad. Amazing, because I expected the sillage and longetivity to be less than a well known Aqua the Gio (which I can stomach). The longetivity I cannot tell since I went to scrubbing the essence out, but the sillage was excellent for triggering my gag reflex. Maybe other folks had different batches that were more washed out than mine, but this EDT was intense.

So I washed, rinsed, and repeated. Came home and killed off the rest of the scent with the original Aramis. I think I will have a gag reflex when I think of Bellagio EDT for some time.
22nd February, 2007

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

At first I thought the notes were too sophisticated to be a sporty EDT.

But then, as the sweeter top notes quickly disappear, the frag becomes very sporty and unidimensional indeed. I like that it is not Zesty/citrucy fresh, but a seaweed/tobacco/spice blend that somehow surprisingly passes as fresh.

Now, I think Tommy's T or the Nauticas are better sporty EDTs (more fresh and bold/unidimensional), but I could see where this frag has its place as a bridge between RL and a sporty EDT. Sillage and stay average.
20th February, 2007

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue mellow fougere/aquatic/slight spicy = mild little pony.

Not a stallion, like Green.

Polo black has a more aquatic rotten mellon top and blue has a more pleasant cucumbery yet still slightly aquatic top. The middle and base blend together into a very pleasant frag that tries to have personality but falls short due to its disapointing silage and stay.

Overall, I like it, could not justify paying a premium cost, as I just cannot put into the same category as Safari and/or Green. I guess I would pay 20 cents on the dollar for this frag.
19th February, 2007

Versace Man by Versace

I am amazed that nobody has compared Versace Man to D&G. The top notes are slightly different as more sweet, refined and more multidimensional than D&G, but thereafter the frag is the same. And D&G outstays V M.

The bottle is toyish, with the large plastic cap more suited for an adolescent playing oversized Legos than an adult.

Overall, I really like V M, but wanted more differences between it and D and G. I just wish they were bolder in making a variant from the classic D&G that most of us adore.
18th February, 2007

Aramis by Aramis

Aramis original = classic, masculine, aromatic, woody, fouragee.

I admit it, this stuff gives me a headache if I don't put it directly on skin or if I overapply (2 full sprays max).

But otherwise it is perfect: non apologetic, in your face, I own the world (and you) type of fragrance. This is what I imagine General Patton, John Wayne and Dirty Harry wore.

Oh, and the girls who say they don't like it, they are attracted to the fragrance whether they admit it or not. I have (and love) plenty of oriental frags but I don't wear them when meeting girls although the girls like them more. Ladies want a man, not a guy that smells delightful. And who am I to disappoint when I still have 2 ouces left.

But take my word, overapply and you are toast.
18th February, 2007

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Polo Black = Aromatic, subcategory Aquatic.

Better than the few other aquatics I have tried, as it has more dimension. Paradoxically it last much less than Acqua de Gio. Sillage is great but lasting power is low. If I _had_ to wear an aquatic, this would be it as it is a little more edgy and spicy than the average aquatic. And yes, it does have the stale melon smell which is an aquired sense. Just goes to show that you should wear what you like not what girls like, so Green for me.
17th February, 2007

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Polo Green =
Dated, yes.
Heavy, yes.
Multidimensional, edgy, spice fougeree, yes.
Classic, absolutely.

Not for wussies.

I think Kouros wins the longevity, and P Green the heaviness.

I think a man in his early 30s should wear this over the over advertised Aquatics anyday, but I would advise wearing this frag to parties rather than offices as frag is _not_ subtle. Overall, I love it as I am not subtle either.
17th February, 2007

Aramis Always Him by Aramis

Aramis Always is aromatic, subcategory aquatic. Citrusy notes were on me a whopping 10 minutes. Overall, Very Very similar to Agua de Gio but cheaper on the wallet.

As I don't care for aquatic scents, I did not really like this. I did get one compliment wearing it. Sillage and stay are less than Agua de Gio but I can actually stand this fragrance without wanting to run into a shower. Medium stay. Safe fragrance if aquatic is your thing.
16th February, 2007

Romance Silver Men by Ralph Lauren

It is an awesome spicy and pleasant frag. However, the spicy notes disappear and what you get is your own skin scents as the base notes. This frag desperately needs woody base to make it complete. Would get thumbs up then.

Wonder what will happen if I combine this with Gucci's PH (on my skin), as I think it will be bad@ss combo!

As far as comparing Silver Romance to Safari, that scent is opposite - Safari starts off ordinary fouragee and builds up into a leathery, tobacco, soapy base that is phenomenal and long lasting.
16th February, 2007

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Tried it without reading the reviews beforehand. Really funny b/c I thought it reminded me of _good_ alcohol (brandy) and spicy fruity notes combined. Then, I read all these refences to holidays :)

First of all, it is unique. It is not a 'me too' frag. I did not get that much woody scent on me, but I could sense a little. Longetivity is not as good as Burberry brit, but I would easily call it average, possibly above average.

I really liked the frag at first then got slightly annoyed of its drunken sweetness 2-3 hours later than by hour 4 enjoyed it again.

My word of advice is to keep in mind that people may think you've been drinking.
14th February, 2007