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Photo by Lagerfeld

A very sophisticated scent. Timeless for me. I usually dont wear a fragrance to get compliments on it, but this has been complimented many times by girls.
It evokes nice memories and is a winter scent in my opinion. Suitable for office wear as well as for outdoors / casual. The best Lagerfeld in my opinion.
It has been relaunched and obviously the relaunched version is unfortunately nowhere near the original one. Still easy to get the original version though.
03rd November, 2006

Trussardi Jeans Men by Trussardi

Trussardi Jeans is a clear approach of Trussardi towards the younger generation. The packing is dynamic and interesting and the scent is modern and playful. Though the name "jeans" may be not the best choice for it.
Could be easily a Hermes fragrance as the smell holds definitive orange impressions while it does not hold the class that Hermes fragrances do.
Jeans is not groundbreaking or very special but nice enough and still has its own personality.
A different world from the evergreen Trussardi Uomo, Trussardi Jeans seems not to be very well know or
very successful either, still its a good alternative to all the fresh and tender fragrances on the market.
Its stylish, invigorating, pleasant, tasteful and Happy.
17th October, 2006

Trussardi Uomo (original) by Trussardi

A fragrance of class, style and perfect taste. Almost unmatched 'til this day.
Smells like a beautiful room in a florence style villa with tasteful furniture and carpets.
For the well dressed, balanced, not boring but humorful man well over 30 .
17th October, 2006
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Havana pour Elle by Aramis

In my opinion its a unique and characteristic fragrance. Specially for the winter. Sure, does not fit into the so popular tender/sweet line but I believe theres are still many who like it. I do. Not because its different but because its a good one!
06th October, 2006

Vetyver by Fragonard

This wonderful fragrance is a masterpiece of the Fragonard house. Its just brilliant in the summer. Mostly for feel-good casual occasions. Its green - citrusy smell with woods and spices yet still elegant and light is a great natural / refreshing experience.
01st September, 2006

Samouraï by Alain Delon

For me its the best everyday's scent for almost all kind of occasions. Brilliant, sparkling, sexy, modern while not pushing or follwoing a particular trend. I am always returning to Samourai and its for me the closest of being the signature scent. Its not easy to grab hold of it. Its among the top selling fragrances in Japan!
Its the first one of my top ten:
Samourai by Alain Delon> for being the best everyday scent
Elements by Hugo Boss> for being the perfect autumn smell
Green Jeans by Gianni Versace> for being the ultimate outdoors smell
Sport de Paco rabanne> for being the perfect springtime fragrance
Vetyver by Fragonard> for being the perfect summer scent
AD by Alain Delon> for being the very first and surviving all the way. Brilliant in the winter
Bijan men by Bijan> for having the comfortable, warm aura of home
LHomme by Gianni Versace> for smelling like perfect summer glamour
Egoiste Platinum by Chanel> for being the perfect cool gentlemen fragrance
Salvatore Ferragamo> for smelling like grandmas backgarden

Just missed the top ten>
Eau de Orange Verte / Hermes
Terre dHermes / Hermes
Photo / Karl Lagerfeld
Blue Jeans / Gianni Versace
Tommy / Tommy Hilfiger
01st September, 2006

Havana by Aramis

How exotic!
A truly unique, manly scent. I have forgtotten to include it among my top 15 where this one surely belongs. I just dont get it why aramis discontinued this. Its so so much better and original then "life" for example. Probably its just not the time for original things nowadays. This one is surely not a mass market taste perfume. A masterpiece. Sad to see that it disappears.
01st September, 2006

Green Jeans by Versace

Sometimes its like this isnt even a perfume. More like a bottled feeling of forest life.
Really like being out there on your own in the woods, just walking and exploring for hours.
Not sure about the summer, as no floral scents are detectable in this one, more autumn/early winter scent as the smoky drydown is reminding me of dying autumn leaves.
Though this is also a surprisingly changing scent as sometimes the lemon/lime impression keeps going on and on and the smoky part is hidden behind it.
I have recently seen the "Grizzly Man" by Werner Herzog, a documentary film about Timothy Treadwell who -for a few months each year - lived in alaska in the woods and fields, observing the grizzly bears living there. I think he could have easily worn this one.
It -at least for me- seems to be a "lonesome" scent. Lonesome, bit weird, while optimistic, natural and very lively.The fresh start gives it a lovely kick and makes you feel very positive about it. Wouldnt use it to attract the opposite sex, wouldnt probably work so well as a tool of such goals I guess, but to be on your own, enjoy it for what it is> a great, fresh, citrus/lime, smoky, forest smell with a fascinating feeling about it.
Its probably the most interesting fragrance I ever had a chance to discover.
28th August, 2006

Bijan for Men by Bijan

Yeah, yeah, its 80s and strong and whatever, whatever...BUT
Hmmm with the right approach this one is a genius scent> I imagine it as a morning scent which develops through the day.
Not for work. no. sunday morning. breakfast / coffee smell lingering in the house, kids are out already in the backyard playing. The night before you have just discovered how wonderful it still is to be with your wife/partner and it makes you feel balanced and comfortable. Its gonna be an active day enjoying it in and outside of the house. Probably even some guest/friends will come by in the afternoon. Some good music plays, sunlight hits your eyes gently and you get up being enthusiatic about today. Optimism and appreciation fills you coming out from the bathroom ready to take your place at the breakfast table. You get a kiss from you loved one while suddenly your little girl comes in, accross the room, suddenly stops and huggs you "hmm daddy smell" with a big smile.

Thats how I imagine Bijan. What a fantastic fragrance it is!
28th August, 2006

Eau du Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

The scent itself is not bad at all but it lacks originality as it seems to ride on the same wave like Davidoffs Goodlife.
31st May, 2006

Versace l'Homme by Versace

A masterpiece!
It reflects the true genius that Gianni Versace was.
Its a gentlemens fragrance but not the boring way. Its joyful, sparkling, bright and luxourious.
For me its a spring and summertime one because of some nice memories combined with this scent.
Fortunately the leather base is not strong at all and the spices mix to a wonderful, long lasting experience.
The first impression is ginger and lemon and spices.
Is standing the test of time!
05th May, 2006

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

An honour to start the reviews on this brilliant new fragrance made by Jean Claude Ellena for Hermes. I just tried it recently and the first impression was the wave of orange/grapefruit with ceder and vetiver earthy-mineral freshness which dries down so very nicely and gives it and exotic though still familiar touch that makes one feel comfortable.
It probably has some similarities to Eau de Rochas for Men but I am not sure. In some way it just reminded me to that fragrance. This one is much richer and more sophisticated though. Warm, delicate with very clear lines. The drydown hides a special surprise: you can actually smell gunpowder in there. You really can. If to describe using colours it would actually fit the Hermes orange with brown and green tones added as well. A nice, well balanced masterpiece fitting into the precious Hermes heritage.
22nd March, 2006

Only by Julio Iglesias

Its a sparkling, superb scent. Very well done, it lingers in the air for hours. Its not for teenage girls and I agree that it suits probably girls above 25 or 30. Has a real character and does not follow any hype or style therefore it remains a timeless classic.
03rd February, 2006 (last edited: 29th August, 2006)
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Sport de Paco Rabanne by Paco Rabanne

For me its pure springtime smell! Absolutely outstanding! I dont understand why it is not available. I actually doubt its still in production. The whole package: design, smell, bottle, colour its just a really great casual fragrance!
25th January, 2006

Action Sport by Trussardi

This is very rare by now. A brilliant Sports fragrance though. No copy of any of the famous ones,no, has its own , clean, crisp lemon style mixed p with spices to make a perfect spring/summertime casual/sport fragrance.Up there with Sport de Paco Rabanne!Discontinued. Unfortunately...
25th January, 2006

Vetiver by Guerlain

Oh yeah, thats a mans cologne!!! Fresh, citrus, vetiver, yummy hmmm....Still classic though, has a great personality, nothing like most of the new scents which often smell like they want to satisfy everyones taste. It has its own style so some will like it and some won't. Guerlain was very clever to relaunch it instead of discontinueing it like so many others do. They believed in their product and did very well. I would say that this is a scent for men above 30 though. Some of the views also suggested that girls could and do wear it too for fun. I must say, I like that idea!
10th January, 2006

Le Temps D'Aimer by Alain Delon

Its a rare one by now. A typical, classical womens scent. I would even say its a timless one and it has a certain charm like Miss Dior for example. Its not like nowadays scents, all light and bright but be patient with it and it will reveal its beautiful style very soon. I like to smell it on my girlfriend for elegant, formal occasions. It helps to keep the memories of theses hours very well. Very romantic also.
10th January, 2006

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

This cologne is a typical victim of marketing. Because what was "in" and "hipe" in the mid 90s is "out" and "dated" now.
I dont really get that. How communication and presentation can influence a smell is amazing. In this case the marketing worked in short term but failed in long term.
So lets take purely the scent itself> refreshing yet warm, comforting, sparkling, optimistic.
It puts me in good mood. The one for casual, feel good moments. Its important though to use it moderately. I think lots of people are simply putting on to much and this is putting off others. For me it works around christmas time and in colder weather. It think it was a trend setter and not a trend follower.
If you approach it with no prejudice you will have a pleasant suprise and a bright fragrance.
03rd January, 2006 (last edited: 19th December, 2006)

Alain Delon / AD by Alain Delon

Its a great one. I has a touch of 80s thats true, though its very different at the same time. It has no leather smell or any such heavy, disturbing, typical 80s ingredients. Its sweet and has a certain charm. Its among Alain Delon's best, thats for sure! Long lasting and very special.
03rd January, 2006