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Angel: Les Parfums de Cuir by Thierry Mugler

As an Angel fanatic and one obsessed with leather fragrances, I adore this fragrance. I have gotten tons of compliments wearing it, typically when people hug me. The sillage is not as great as Angel, but the subtle leather notes more than make that up to me.

I've only used a tiny bit of my current bottle, but I'm already wondering if I should order another, to keep in reserve. One of my favorite fragrances, refined, subtle, beautiful.
05th January, 2013

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I love Angel. I agree with other reviewers--a little goes a long way.

Why do I love it so? I suppose it's the number of times I've worn it to a party, and people look around, asking aloud, "What is that wonderful smell? Who smells so delicious?" Once they say, "Oh, it's you! What ARE you wearing? It's heavenly!"

It makes me feel like Kudra (of Tom Robbins' novel _Jitterbug Perfume_), which I think every woman wouldn't mind! And then I tell them it's Thierry Mugler's Angel. But I do agree that it doesn't smell this way on everyone, I guess I lucked out, having a skin chemistry that meshes well with it. A powerful classic. I read in another review that Angel is allegedly a favorite of Hillary Clinton; I fervently hope that is true.
24th December, 2006 (last edited: 05th January, 2013)