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M; Men by Masakï Matsushïma

I tested this fragrance while on the hunt for a cologne for my boyfriend. I couldn't get enough of it! To be honest however, I could see myself wearing it more than my S.O. Despite its name, I definitely feel that this scent can be worn by individuals of either gender.
10th November, 2007
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With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff

i'd just like to note that mangosteen is NOT that similar to mango. i had it this past summer in the philippines; it is a yummy white fruit in a purple shell-like skin that has a subtle, tangy edge contrasting nicely with its soft meat.

as for the perfume, it is alright but not too unique, nor do i detect anything particularly reminiscent of mangosteen. it smells mostly like a generic sweet candy.
25th December, 2006