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Affection by Mary Kay

Mmm, I only sampled this one, but I really liked it. I usually love anything amber, and the white peony is gorgeous. Pink peppercorn is new to me, but this sure is a nice mix - warm and feminine without being girlie.
02nd November, 2006

DKNY Red Delicious by Donna Karan

This wasn't exactly what I expected. Be delicious smells like citrus and green apple, so I thought this would smell like citrus and red apple. It does, but there are also a lot of extra, much deeper notes like amber, patchouli and rum. (I think there are supposed to be a lot more, but the other notes either wear off quickly or just get lost in the mix.) It smells sweeter and sexier, generally just more like the colour red than the first one.
02nd November, 2006

Boss Intense by Hugo Boss

I like this one, too. It's the amber of course. ;) I agree that the dry down is lovely, and it lasts a good long time without being overly powerful. Overall, it has a crisp, clean, yet romantic scent. As long as you don't wear too much of it, I think it's sophisticated enough to wear to work as well.
02nd November, 2006
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Sung by Alfred Sung

Nothing special. Or at least, it didn't work for me. It smelled pretty generic - exactly what I would expect to smell when I think of 80s perfume. Hm, this review sounds friendlier but as far as florals go, I actually like Sung a little less than Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein.
12th August, 2006

Echo Woman by Davidoff

Love, love, LOVE those hints of grape and raspberry - very nice to find something different. I might even buy this one, I just wish it would last a little longer on me.
16th June, 2006

Very Irrésistible by Givenchy

I like this one, but that's a lot of roses! Very overwhelming if you overdo it (it's quite sweet), so don't spray on too much, especially if you live/work in a small space.
13th June, 2006

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

(Cute bottle!) At first I get a strong hint of grapefruit, which is a little bitter - not my favourite, and then after a few minutes I can really smell the cucumber and a bit of apple. After that I can't decide if it reminds me more of fresh apples or canned pears. Nice and mild, unfortunately it doesn't last very long.
04th June, 2006

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Very nice. This is another one of those scents that men will love on you because it's not too sweet (like Euphoria by Calvin Klein or Chance by Chanel). I like it, but my fiancé really, really likes it. I wouldn't make it "my scent", but it's great for days when I'm feeling energetic and bold.
29th May, 2006

Aqua Motu / Motu by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I have the original Motu, rather than Aqua Motu. I don't know how similar they are, but (being female) I really think Motu is suitable as a unisex scent (I wear it). I love it. It's a light scent and for the first few minutes it almost smells fresh like wintergreen. Then it dries down and really smells like I'm at the beach. I'm not talking heavy sunscreen and coconuts, I mean it actually smells like sand, saltwater and marine flora. Unfortunately, I've learned that Motu is a fragrance you either love, or hate. There's not much of an in between, so some people will really be turned off by it. My brother doesn't like to ride in the same car with me when I'm wearing it. :P
17th April, 2006

White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

A little goes a long way with this one - it's quite strong and lasts well. I wasn't sure what to think of White Shoulders at first as I'm not a big fan of tuberose, but something else draws me in... the amber and incense, I think. I also wasn't sure if I was seasoned or refined enough to pull it off, but I think it works! And my guy likes it too, which is a plus (although, he might have commented that it reminded him of his grandma... but she's a cool grandma and we love her). ;)
17th April, 2006

Oceanus by Body Shop

I loved this aquatic scent - it was the only thing I'd wear when I owned it, very calming and refreshing all at once. It's one of those fragrances that's easy to attach emotions to; there's something almost mysterious about it and it makes me feel nostalgic. I guess it is like the ocean (more like the Atlantic than the Pacific), good name.
06th April, 2006

Mango by Body Shop

Yes, it definitely smells like mangos. The exotic fruit scent can be nice and summery, and yet too sweetly overpowering to wear on really hot days.
06th April, 2006

Morning Glory by Calgon

A breath of fresh air? Not to me. This is one of few perfumes that actually makes me sneeze. I don't feel uplifted, I feel like coughing. I don't know what a morning glory blossom smells like, but surely not like bitter dendelions and hair spray.
05th April, 2006
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Hawaiian Ginger by Calgon

Mmm, I first smelled this at the gym - I had to ask the girl what fragrance she was wearing she smelled so good. I was pleasantly surprised that it was something so cheap! I can always recognize it when someone has it on; it's light and fruity, very summery and fresh, but it wears off pretty fast.
24th March, 2006

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

It's true, men will love this fragrance on you. I love it, too - very original and mmmmm, what a great combination of summery fruit. Still, a little goes a long way; I find it a bit overpowering when people use too much. Plus, a lot of people wear it. One more thing (good/bad? you decide) - I've never noticed a fragrance that transfers so strongly onto my clothes/my guy as Cool Water Woman does. If you're snuggling with anyone, they'll smell just like you. ;)
05th March, 2006

Curious by Britney Spears

I have to admit, the only reason I bought this one in the first place was for the atomizer bottle. I love how glamorously feminine it feels to spritz on a light fragrance using that little puff-ball - just like in the movies. ;) It wasn't my favourite at first but Curious is definitely growing on me. It smells fruitier than I expected it to, but not as nice as in powder form. The Curious fragranced Body Shimmer is just to die for; I could smell it all day and if only the perfume would capture that same wonderful scent on my skin, I'd give it 5 stars (but it doesn't quite manage to do so). The main drawback with this one is it doesn't last very long, so I have to re-apply often.
06th February, 2006

Still by Jennifer Lopez

I was really impressed with Glow, so I had high expectations when I tried this one. Still is a little spicier, and I don't like it quite as much, but it's still a nice fragrance... no pun intended. And, as usual, it gets a thumbs up from the boyfriend.
01st February, 2006

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

I don't even know what the exact notes are that I like in this; it just smells sweet and mild (but not meek), and I feel good wearing it. It's one of my boyfriend's favourites on me.
20th January, 2006

Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

I like it! Smells clean and fresh. Not too strong, but still manages to last all day. It's flowery at first, but the scent changes a lot as it dries down and settles in. I can't stop sniffing myself. :P
09th January, 2006

Happy To Be by Clinique

This is my favourite Clinique fragrance. It's still a floral, but with a little something extra - a hint of fresh lemon is, I think, what does the trick. My boyfriend really likes it, too.
06th January, 2006

Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein

Not bad, I'm just not overly fond of this type of floral. My boyfriend thought it smelled very sensual, but in a somewhat distracting way, like a woman who wears a lot of make-up - it's still sexy and it'll get noticed, but maybe not in the best way.
06th January, 2006

The Spirit of Moonflower by Body Shop

I love fragrances with cucumber in the top notes. They're so calming and summery, and this was one of my favourites. I always felt beautiful when I wore it.
06th January, 2006

Ghost Myst by Coty

Nothing special. I would never wear it out on a date; maybe in a job setting where I didn't want to attract any attention. It also has a hint of what reminds me of a new car smell (this is not a good thing - it would probably make me feel a little car-sick driving in the summer heat).
06th January, 2006

Ici by Coty

I've heard this called an oriental floral fragrance. I don't remember it smelling very floral; the cocoa and amber are what stood out for me, and I loved it. Very sweet and romantic (especially in the evening), but not cheap-smelling. It wouldn't be the best choice for warm weather.
06th January, 2006

Vanilla Musk by Coty

Definitely one of the nicer vanilla fragrances I've found. Not overly sweet or over-powering.
06th January, 2006

Happy Heart by Clinique

Here is a floral I actually kind of like. Still, not my favourite, so I just wore the hand lotion to work (in a home improvement store) to use it up and men would compliment me on it every day and ask what it was so they could buy it for their wives.
06th January, 2006

Happy by Clinique

I liked it while I had it, but probably wouldn't buy it again. I didn't feel I was quite old/mature enough to pull it off, either.
06th January, 2006

Promesse by Cacharel

Very Pretty. I haven't been a huge fan of florals, but this one is also fruity and its scent is relaxing. I wore it to bed and my boyfriend loved it - I was like his little aromatherapy doll.
03rd January, 2006

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

This a scent that women and men can agree on. My boyfriend really likes the smell of patchouli which I usually find a bit overwhelming, but in this case the mix worked for both of us.
03rd January, 2006

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

My guy's exact words when he smelled this on me were, "You smell like dirt! ...I like it!" It was hilarious, but I took it as a compliment. What he really meant was that he loves being in the great outdoors and it reminded him of his favourite wilderness scents.
03rd January, 2006