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Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

A decade and a half later and this is still love or hate.

Depends on your fragrant journey so far, and whether your nose can handle the aroma chems at play here.

It is sweet, super crisp and fresh, yet maintains some saltiness to allow a natural-ity to shine through.

Atelier's Atlas Cedar is very close to this, though Light Blue predates it by over a dozen years. Also recalls Versace Man Eau Fraiche.
03rd December, 2017

Empire by Star Wars

Would have been neutral only because this is pointless. Star Wars has nothing to do with fragrance.

That said, it is a decent Ultra Male knock off...or flanker.

Goes almost immediately to the dry down, revealing a sweet woody nature. The apple and jasmine notes are fighting but interestingly add some depth...and adding the classic Le Male vibe.

02nd December, 2017

Guess 1981 for Men by Guess

I was not expecting such quality. This would be a hit in EdP or Parfum strength.

Could easily pass for a YSL any day.

Fresh, lightly sweet-woody...almost like an oud eau de cologne.
I get some Atelier Atlas Cedar/Versace Man Fraiche/D&G Light Blue, but faint, coming from the synthetic nature of the notes. However it seems to be all the right notes, so you get a well constructed pyramid. As one note ends it life cycle another picks up seamlessly and continues the show albeit in a different but congruent direction.

Try this out and give it time.
Well done Team Guess.
02nd December, 2017
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L'Envol by Cartier

Smells like Indian incense to me.

And I love it.

May not immediately appeal to Western noses.

This is a gem of niche aire.

Must sniff/wear/buy.

Reminds of: vintage Fahrenheit, L'Eau Bleue D'Issey
30th November, 2017 (last edited: 03rd December, 2017)

Uomo Acqua by Valentino

Aaaah...where to start.

SWEET. Sticky, fruity sweet...yet somehow I LOVE it.
Juicy orange mango (sunshine in a bottle!) combo layered on patch and leather. The iris provides a cosmetic quality and together with the darker notes allow this to be masculine. Otherwise that sweetness can be overbearing!
30th November, 2017

L'Envol Eau de Toilette by Cartier

A toned down but equally as interesting version of the EdP.
I like both, prefer the EdP but know I can't wear it in certain audiences.

This is the kindler, gentler version I would wear if I must be considerate to the audience.

As with the EdP, I get incense.

30th November, 2017

Riflesso by Trussardi

This is YSL L'Homme as imagined by Trussardi.

I prefer it to L'Homme...this is more interesting, meaning it could pass for a flanker of the YSL offering. Perhaps YSL L'Homme Reflexion (reflection in Franch, as Riflesso is Italian.)
30th November, 2017

Alford & Hoff No. 3 by Alford & Hoff

No. 3 is by far my favorite.
Perhaps because it is a creation of Rodrigo Flores-Roux (I like his style...manly and dark).

No. 3 is a melange of Terre d'Hermes and Encre Noir. The bright/sweet-ness of TdH and the dark deep of EN make this combo quite irresistible, especially during the colder months.

All 3 of A&H's offerings are derivative...perfect for someone who wants something nice without being a fragrance expert. No. 3 offers the most intrigue of all 3...especially if you have never tried EN or TdH.

A note about the bottles and cap: perfectly matched to the jus.

30th November, 2017

Boss The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss

Boss was lazy with the bottle and jus color.
Unless you see them side by side or look for the intense (written in small letters on the bottle) you would not be able to tell the difference...

...until you smell the jus. Intense is a more intense version, and I like it better.

Could easily be a YSL L'Homme or Givenchy Gentlemen Only flanker. I gave the original jus a neutral rating. This one gets a thumbs up.

Very 'today'.
27th November, 2017

Boss Bottled Unlimited by Hugo Boss

Violet leaf, pineapple, labdanum, sandalwood.

Discordant. It will not wow you in the opening, you have to let it breathe. This is so fresh and stays that way. That can be a problem...unless you are in a humid, bad air quality environment.

So it is not a one fragrance fits all. Instead it is something to reach for when you want something a little different...isn't that the point of a flanker?

I have smelled worse, this one simply requires patience.
27th November, 2017

Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss

A true tonic! It is the original jus presented in a brighter, fresher and transparent way. It is weaker, as a tonic should be.
I love the ginger heart. Wish the vetiver in the base was stronger or grassier/sweeter.

A must have for Boss Bottled lovers.
27th November, 2017

Boss Bottled Sport by Hugo Boss

Every designer apparently has a different definition for 'sport'.

In this iteration, it means bright citruses followed by sharp synthetics that are short lived. That said, if you take this serious and want it to perform as a full fledged fragrance, you will be disappointed.

It is not bad, but it's crime is being associated with Boss Bottled. Then again if it was a stand alone launch, it might not get any attention.

Hot weather only, preferably humid conditions.
27th November, 2017

Dunhill d by Dunhill

I owned this in the early days before my nose was better trained.
Smooth, clean musk with a sweet/salty edge. 2 decades(!) later this is something you can wear and draw compliments because it is so different form current offerings.

It does not disappear as quickly as many note, but rather the wearer becomes no longer aware of its presence, but others can smell it on you.

For reference, it is similar in vibe (not smell) to Cerruti's Image except this is more fresh, sweeter and muskier.
22nd November, 2017
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Cambridge Knight by English Laundry

Hard to describe this. Woods and musk? Not very woodsy, and the musk? A little.
Instead I get a soapy creamy with a hint of florals and the aforementioned musk.
It does smell good, even signature worthy.
Not bad.
21st November, 2017

Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy

This is too thick/dense for me. However, it is good. The spicy, mid notes are what hold this together. Wish it was sweeter.
20th November, 2017

Gentlemen Only Casual Chic by Givenchy

Love this, absolutely do.
Can come across generic but my nose loves ambroxan, which has been used overly to date.
The spices help too. Cardamom, juniper, ginger...cooled down by the sweetness. All perched on a woody base.

Spring/summer white dress shirt and crisp slacks or blue jeans.
20th November, 2017

Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy

More of the original, and better too. Thicker, sweeter a true intense version.
Thumbs up, only if you like the regular version.
20th November, 2017

Emporio Armani Stronger With You by Giorgio Armani

Love this.

The pink pepper, violet leaf and cardamom plus sage is lovely.

Sweet, very. Woody as well. Could easily be a flanker to the Gentlemen Only series from Givenchy.

Can be cloying though so go easy on the trigger.

20th November, 2017

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier


Citrus floral with honey.
The honey is nice and dirty, playing hide and seek with the sweet florals. That is the scandal indeed...that dirty sexyness.

I like it.
20th November, 2017

Joop! Homme Kings of Seduction : Red King by Joop!

For lovers of the original only.

The berry-like sweetness is dialed back (honeysuckle and jasmine inclusive) and replaced with a woody note.

I would consider this a oud-lite version of regular Joop, which is a good thing.

Must try. If you love Joop, then it's a must have.
20th November, 2017

Baldessarini Ultimate by Baldessarini

This is good.
Masculine, smoky sexy, incense and patchouli.

Could be stronger to achieve that wild effect but as it is it is just right if you are not daring.

Could be a niche offering...was not surprised to see Geza was responsible for this.

Buy this before the prices go to astronomic.
20th November, 2017

Wow! by Joop!

This is good. Comes across like an eau de leather to my nose. No, there is no leather in composition but the overall impression is just that.

This is close to Nikos Sculpture Homme God's Night, though they arrive at their aura via different means.

I consider this as part of the movement to return masculine fragrances to form. Baldessarini Ultimate and Gentleman Givenchy are following this as well.

Worth a sniff, try and buy.

20th November, 2017

Sunset Voyage by Nautica

This throws a curve ball at you...first sniff does not draw you in and say 'like me'. Instead, it seems almost off. Fruit salad with masculine musk, and a bitter note in the background with an orange tinge.

I def did not want to like it. Then I kept wearing it and it just stuck...for a week (which is like months in cologne years)!

Garners compliments inexplicably.

Does better in hot weather and if not compared to Voyage.
20th November, 2017

Summer Voyage by Nautica

Brings to mind something Miyake would create.

The mimosa and lotus notes are removed, which lent a buttoned-up quality to the regular Voyage.

Hot weather only, for a clean bright crisp aire.

20th November, 2017

L'Homme Lacoste by Lacoste

The third of the modern Lacoste 'serious' offerings for men. No pretense of sportiness like the L.12.12 line. THe bottle is spot on.

L'Homme offers the same level of sophitication you'd expect from YSL and others. A fact embodied in the use of Akigala wood...a recent and somewhat rare note, power booster of patchouli origins.

Easily a signature scent, I would say it is not spectacular but rather effortless in its delivery of modern masculinity.

Sniff, buy, enjoy.
19th November, 2017

Lacoste Elegance by Lacoste

Way ahead of it's time.

There is a resemblance (if you can filter out the mint) to Kokorico by Gaultier, another one that is ahead of it's time.

Spicy opening underscored by the berry note...would have loved to have more raspberry. The cocoa comes in to seal the deal, creating an air of avant garde.

I predict this will be a classic. Under the radar, yes, as with all the 'serious' Lacoste fragrances.

Serious in this case is not a bad thing, sort of like wearing a dressy sneaker with a suit.
19th November, 2017

Lacoste pour Homme by Lacoste

If you can smell ALL that is going on with this, then consider yourself among the lucky few.

Versatile, this jus. It is simultaneously sporty as it is fresh and crisp in the opening, while being sensous with the vanilla cinnamon rum combo in the base.

Might cause nose confusion tho, which can bring about frustration. So I simply enjoy whatever it presents to me on the day I am wearing it.

Bottom line: safe, fun, attractive office jus that works well for night activities.
19th November, 2017

Guess Dare for Men by Guess

Generic? check
Cheap looks? check
Relatively low cost? check
Pointless and forgettable if I am to be brutally honest. is a fresh simple classic by today's standards office scent. And it smells good. Isn't that the point of fragrance? Higher quality of materials would 'fix; this, but then the price would be higher. Overspray if you want more depth, but as it is, not a bad jus for a dress shirt and tie zero offense situation.
19th November, 2017

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

I thought by now Vera would have launched another fragrance for men.

I've always liked this one. A quintessential oriental, it might initially come across as mediocre, especially to nose that have enjoyed niche fare. But a closer examination leads to one conclusion: moderation is key to life.

Nothing about it is over the top: just the right amount of sweet, spice and citrus. Yet your nose will beg for more.

If you like to uber-indulge, perhaps in the camp of Oscar Wilde, then moderation in this case is a fatal thing.

Get a bottle while it is very reasonably priced.
19th November, 2017

Antonio by Antonio Banderas

Antonio is a nice fragrance. Perhaps plagued by its source, I would argue this would garner more praise if it were offered by a more prestigious house.

Honey, tobacco, cinnamon, at least to my nose. Think Tenere by Paco Rabanne but much softer and rounder. But...all quite synthetic. There is a restraint sueded quality, lending an air of softness, taking the synth edge off.

This gets praise. Especially from women. The right guy can pull this off quite nicely.
19th November, 2017