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Le Mâle Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is another one for the bottle gottahaveits collectors and such.

I wanted to rate this neutral because the juice is not what it could have been. It's a VERY safe interpretation of the original that is so muted and neutered you will struggle to find the connection.

With a bottle so in your face an profound (it is about 25% larger than the same size of the original juice) I would have bet on Jean Paul releasing a juice that's out of this world.

Saving grace: sometimes you just want a grown up juice and that is what this is. So thumbs up it is.
29th April, 2017

Armani Code Sport Athlete by Giorgio Armani

It's a flanker of a far I have found that these do better than the flankers themselves, and sometimes better than the original. This is the case with CSA. Citrus with a minty edge that is delightful. Bright, sweet and sporty. Athletic does fit strangely, since I don't know what an athlete is supposed to smell like. Smells good.
25th December, 2016

Black Collection : Whiskey by Commodity

Does smell like whiskey in general, but not a desirable bottle of whiskey. This is a good thing because I would have a problem wearing what smells like an expensive generic works in this context.
Eucalyptus holds the opening but not dominating. The cinnamon comes through in the opening, though it is in the base.
Overall a nice one to have, not at the price though.
25th December, 2016
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Black Collection : Book by Commodity

Smells like a book you've encountered before. I was going to slam it for not being true to the name, but the name is book, not books.
An OK scent, but does not stand out and not for the price.
Worth a sniff.
25th December, 2016

Black Collection : Moss by Commodity

Sweet in the opening and quite interesting. Dries to a Terre d'Hermes, aka Iso E Super.
I like it though, as synthetic as it is, it comes across quite well formulated but does not last long.
Worth a sniff.
25th December, 2016

Vince Camuto Oud by Vince Camuto

A typical medicinal oud composition no unlike RL's Supreme Oud, except this is a lot easier to wear. For an entry level western oud, it stays true to oud but lacks the monster projection and sillage, which can be a good thing.

22nd December, 2016

Emporio Armani Diamonds Black Carat for Men by Giorgio Armani

A more intense version of the original minus the woody base. And it's not that much stronger but it certainly is more fuller.
Personally, I LOVE the woody ambroxan base of the orginal, but the top and mid notes are very 'today' considering how many other masculine scents out there follow the similar 'cosmetics bag' approach. I suppose it smells of 'fashion'.

I would only buy this if you like the opening of the original but want more punch from it.
11th December, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Sport Mint by Issey Miyake

I like this. I collected all three SPORT flankers and I really like this one. The mint indeed makes a difference.

The Miyake flankers are a little challenging because they are so close. This stands out. Not heads and shoulders above, but it is noticeably different.

Still, there is no need for this flanker, but it does smell fantastic. Super fresh, cool and sporty indeed.

Forgot to mention the unlit cigarette note. Me likey :)
06th December, 2016

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

Been meaning to try this one.
Smells of clean clear notes (fig/dark chocolate/patch/cedary woody-ness).

So straight forward a fragrance it's hard to believe is mass market. That said, I think JPG could have marketed this would have sold well if snobbery was packaged into the deal: make it a prive line or exclusifs blend or whatever. Charge $300 box for it and the 'need a reason to pay more' crowd would have sung it's praises.

Heard the by Night flanker is even better, so I will be buying that as well.

Takes a while to like this, but it is very good.
06th December, 2016

1881 Pour Homme Edition Blanche by Cerruti

Such harsh reviews for a wonderful interpretation of the original!

Edition Blanche is the only flanker that stays true to the original. That this interpretation is of another world is confusing to some I suppose.

I enjoy this. Quite avant garde. Yet another niche quality (based on performance and character of current niche offerings) scent for an incredible bargain.

The scent: if you find the honey fougère of the original too old school and in your face, this flanker 'fixes' that issue for you. It is the original in character, but with a transparent ozonic layer that makes me instantly modern, futuristic even. If goes on light but envelopes you in an aura that is perceived by others without overwhelming them. How cool is that?

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for fans of the original 1881.
06th December, 2016

Charogne by Etat Libre d'Orange

I expected more. I wanted it to smell so unmistakably like rotting flesh. Instead I get flowers and some dank.
It takes a while to appreciate, and I get that, I just wanted more upfront.

So my verdict is this: more like a morgue than rotting carcass. Also more wearable than I expected. Thumbs up for originality and daring to make this. Just left me wanting, that's all.
24th November, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Or Absolu / Gold Absolute by Issey Miyake

This is the closest to the first release L'Eau d'Issey pour homme. The current formulation of L'Eau d'Issey PH is way watered down and is more about the citrusy green notes and none of the musky blue notes of the first release.

Those musky blue notes are present here. Very beautifully constructed with long lasting lingering basenotes. Absolutely worth a full bottle, especially compared to the current version of L'Eau d'Issey PH.

If you can find vintage of the original, def buy it. The second iteration is not bad either. Or just buy this Gold Absolute, if you can find it :)
19th November, 2016

Neroli by Czech & Speake

Straight faced neroli. Feels like you rolled around in a neroli bush. Long lasting and assertive without being overwhelming. This is neroli reference. Look no further.
19th November, 2016
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Elite by Floris

Hairy chested beast that epitomizes the 80s! This is not for the faint of heart! A no holds masculine spicy leathery citrusy barbershop-y blast of goodness.
A more interesting and multidimensional version of Tsar from Van Cleef & Arpels. Perhaps a cologne de parfum version, so lighter but not weaker. Quite nice!
19th November, 2016

Orange Spice by Creed

Vintage Kouros' progenitor for sure. Smells like a men's public the best possible way. The difference between OS and vintage Kouros though is that vintage Kouros lasts FOREVER as it were, whereas OS spares you the misery by quickly becoming a skin scent in the typical Creed manner, as if trying to be a gentleman about it.

A must by for Kouros lovers.

19th November, 2016

Feeling Man by Jil Sander

This is a cousin to Joop Homme. Where Joop is cocaine, Feeling Man is coca leaves.
08th November, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Summer 2014 by Issey Miyake

Ok so it's only one note away from the other summer flankers but there is something about this 2014 version that makes me swoon.
A 'true' aquatic, very mineral quality, actually smells like ocean water, with a hint of 'sewage'. So not the sweet typical aquatic and not the Windex-ness I've gotten from the other summer versions. I like it.

PS: works very well in a dry colder climate, versus humid.
05th November, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Yuzu by Issey Miyake

Next to the fraiche version of the original, this Yuzu version is top.
Intense flavor of super fresh frozen grapefruit over the original's fuzzy scent.

Must smell, must buy.

05th November, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Sport Polar Expedition by Issey Miyake

This is a nice obvious Issey Miyake. But the problem is it is TOO obvious. But in a good way. So why is it a problem?

On to the is the 'blue' version of the Yuzu flanker. Bright, sparkling, energetic, blue. So it is good, I just wanted it to be better.

That said, for a flanker of a flanker it is really nice.
05th November, 2016

Dunhill for Men by Dunhill

Spice and leather, and pretty intense too! I get some barber shop vibes too.

If Polo Green was thinned out to a EdC strength then amplified and accentuated with more spices you'd get this.

Go easy on the trigger.
03rd November, 2016

1881 Sport by Cerruti

I like this. Reminiscent of the original D&G for men with some Acqua di Gio added. It wears like there is sweet tobacco in there somewhere, making it an easy Versace Dreamer flanker. As a flanker, it doesn't much resemble 1881, there is a hint in there, not enough me thinks. Is it a stand out fragrance, no, by no means. But it is not bad. It is woody, cold and dare I say sporty?
01st November, 2016 (last edited: 08th November, 2016)

Cool Water Energizing Cologne by Davidoff

You'd think Cool Water couldn't get any fresher. The price you pay is longevity, the lack of it. The sometimes sneezy aspect of Cool Water is not present here, comes off more like a tonic.
I like.
27th October, 2016

1881 Bella Notte Man by Cerruti

Can a man be beautiful? Bella Notte is proof positive. This is a gem of niche quality, yet at a ridiculously inexpensive price point, thanks to depreciation and obscurity: this is the 6th flanker in the line of the original.

I was skeptical at first, but I have been pleasantly rewarded by this beaut. Were this labelled by a fancy niche house, it would be wildly more popular and draw a lot more praise.

For comparison sake, I would name this Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Blanc. No tobacco to speak of, but the notes vibrate to create a desiccated tobacco note that bounces back and forth with the vanilla in the base.

Easily a signature scent. Tells a story of a man, a beautiful man.

20th October, 2016

Emblem Intense by Montblanc

Some may say that the original was too weak so Mont Blanc immediately launched this Intense version launch year is 2016, not 2014 as indicated above). You would be forgiven to think as the Intense is more (and better) of the original: stronger, fuller, clearer, brighter.

For me however, I don't think it is the one to get; I think both can co-exist...the characters are different enough. Emblem doesn't take life too seriously; Emblem Intense insists on taking life seriously...but not too serious.

I like both and LOVE the bottles!!!
03rd October, 2016

Emblem by Montblanc

I like it. Soft, clean, unisex with a masculine bent.

If Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel ever got a younger brother it would be this. Perhaps Grey flannel Casual Drift or something to that effect.

The violet is the star of the show, yet it is nicely shrouded in all the other notes to prevent it from being offensive. Only problem is, it is too soft...which is why (I assume) MB launched the Intense version almost simultaneously.

Givenchy's Gentlemen Only is the other just that comes to mind. this could easily be a flanker in that line-up as well.

All said, another solid office frag or casual wear smell good.
03rd October, 2016

A*Men Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler

Really don't want to neutral ths but I have ahd it with the Mugler flankers. Really, how much of the vanilla/cocoa/caramel can we have? Ove rthe next 5 year there will be Pure (fill in the blank sweet confection).

That said, a surprise in this one is lavender. It plays a role not unlike the Ice Men and Sunessence releases from Mugler. It sits beside the 'tonka' note to continuously emphasize its presence but at the end of the day it's still just a A*Men with a new/different/highlighted notes. No more genius I say...just gimmick now.
29th September, 2016

Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

Darker by way of more leather. I find regular DR to be soft around the edges though dark. DRR is deeper and an intense version essentially, but the main note that is highlighted is leather.
It is clear that tobacco leather scents are a trend in of the past 2 years and this is a solid contender.
29th September, 2016

Oscar de la Renta Gentleman by Oscar de la Renta

Very well blended and perfect launch time as this is more of a fall fragrance.

The drydown is all Gucci PH I which is a total delight. Does not beat up your nostrils like the Gucci does.

The opening is a cleaner Terre d'Hermes but sweeter and more blue, so closer to Narciso Rodriguez's Bleu Noir.

There is a little bit of Tom Ford's Bois Maroccan in the character as well, that arid unrelenting note, yet it is balanced by a sweetness that is restrained.

There is a 'saliva' note a la Oscar Pour Lui that only shows up on skin.

Overall, a solid performer that is heads and shoulders above the standard these days for designer fragrances.

You don't want to miss this one.

Already purchased.
29th September, 2016

Very Sexy Platinum for Him by Victoria's Secret

Budget version of MEMO Irish Leather. And that's a good thing. Irish Leather is simply impossible to wear sometimes: way too heavy and strong. This VS is like an EdC version of the EdT version of Irish Leather. Sadly no leather in this which woul dhave made it PERFECT. Either way, worth the bottle. I would layer this with something dirty.
06th September, 2016

Dunhill Icon Absolute by Dunhill

This should have been called oud absolute.
Beautiful medicinal oud wrapped in icy camphorous flair in the after sniff. Such a beauty this is, especially for all the oud lovers.
If you find Oud Palao too much like I do you will love this as an alternative.
This is true to the original Icon's jus by the way...a true flanker. Now I have to buy Icon Elite.

Highly recommended as a standard oud. Just lovely.
19th August, 2016