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    Lamborghini GT by Lamborghini

    Hidden gem this, smells like a luxurious version of Calvin by Calvin Klein, not saying Calvin is not a good frag, but rather it is the Ferrari to the GT being a Maserati. Hope Lamborghini isn't reading this...

    22 May, 2014


    Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua by Fendi

    This was destined to fail, since it is a flanker to a non-descript and unoriginal jus. This only makes sense if you compare side by side to Fan di Fendi. It is an acqua version of that jus with the same dry down and all.

    I rated the original thumbs up and I am doing the same with this because it is not bad. It is simply not original or distinctive. but it fits as a man's fragrance true and true.

    12 May, 2014


    Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi

    Good fragrance, but no originality. Spicy cedary combo that starts with some elements of camphor in the opening. Not a bad thing especially in cold weather or air conditioning...lends an air of crispness. All that fades away and you a left with the generic spices that have dominated mens fragrance of late and made popular by Spicebomb.

    So why the thumbs up? Because it is not bad. Just not a standout original and you can't go wrong wearing it.

    12 May, 2014


    Luna Rossa Extreme by Prada

    I really like the non extreme version, and find this to be nice as well. No, it is not original as someone mentioned, but you know what, it gives you about 5 other best selling men's fragrance wrapped into one bottle. The dry down is identical to Givenchy Play/Play Intense. I happen to like that dry down (it's manly).

    12 May, 2014


    Burning Ice by Iceberg

    An express train to Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain's dry down

    Cardamom jumps out at first spray, then quickly settles to a day old LADM

    20th April, 2014


    Fan di Fendi pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi

    Gucci PH 1 reborn. Well, almost. This would qualify as an EdT version of Gucci PH 1 if you consider the Gucci an EdP. Or perhaps a summer variety.

    The same cedary camp fire blast from Gucci and same intensity too for about a minute or two. Then the camp fire fades slowly while the cedar maintains center stage. What follows is a synthetic (but nicely done) fresh masculine detergent alongside an insipid vanilla, all while the cedar begins to fade slowly.

    In the end, the vanilla grows up and and gracefully ends the show.

    A must have for those who thought the Gucci was just too strong and linear ( i am in this category ) and for those who think the prices Gucci PH commands is astronomical.

    06 April, 2014


    Samba for Men by Perfumer's Workshop

    Intriguing. There, I said it. Violet leaf came to mind right away, but it is not listed in the ingredients. It's a green soapy AND milky fragrance, some sweet floral notes and a bit of woody. It reminds me of what an artisan's version of Cerruti Image could smell like...less perfum-y, perhaps more wearable.

    For a unique knock about daily wearable dressy or not frag, this is a good contender, if not perfect. Worth the price for sure.

    07 March, 2014


    Cigar by Rémy Latour

    Overlooked predecessor of the much adored Burberry London.

    This is a big fat cigar, smoked in a crisp winter outdoor setting. Rather than focus on one aspect of the idea of a cigar, this seems to encompass all that is a cigar: trace of green tobacco leaf all the way to the ashes.

    It is not as deep or sticky as Burberry London, however it is clearly the inspiration behind it. I actually prefer this to London, just cause it is different enough for me to stand out in a sea of Burb wearers. Layered 4 to 1 Cigar to Cerruti Image is a nice tobacco-floral combo.

    Def worth a full bottle, especially at the give away prices it goes for.

    25 February, 2014


    Wings for Men by Wings

    A lot of hate for this...I can see why too. But I am of the other camp. I like this. Someone said Cool Water on steroids; that is an apt description. I would add this: its as if Gaultier made a version of Cool Water. Syrupy heavy sweet with a tangy zippy freshness. The trick is to go light on the trigger.

    25 February, 2014


    Royal Water by Creed

    I am in love wit this. Sure it is one dimensional, but it is a dimension I want to be in. Soft lemony but boostable with the likes of Azzaro PH and Gaultier's Le Male.

    15 February, 2014


    Artisan Acqua by John Varvatos

    My favorite launch for the mass market this year so far...I know the year just started but...

    A well balanced mix of vintage Azzaro PH and Artisan regular. There is a gonadotropic vibe in the midnotes that is sure to put some people off, because it smells like the supposedly pheromone stuff that was marketed some years back to boost the strength of your favorite cologne. I am a fan of Azzaro PH, especially the vintage formulation, and this jus come across as a modern interpretation of A PH. Caveat though, if you are a old school frag head, you might not like this, there is a juvenile vibe overall, like you are purposefully trying to draw attention to yourself. Same air as Aqua di Gio...fills the room and demands attention.

    For me, I am in love with this. So thumbs up! Spray with caution though.

    09 February, 2014


    Derrick by Orlane

    A spicy manly jus, reminiscent of Krizia Uomo but with a side of latex. I am sure it isn't actually latex but I pick up a latex note in some fragrances and this is one of them. Overall a pretty nice spicy scent.

    27 January, 2014


    No. 7 by English Laundry

    A delightful barber shop fragrance that hits all the right notes and none of the wrong ones. It is about 30% Rive Gauche and 70% Bowling Green (or Romeo Gigli Sud Est).

    Like the rest of the (well constructed) line from C. Wicks, this is an EdT with the strength of an EdP. And it is not bashful at can't wear this if you lack confidence.

    I certainly will be buying the rest o the line. Well done.

    27 January, 2014


    Porsche Titan by Porsche

    I like this though many might not. It opens with the familiar pencil shavings, effervescent though. Then a sweet spiciness shows up, quite spicy laced with hints of vetiver. Smells much like Marc Jacob's Bang, without the bang. Also reminiscent of Terre De Hermes but more refined, surprisingly. Certainly worth a sampling, as it is very nowadays (2010s) and well balanced.

    31st December, 2013


    Contact by Daniel Hechter

    A linear woody warm synthetic. It does not develop much, rather it grows warmer and woodier, and sour. Smells very much like one of Axe body sprays, Touch I believe.

    30th December, 2013


    Moschino Forever by Moschino

    Pipe tobacco cherry over cedar wood. A little frosty as well, quite reminiscent of Aigner Man 2 and to Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time.

    Another excellent jus from Moschino that is inexpensive.

    27 December, 2013


    1881 Intense by Cerruti

    I was expecting an intense version of 1881, that is what the bottle says, but it is in fact not an intense version but a reserved version, thus I would rename this 1881 Reserve.

    In fragrance nomenclature, I picture Reserve as a version that highlights the key notes of the original, while diminishing negative notes (if any). This is exactly what 1881 Intense is, a more distinguished and refined version of 1881, thicker, denser, less perfumy and just more without being shouty.

    One becomes anosmic to this within a few hours, which is why some reviewers say the projection/sillage is not as good. It fills the room for all but the wearer. I LOVE 1881 and love this version just as much. I wish I could find the Acqua Forte version, curious to see what the difference is.

    26 December, 2013


    Extreme Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

    This is a gem, though not many would agree. The name is entirely deceiving, as it comes across as something you could expect from Crabtree and Evelyn or Roger and Gallet.

    Think masculine dusty berry with some green herbal notes. Then there is the pepper, which wraps it all together. I like it a lot and it never fails to get a compliment.

    Smells nothing like Bvlgari Pour Homme by the way.

    24 December, 2013


    XXL by Daniel Hechter

    Yes this is a bit dull, but I like it. It falls in the analogs of Cool Water, except dustier. It appears to have a little tiny amount of civet in it too, which makes it exciting to my nose. It also reminds me of Etienne Aigner's Statement.

    27 November, 2013


    Set Sail Martinique for Men by Tommy Bahama

    This is nice, like most other TB offerings. Actually smells like a flanker to the Set Sail St. Bart. Same coconuty beachy feel but less bright sunshine and more cool evening breeze. I like it.

    27 November, 2013


    Eros by Versace

    I think the reviews here are a little harsh. It's not a bad fragrance, it's just Italian in the way it presents itself. It's kinda loud and brash. And yes it is unappologetically synthetic. The top (cold metallic) mid (warm gourmandish) and base (woody-gourmand) notes present themselves all at once, like a rich guy trying to show of his car collection by having his friends drive all the cars in a convoy with him.

    While a bit over the top, I find this to resemble Versaces for men of the Gianni era, minus the use of natural ingredients. However, it is clear that Donatella and crew are struggling here. This smells like a combination of the top 3 or 4 selling frags over the last half decade (a little YSL L'Homme, some Mugler of various variety, V&R's Spicebomb etc...)

    I would actually wear this, because it has its place: when you need to assert yourself in a sea of fragrances.

    18 November, 2013 (Last Edited: 06 December, 2013)


    Adidas Moves 0:01 by Adidas

    Such terrible reviews. This is Davidoff Echo in a different bottle. Ditto Axe Touch. Smells decent as long as you don't overspray.

    14 November, 2013


    Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    One of my favorite scents for being a sensual dirty (urinous) masculine fragrance. The use of honey,bergamot, rosemary and jasmine are to be commended. I like this as much as like Tenere by Paco Rabanne. They are brothers for sure, especially since they were both created by the same perfumer. Love love the two!

    09 November, 2013


    Noir by S.T. Dupont

    It is easy to dismiss this beauty, an untrained nose will certainly think it cheap. However the creamy, woody, tobacco takes time to enjoy. If you are a fan of Baldessarini by Hugo Boss, you will love this. And it is related to Guerlain's L'Instant de Guerlain.

    What you get:
    somewhat sweet, creamy gourmand tobacco, hint of chocolate/caramel. Definitely noir but not the black tar burnt rubber type. Works best in cooler weather, classy or dressy environment.

    06 November, 2013


    S.T. Dupont Homme by S.T. Dupont

    Cartier's lesser known sibling, and my Cartier I mean almost any of the earlier releases for men, that sport the 'beef jerky' accord, noted by some as the 'armpit' smell. Cumin is to blame for this, and while rocking this I realised you can do cumin well in a fragrance. Where the Cartier (Must de Cartier) for example fails, STD shines (no pun) in that it is drier and less pungent, lying under a veil of sparkling silver. I would rather wear this thatn the Cartier. Still, it works best in cooler wether and more casual than not.

    04 November, 2013


    Nuit De Longchamp by Lubin

    Perfect signature scent for that assertive yet loving mature lady

    Review is for the relaunched EdT.

    Wow, what a fragrance! At first sniff, there is so much going on that it will repulse you and draw you in at the same time. First association was with Chanel No. 19 because of the bright green note. But it is immediately clear that there is way more going on here, as a sweetness hangs around to balance the green so neither is dominating. Then there is s strong saopy accord that is immediately reminiscent of Europe...a fine soap shop in the countryside of France.

    Then visions of the wearer appear: a mature lady, accomplished professional, well accustomed to running things and big decision making. Her outfit is a well tailored skirt suit, in a shade of grey not too light not too dark. Her blouse is cream colored, which complements the pearls and gold necklace/earring combo. She is accompanied by staff that answer her beck and call, though equally well dressed and accomplished.

    This is a gem of a fragrance, one that is for that person who desires to be above the rest, and thrives in being sophisticated and knowing. My only issue with this is that you almost cannot be playful while wearing this. Though there is a sweet personality side to the fragrance, it is sheltered in the serious facade of the wearer. This quality relegates the fragrance to day time office business (I am the boss) use. Perfect for power-brokering females the world over.

    Pros: Beautiful, unmistakable, rare, quality, all-in-one
    Cons: Might be too serious for some"

    14 October, 2013


    Perceive for Men by Avon

    Interesting, but ubiquitous at the same time

    Start with Cool Water then add Joop. Dilute to about 40% strength then add a synthetic grapefruit to the top and a cheap musk and vanilla to the base.

    For the non-sophisticated user, this is an adequate signature scent. It is most of the cliches from the 90s and early 2000s reduced in strength so that you are not 'that guy' when you walk into the office.

    Works well for cool weather pre/post workout scent too, and yes, it is one of the better Avon offerings.

    Pros: Inexpensive price, better than average jus
    Cons: Does not make a strong enough statement"

    08 October, 2013


    Porsche Design Essence Intense by Porsche

    Failed attempt at recreating the 911.

    The first Porsche Essence was a terrible mess. Sharp spicy notes with some green-ess. This takes it to the next level with this benefit: you get to sample the intent of the original.

    I finally get it. The 911 is a superb sports car, perhaps quintessential in its existence, but it is not pretty and it lacks lots of amenities. However, Porsche has been able to deliver a pure driving experience over the years, as long as you are willing to disregard the looks.

    Same with this fragrance. It's like the 911 Turbo, which is better than the regular 911. Only problem is that these fragrances offer nothing. You get absolutely nothing.

    Pros: Hardcore, razor sharp
    Cons: Uninspiring

    30th June, 2013


    Effusion for Him by Iceberg


    This gets a low rating from me only because it could have been better, but it seems the perfumer here was hell bent on being just synthetic. It really smells like plastic flowers. The benefit is that when you need to rise above the odor of mass-humanity, this is an express train out. I have sampled other full-on synthetics that interplay with notes like leather for example (Canali Style); Effusion plays with vanilla, vetiver and spice. Don a crisp white shirt and khakis or denim and this will fit nicely. Works well for office use too.

    Pros: Synthetic
    Cons: Synthetic

    30th June, 2013


    Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

    Manly vanilla and spice w/emphasis on manly

    Cristobal by Balenciaga.

    These two are very similar, so much so they could be twins. But Cristobal is sweeter and heavier in the opening, whereas Twice gives you everything in equal doses up front, then letting the notes decide who shines when.

    For those who have a hard time with the sweetness of gourmands, this is the answer. Ladies love it on me especially when I maintain a serious demeanor. It is so hardcore in its delivery that it can come across as cold and Germanic.

    Prices on eBay as of this writing warrants a closer look.

    Pros: Very inexpensive to purchase online for such an excellent jus
    Cons: Needs patience to appreciate

    30th June, 2013

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