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Private Collection - L'Ombre Fauve by Parfumerie Generale

I was intrigued by the name, it had the effect of a magic spell on me. Until I sniffed it... It's excellent, I have no doubt about this; but for me -on my skin- is like civet sprayed on a layer of MPG Ambre Precieux. And when the civet strong note is gone, there's no difference between this OF and MPG ambre. Same.
28th November, 2011 (last edited: 28th December, 2011)

Coriandre by Jean Couturier

Just few words about Coriandre, my sister's fave perfume. It's incredible how this melts with her skin resulting as one of the most complete scent I ever smelled. Almost animalic, may it contain civet?
24th November, 2007

Rose Poivrée by The Different Company

Scent of roses on the mouillette... no roses nor pepper on my wrists, just a strange note of flowers rotting in a pot of water, if I breath on it. If just smelling it is a picking scent, but imho it doesn't contain anything animalic. Smell like Jean Couturier's Coriandre, like a 70's perfume. Good, very feminine but almost unisex in its drydown, long lasting but not the overrated wonder described by Chandler Burr.
01st November, 2007
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M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

I bought M7 years ago, when it was launched. At first sniff I was amazed, I was looking for amber notes and unusual male perfume. It worked wenough well, even if it wasn't the perfect fragrance. But something changed after sometimes, perhaps my skin, perhaps my nose or the perfume itself... M7 on my skin turned into a disgusting medical smell :( I have a semi filled bottle on my shelf and I use it to give a good fragrance to the air around me. It works better than on my skin!
30th December, 2006