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    Azurée Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent by Estée Lauder

    I live in Miami - so smelling like you've been to the beach (coconut suntan lotion, salt water, etc) is easy to smell naturally. Yet, scents like this that are well done, I like.

    Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche manages to bring the coconut note in an extremely subtle way, folding it into the marine/salt skin accord and smelling just a tad sweet (caramel) in the middle. However my favorite part (hardly mentioned by other wearers) is a kind of coral rock, mineral accord that hovers just above my skin when I wear ASEF. It recalls the smell of the ocean, where it meets a rocky shoreline and the smell those rocks get baking in the sun, wet from ocean water.

    I remember another Basenoter (when I sent him a sample of this) mentioning Tom Ford has bottled the smell of sexy Brazilians. :)

    This is now (May 2008) an officially discontinued fragrance from Estee Lauder - however Lauder (because their contract with Tom Ford fragrances ran out) has re-packaged and re-named ASEF - so you can still buy this scent at Lauder counters under the name, 'Bronze Goddess'. I have tested several times side-by-side and I must say BG is very similar to ASEF.

    17th May, 2008


    À la Nuit by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    My only experience with smelling jasmine prior to fragrances, was in drinking hot jasmine tea. I became addicted to drinking jasmine tea each and every weekend morning for a while - one particular brand I found of loose leaf tea was smooth yet highly fragrant. I'd open my mouth after a sip to talk, and jasmine notes would magically float all around me.

    My first spray of A la Nuit on my skin triggered the olfactory associations with jasmine tea - but ALN manages to take this flower and plunge it into a poetic, long-lasting and diffusive fragrance that, IMO, has no equal. The sharp, tangy indoles in the flower butch it up on my skin (as long as I don't over apply) and yet still make it a refreshing fragrance. Nothing is better than taking a warm wet washcloth and spritzing one spray of ALN - before rubbing all over ones face and body.

    Try A la Nuit once, and searching for other jasmine scents that are just as good, will be a complete waste of time.

    17th May, 2008


    Méchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    After two full wearings I have decided Mechant Loup is one of the L'Artisan scents that are too, too ethereal and light on my skin for me to enjoy.

    Most L'Artisan scents are pretty light and minimal on my skin, however ML's honey/nut/wood accord is dreamy and poetic for about 5 minutes on my skin and then it very quickly disappears. I don't just mean that I have to smell my skin up close to smell it (which I am OK with) but even when I smell my skin up close I can't smell anything.

    In addition, it's use of honey in the top notes is just shy of treacly sweet. Honey is a tricky note for me - handled skillfully (Bois de Armenie by Guerlain comes to mind instantly) it's magical, but in ML it has a raw, back-of-the-throat palette tickle that makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

    26th December, 2007


    Palazzo by Fendi

    The orange blossom note in this is extremely nice - its slightly candied (Smarties candy to be precise) and it gives it almost a 'dandy' vibe that differentiates the top notes from a smart-ass fruity/floral that dominate the dept. store releases these days. I'm not sure if I could pull this off though - it's whispery floral at the edges and gives off a decidedly youthful feminine vibe. Maybe the body products are lighter?? Or the shower gel (if they make it) might project just the right amount of florals that might work better for me to wear comfortably.

    I put this in the same family as Happy by Clinique or Beautiful by Estee Lauder - feel good fragrances that smell divine on the right person. I'm glad I gave this a second sniff.

    18th November, 2007


    Santalum by Profumum

    When I first applied this, I was more interested in the cinnamon (it had been recommended to me here on the boards), and I honestly wasn't really focused on the sandalwood when I applied it - but almost immediately I acquired a strong respect and fascination for a sandalwood scent that's so well done.

    Santalum is very linear - so if you're looking for a complex sandalwood based scent, look elsewhere. But the Profumum line delivers such uncompromising and honest interpretations in their fragrances - and Santalum sparse notes (sandalwood, myrrh and cinnamon) combine and balance each other out wonderfully.

    Santalum is everything that Tam Dao is not. It's dark, shadowy, dusty - I kept getting the visual image of a rusty car in a backyard. No smoke. The myrrh is not too incens-y (hope that makes sense...). The cinnamon isn't of the Cinnamon roll variety. The sandalwood note is deep, reassuring and dirty/spicy while simultaneously being calm/sweet.

    The sillage and longevity are above average - and so is the price tag of the juice ($195).

    I will be comfortable in the fact that, for now, sandalwood doesn't get any better than this.

    25th October, 2007


    Film Noir by Ava Luxe

    Is that leather I smell? Another strange note, similar to the inside of a automotive repair shop (industrial lubricant?). Very nice longevity and the industrial / rubber and/or latex notes fade in the dry down. Yes, I think the mint smell I got earlier is the spruce

    I love strange scents - this is strange but also sultry. Film Noir is everything the Comme de Garcons Synthetic Series WANTS to be: unique, strange and modern. The sweet notes in this scent play backstage to the odd notes - and I like that. Did I say it has amazing longevity too?

    Very appropriately named too, it's dramatic, dark and classic.

    25th October, 2007


    Sugar Lychee by Fresh

    The perfect 'summer heat' scent - the sparkling sugar and lychee notes cut right through the humidity here in South Florida and allow this scent to really come alive. The brightness of the scent is quite refreshing, without being banal and boring. I find this entirely unisex. Longevity is average and the sugary drydown it leaves on your skin isn't sticky or cloying but instead mild, close-to-the-body and dry. One of my favorites from the Fresh line.

    05th July, 2007


    Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

    A very realistic lime note preceeds a little-too-strong tequila note (it really did smell like I spilled tequila all over myself) that faded into a musky/marine/typical man's scent base.

    Sillage was average. Longevity was below average.

    Whatever the 'house' scent that Tommy Bahama scent is I have accepted that I don't like it.


    24th May, 2007


    Japon Noir by Tom Ford

    Notes include: spice bouquet, purple patchouli, porto noir, jasmine, leather, amber and vetiver

    Strange that most other reviews I've read, mention this as a quite spicy scent(!?) On me, this scent is all about smoke.

    It goes on smoky, stays smoky and dries down to a woody/smoky finish. About 30 minutes into the scent, the smoke took on a 'candle wax burning' note: the smell that you inhale when you blow a candle out and the wet wax mixed with the smoke from the extinguished wick mix together. That summarizes the smell of Japan Noir.

    Reminded me of Gucci Pour Homme's smoky moments (minus a lot of the wood) and Idole by Lubin. The name Japan Noir threw me (I thought it was going to smell like Japanese doesn't).

    Longevity was average. It sadly, however, did not get very complex after the initial smoke blast. I got a light sprinkling of leather and woods. But it remained the identical smoky smell throughout the entire time. I got NO vetiver or jasmine or spice at all - if it's there it's buried underneath the smoke on my skin.

    Smoky scent lover note - Japan Noir is just your thing!

    02nd May, 2007


    parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Sequoia by Comme des Garçons

    I got very little wodd/cedar notes from this, very confusing on my skin. There was spice (maybe its the rum notes?) and perhaps tree sap (very light sap notes) that dried down to a lemony softness a little too quickly.

    06th April, 2007


    Castile by Penhaligon's

    Agree with the reviews that mention that the rose notes almost seem folded into the 'cologne' scents of Castile - kind of like a mild afterthought. I didn't detect the nose until after the more crisp aromas had faded and when it made its appearance, it was welcomed.

    It smells like a light fresh summer scent that I'd recommend to a newbie, however one that I'd feel more comfortable being dressed a little more formal.

    This scent is just too classy smelling for flip flops and wrinkled clothes.

    31st March, 2007


    Roses by Ava Luxe

    The opening was a very stemmy rose scent, quite realistic and wet. It dries down to a powdery, almost 'waxy' rose scent - reminding me slighly of rose scented candles or hilariously...rose scented doll products that little girls play with.

    I imagine this would be a great scent for young girls. This is not me.

    I tested the Luxe Edition.

    30th March, 2007


    Le Dandy by D'Orsay

    The opening is a strong anise note that is sweet and slightly effervescent. It reminded me strongly of The Dreamer by Versace.

    I like sweet scents, so I was okay with Le Dandy's sweetness. But I am not that fond of SWEET anise notes in my frags - it reminds me too much of pastries or specifically biscotti (another biscotti smelling scent is Sticky Cake by Comme de Garcons).

    27th March, 2007


    DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

    The opening notes reminded me incredibly of Calyx by Prescriptives (a fragrance I love) - grapefruit and green grass notes. However unlike Calyx it transforms into a boring (not tart) apple scent that transforms again into a fruity/floral blah scent. OK longevity and strong sillage.

    I layer it with Burning Leaves by CBIHP and it's wonderful, though.

    23rd March, 2007


    Fig Wood / Bois de Figue by Ava Luxe

    A very SWEET fig scent with decent longevity and good sillage. Much better than Marc Jacobs 'fig' notes, but as I said VERY SWEET.

    I got a faint 'cold cream' note that surprised (and annoyed) me.

    I cannot imagine wearing this on a hot day, I think it would be cloying on me.

    21st March, 2007


    Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone

    Reminds me of a Demeter fragrance in it's total ability to recreate the smell of biting into a nectarine. I also get the peach & plum notes, but I did NOT smell the vetiver, honey or blackcurrant.

    Doesn't last too long (like most JM scents), but who cares...for a few hours you smell fruity (NOT sweet, just fruity) and clean.

    Great for weekends & garden work.

    13th March, 2007


    Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Applied it and instantly it brought a smile to my face - the pineapple notes are really fruit smell, not sugary fuit notes. The remarkable thing is the pineapple notes seem to float off of my skin, because when I smell my skin close I just can't smell pineapple...maybe on the skin I get vanilla but a REALLY LIGHT vanilla

    Layers great with my Eau des Merveilles - smells like a cocktail party on the beach!

    02nd March, 2007


    Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Smells like dark chocolate, spice (can't figure out WHICH spice...cardamom maybe?) and graham cracker crumbs on me. YUM!

    I cannot liken this to A*men (in the other reviews) its MUCH drier & definitely not sweet.

    Borneo 1834 could be worn in casual and (dare say) sporty events as well as formal attire - where I always found A*Men good only for formal occasions.

    19th February, 2007


    Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens was one of my first fragrances I had a strong emotional response to; the first time I smelled it.

    The name sounded a little silly to me. Ambre Sultan. Camels, sabers and stereotypical Middle Eastern images popped into my head. I’ve never actually traveled to the Middle East…so what did these images smell like?

    Luckily, I stumbled upon the entire Serge Lutens line at the Tomas Maier boutique in Miami Beach (I stopped in during my lunch hour). The tall and thin rectangular bottle fit perfectly in my hand. The amber colored juice is the shade of hot chai tea and almost begs to be held up to the light.

    The first impression the amber reminded me of was ‘Youth Dew’ by Estee Lauder (a family friend wore it when I was growing up). Whereas YD takes the amber and ‘oriental-izes’ it, this amber accord is more spicy (less sweet), dry and deeply resinous. The top notes of coriander, myrtle and something that registers as rosemary diffuse almost immediately onto skin and into the air and create a small, circular private space of dried aromatics and spices - resting atop a salty amber base. Perhaps it is the herbs (oregano and bay leaf) that lead my nose to perceive a swirling (almost windy) combination of notes. Therein, for a few minutes, the olfactory sensation is one of an open, large area in the outdoors. Suffused with scents.

    The middle and base notes of AS merge into one distinct destination: warm and muted patchouli, a coal (or mineral prominent) spice accord and a faint vanilla and amber mixture. All bone-dry. It is the skillfully blended dryness of AS that allows me to wear it easily in warm Summer weather. A slightly higher body temperature (even a light perspiration) wear extremely well with this scent.

    The scent’s longevity varies from person to person – on me, it averages about 5 – 6 hours. I’ve found the scent of AS clings to my undershirts well after the scent has left my skin.

    Oh yes – that emotional reaction I mentioned above. It was completely unexpected and yet oddly welcoming. Perhaps the feeling could be best described as: unexpected joy. A quick lunch hour shopping trip suddenly evolved into a raw, lonely landscape. There I was. Lost in it. Where was I?

    Here, is where I was:

    I was walking down a narrow dirty street. I am lost. It is hot outside and I am sweating. I need to find a phone. The street is lined with children, apartment buildings and small shops. The doors of the shops are open and as I walk I tread carefully, afraid someone exiting a doorway will run right into me. I pass by a particular small shop, with a yellow faded door. Inside the door I see baskets of dried spice leaves, incense sticks and resins. The shopkeeper smiles, he is smoking a sweet smelling, hand rolled cigarette. I stop walking. Peeking my head into the dark doorway (my eyes adjusting to the darkness) a tangy, salty and very thick amber scent fills my nose.

    Naturally, I walk right in.

    19th February, 2007 (Last Edited: 12th September, 2009)


    Kahala Guava Nectar by Demeter Fragrance Library

    I think I would have liked this more if it smelled more like fresh guava fruit, but like the name says, it smells more like guava JUICE. Linear, lasts about 45 minutes on my skin before it fades and I have to smell close to my skin to detect.

    Layers wonderfully with other 'light' scents (Jo Malone scents for instance) & heavy & dark scents that are a little too boring (CK /R.Lauren stuff) & do well with a little added fruit kick.

    10th February, 2007


    A Maze by People of the Labyrinths

    I found this an extremely complex rose scent – though perhaps a little TOO strong (note: I sampled the EDP)

    ‘Dark’ rose scent predominate this, I didn’t smell any other notes except for a little of the candied-roses that some other reviewers mentioned in the drydown. Just LOTS OF ROSE! Reminded me of Rose Poivre (The Different Company) but A.maze is NOT peppery – however I think they both share animalistic qualities (not musk…animals). It smelled like I had arrived at a circus tent & the person sitting next to me was holding a bouquet of roses (smile)

    I probably won’t buy a bottle (there are so many more rose scents I want try before I commit to one so EXPENSIVE).

    Not a rose scent for the faint hearted – that’s for sure.

    09th February, 2007


    parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Kyoto by Comme des Garçons

    A nice not too smoky incense top note that (in a few minutes) gave off a faint 'birch beer' smell on my skin - I can see why so many Basenotes members have this one (in the Incense series) in their wardrobe. Can't wait to try the other 4...

    01st February, 2007


    Kai by Kai

    One word: GARDENIA!!!! I felt like I had fallen into gardenia bush & couldn't get up. Really feminine too - I was hoping this might work for me (I'm a guy) but this really smelled too floral on me for me to keep a straight face.

    I think I'll buy the candles.

    21st January, 2007


    Rose Poivrée by The Different Company

    I did not smell the 'dirty' civet note at all when I sampled this - only roses, a slight citrus (grapefruit..?) and perhaps lilies. Nice - but I think it reminds me too much of Rose Ikebana by Hermes a newer Elena fragrance a little too much.

    18th January, 2007


    Strength by Anthony Logistics

    A very strong sharp alcohol smell, incense-esque. Don't expect any incense notes like the Comme De Garcons Incense scents - this is a really weak incense note, and quickly fades. I layered it (Jo Malone fragrances lend themselves perfectly to be layered with this kind of light scent) and it kinda worked, but I would not recommend this to anyone. Disappointed.

    16th January, 2007


    L'Antimatière by LesNez

    It smells like Smarties candies on me...after about 25 minutes of smelling like I spilled Perrier on myself. I will not try this again.

    11th January, 2007


    The Unicorn Spell by LesNez

    Disappeared & then lingered only slightly on me in 1 hour, which was disappointing.

    I couldn't figure out what it smelled like until I read zztopp's review & I have to agree with the "salty cold cucumber" smell.

    I really wanted to like this, after many positive reviews I read, but I didn't. Glad I sampled it, before I bought a full bottle.

    Will be sampling the other 2 Les Nez this week...

    11th January, 2007


    Elixir des Merveilles by Hermès

    My vote for my favorite fragrance of 2006 - I have to admit, I never even smelled Eau De Merveilles before I smelled Elixir des Merveilees. However this BLEW ME AWAY, I immediately smelled the chocolate & orange, but not too sweet or candy-ish of a smell, very sophisticated and subtle. I like the fact that Hermes came out with it in small bottles too - affordable for us on a budget. I like this better than some of the Hermes Hermessence scents that are priced lasts almost about 8 hours on me & dries down to a 'candied ginger' smell on me, which is kind of cool. :)

    10th January, 2007


    parfums*PARFUMS Guerrilla 1 by Comme des Garçons

    My boyfriend and I sprayed this on our arms at a high end sneaker/fashion boutique in Miami Beach & were transfixed in a couple of minutes.

    This is a love it or hate it scent - we loved it and bought it immediately.

    I smelled the saffron immediately (it took us a while to figure out what it was) and then the slightest smell of 'flesh' or 'raw meat' at the top of a flower note...sounds incredibly horrible on paper, so you've got to smell this, to really understand what the flower note smells like.

    Lasts for atleast 8 hours on me.

    10th January, 2007


    Cefiro by Floris

    I tried a sample - it smells like something I would wear in Summer and reminds me of Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey at the beginning of the scent, but not as 'sharp' as IM, a little warmer. I'm also smelling a slight 'aloe' note & as it dries down a 'beach sand' note, kind of a salty smell.

    Agree with the previous review - it's STRONG & a little goes a long way.

    I would not buy this - nothing new for me here.

    10th January, 2007

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