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Heaven Sent (original) by Dana

The original Heaven Sent is worth seeking anywhere. Do not accept modern first foray into Heaven Sent territory was in the mid-70s, with a tiny bottle my mother had. She said it was the scent she wore back in high school...I started wearing it too. Fell in love with it. I have a scent memory of it that won't go away. Bought it all through the 70s...then I got away from the soft, young girl stuff, and fell into the 80s with Obsession, Cinnabar, Opium, and all the intensely spicy ones popular then, meant for women who wore big shoulder pads and big hair. (I kept receiving these as gifts. I don't remember buying any of those for myself, but I still liked them.) How I miss the original Heaven Sent...back to girlish days...well, it's me off to Ebay to find it now!
10th June, 2010

Jungle Gardenia (original) by Coty

Horrifyingly strong stuff. My mother liked (still does, but it's easier to deal with these days) perfume that would knock you down. Among her various faves was this scary stuff. Back in the 70s I would practically pay her not to wear it. Yeah, it was Gardenia all right. Like a baseball bat to the nose! Excruciatingly sweet and cloying.
01st January, 2007

Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (original) by Bourjois

My grandmother's forever dimestore favorite. She always had some of this stuff, in the little cobalt blue tasseled flacon or the bottle I was always knocking over on the dresser (luckily it was usually capped). If she wasn't wearing Avon something or other, it was this. I received it as gifts sometimes or was the recipient of extra stock she had. Strong and unmistakable stuff...suited her red-lipped, brunette personality. It definitely declares, "Here I am, and you'd better deal with me."
01st January, 2007
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Bigarade by Nina Ricci

I finally found this on Ebay after years of seeking! I remember this so tenderly from my early teen and midteen years (the 70s). A marvelous blend of exotic orange and cedar. It smelled very different on me than on my mother, making it truly mine. Then it disappeared too soon! Very sad! I will continue to seek this fine scent.
31st December, 2006