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Incanto pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

The fact that there hasn't yet been a thumbs down tells you it's not a bad fragrance. In fact its pleasant, but rather too woody/spicy to be a strictly day time scent but too sweet to be a night one either so its kind of an in between, perhaps for romantic wear as well, but like one of the reviewers says... "wear it all the time". I could have sworn i've smelt this scent before under a different house and name, like another reviewer mentions. I just can't put my finger on what, though it has a slight hint of Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina. Longevity is not a big problem on me surprisingly but it does tend to stay too close to the skin for my liking. Another person would have to be really close to you to catch a whiff of it. I prefer something 'louder'. Perhaps some would prefer its subtlety. But all in all, its a very, very pleasant, inoffensive smell.
P/S: the biggest setback is the stupid design of the bottle. you literally have to have tiny fingers to be able to squeeze them through the oval shaped metal structure over the button to push it, and i have trouble with that. But since i'm rating the contents and not the bottle, its a thumbs up for the scent.
22nd June, 2007

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

Its not my favourite scent but i can't live without it- always have one in my closet just in case cos it has a very versatile smell that goes well with any occasion whether its formal, casual or romantic. And yes, it is sweet, but take my word for it, this kind of sweet smells really good on some people.
22nd June, 2007

Armand Basi in Blue by Armand Basi

Fresh, sour and citrusy. But having said that, the Glade air freshener is fresh, sour and citrusy too. I wouldn't reccomend paying good money for this.
15th March, 2007
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Intimately Beckham Men by Beckham

This cologne has very little originality in it, BUT, that having been said, I'm the sort of person who would rather have a good copy than original rubbish. Furthermore, originality is not always equivilant to good. I must say there's nothing bad about this cologne, its almost a remake of the old school. It has a very old fashioned, spicy nutmeg smell (the nutmeg does stand out)fashionable for an English gentleman- the sort of scent you might expect from a house like Roger & Gallet. So I'm rather surprised this is coming from David Beckham (not that I don't like him, I do respect and admire him). But as much as I like this scent, I find myself a little young for it at this point in time (I'm 21). Reccomended if you're in the 40 and over age group.
03rd March, 2007

Adidas Team / Team Force by Adidas

Its pretty good. Rather unique multi-purpose cologne that will go down well on almost any occasion. Reasonably long lasting, inoffensive, clean, suave, and all for a fraction of the price in comparison to bigger names. I discovered it almost by accident- at a friend's house and loved it when i sprayed it on just for the fun of it.
03rd March, 2007

Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is officially my favourite perfumer. Being already the owner of 212 Summer, i find CHIC equally as good if not better. I don't understand why one or 2 people just cannot resist the temptation of writing a bad review about it. Highly reccomended.
17th January, 2007

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

I love it, the girls love it. Its a good scent, the apple blends in perfectly with the woody notes. Its young and its crisp. Very urban. I've sampled it several times at several places and hope to have on in my collection soon.
09th January, 2007

212 Men On Ice (2005) by Carolina Herrera

Beautiful. I bought this on impulse. It is sexy, modern and classy and at the same time clean ans inoffensive. None of the notes stand out, rather, they blend very well together. Although reccomended as a day scent i find it more suitable for evening wear. Rather long lasting on my skin too and its a good thing because most fragrances don't last very long on me.
05th January, 2007