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Versailles pour Homme by Jean Desprez

A most beautiful and elegant of fragrances since its inception in 1980 until it disappeared awhile back. I remember both Versailles and Jean Patou's Patou Pour Homme were launched in the same year and I bought both at the same time at Rich's (a preeminent department store now mournfully gone, too).

Versailles was so rich and complex. It's sillage and longevity were paramount to the senses....elegance rarely experienced in perfumes today. I once owned Versailles, Patou, and Guerlain's Derby (original) all at the same time back in the 80's, and how I dearly miss them. I'd wear them today in a heartbeat because their way of fashion never goes out of style!
21st March, 2010

Private Collection Amber Ylang-Ylang by Estée Lauder

Saw this fragrance at the MEN'S fragrance counter at Neiman Marcus in San Diego, California. Tried it and was rather stunned. A definite UNISEX fragrance for sure, fellas. In fact, I think it's more masculine (because of the amber) than feminine.

It's now been about 6 hours since I spritzed my arm with it...longevity is very's quite warm and creamy with a subtle powderiness in the base drydown. Stays very close to the skin, very much like Deauville by Michel Germain, and I like that.

All in all, this is coming off as a quite classy, elegant, yet demure fragrance. For men who aren't afraid of going down the unisex frag highway, this is a MUST HAVE
13th March, 2010

Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

I just bought a bottle of this today -- at Wal-Mart! It's the cologne spray (not the aftershave/cologne) in the original formulation in the old box pictured above (newly designed box may be the reformulation). Got it for $17.00 and it's WELL WORTH IT! Great oriental fragrance; spices are good (not sure what they are); sillage is quite good and so is its longevity.

Been a long time since I've used it, but when I saw it I just had to have it. Glad I got it.
04th March, 2010
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360 Degrees White for Men by Perry Ellis

Some have said that PE 360 White was trying to imitate JPG's Le Male. I don't think so. I believe they took one whiff of Le Male (and puked like so many of us did) and decided they were going to do it right from the start. Bravo, Perry Ellis!

To be honest, I am so sick and nauseated by any drift of atmosphere containing Le Male. Not a totally bad fragrance (it does sell), but like most anyone I know of, it's overexposed and many folks are just tired of it. Well, PE 360 White is definitely head and shoulders (and noses) above Le Male and you won't tire of it so easily.
25th February, 2010

Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

First tried this juice while in Memphis, Tennessee, in a Goldsmith's store in 1979. I was looking around for a nice summer fragrance to wear (Memphis' summers are quite warm and humid). I didn't want to wear out my bottle of Eau Sauvage too quickly and wanted to have something to alternate it with. The ladies at the counter politely led me over to their women's fragrances and pulled this beauty of a gem out for me. I admit to being a tad embarrassed standing at the women's counter deliberating about what was being sold as a feminine fragrance for myself. But, one spritz was all it took....I returned to the same counter the next day and bought it. Definitely a unisex will have no problem with this. BTW, upon returning to Atlanta, I noticed the stores there had this fragrance stocked up in the MEN's counters as well as the women's at the same time back then. A wonderful frag.
24th February, 2010

Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

This was once my signature fragrance. From the very first day it was offered for sale in 1978 (it won fragrance of the year award in '78) and for nearly 20 years following, this once beautiful and incredible men's perfume was MINE. Then, lo and behold, somebody had to go messing with its formulation by taking out its divine soft, powdery base and replacing it with some chemically metallic junk, brightened up the juice from a once demure amber color to some horrid putrid day-glo orange, renaming it by adding "classic" (my ass), and voila!, they thought I was going to continue buying this now vomit in a bottle?

I think not! I HATE all these reformulations and this is no exception. Yet, I will not completely turn my back on this child; therefore, I'll give it a neutral. The ORIGINAL Lagerfeld (it was classic before the word was ever added to it) was truly one of the greatest monuments to perfumery the world has ever known. There aren't enough thumbs up in this world to give it its proper due. Selah.
24th February, 2010

Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

Can't add much more to the compliments about this fragrance except that, on me at least, I find the longevity of it to be superb. This baby goes for 6-8 hours on my skin. Very unisexy.
23rd February, 2010

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

Vera's perfume sure has a Wang to it, alright. This is truly one of the worst fragrances ever made. One needs to spray a half-gallon of it on themselves just to get some semblance of any scent from it. It must hold the world record for shortest lasting fragrance ever because this mess gets instantly absorbed into your bloodstream once you spray it on. Totally worthless and Miss Vera ought to be ashamed of herself for pushing this manure (except Miss Vera's manure don't stank 'cause it don't last!!) onto the public.
23rd February, 2010

D&G Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana

To each their own, as the saying goes. However, I like this fragrance. Sure, the opening is quite lemony, but certainly not a "lemon pledge"- like smell. I know....I have a can of Lemon Pledge underneath my kitchen sink and trust me, it smells NOTHING like this D&G Masculine fragrance. So, to all the detractors out there, try and make something else up to compare to it. The drydown is quite nice and acceptable to me, comforting almost. For a citrus frag, the longevity is impressive. Worth the money, I say.
23rd February, 2010

Royal Copenhagen by Royal Copenhagen

Good gosh, awwmighty!! The ORIGINAL formulation of this fragrance was the nearest thing to heaven itself. Truly a masterpiece it was. The reformulation of today? Pure hell and a mockery. How dare they put the Royal Copenhagen name on this current trash.
18th February, 2010

Deauville pour Homme by Michel Germain

Whoa, what a sleeper this one is! This was sold at Bloomingdale's for awhile beginning in 1999. Every time I passed their fragrance counter, I never once sampled this hidden beauty. Then, this past Christmas of 2009, I saw bottles and bottles of it for sale at Marshall's -- for just $9.99 a bottle!! Shocked by the price and knowing that I had never sampled it and knowing nothing of what it smelled like, I bought it blind on the spot (I hate doing this). I also was wondering if the reason for my seeing this juice at Marshall's was a result of Bloomies moving it out to make room for something else (I later went by Bloomies and yes, indeed, it had been removed from their cases). In any case, I took it home and opened her up. I was taken aback by its subtlety and smoothness. It oozed class! Its initial understatedness had me at first a bit concerned about whether this baby would go for a long ride or not, but she did not disappoint at all. I was so impressed by the play and wonder of this once overlooked gem that I went back to the same Marshall's and bought FOUR more bottles of this stuff. I kid you not! I parted with one bottle to give to a friend -- he loves it -- and I have the others. I've had nothing but COMPLIMENTS on this wonderful fragrance by others. Makes for a great casual/daytime/office-wear fragrance. I love the art deco-styled bottle, too.
14th February, 2010

Aramis Gold by Aramis

I bought a bottle of Aramis Gold a few years ago at Neiman Marcus. The Aramis rep who sold it to me at that time told me that this fragrance was NOT a re-worked version of the juice that is currently sold in stores. Instead, it was the ORIGINAL Aramis that was created in 1965 that later was re-formulated in the 1980's with a bit more leather in its composition. I remember back in the '80's sensing that Aramis seemed to now be a bit bolder and stronger; but, I shrugged it off thinking that maybe it was just a twirk of my nose or something. In any case, I didn't like it as much, but I still bought it every now and then. Well, the rep went on to tell me that ever since they had added more leather to the juice, there had been a noticeable cry by many Aramis faithful calling for a return to the original "softer" Aramis under which it had been born back in the mid-1960's. Hence, it became reborn as "Aramis Gold". It is more costly than regular Aramis, but for me, it's worth having just for the memories of it being my first fragrance I used as a freshman in college in 1972. I've kept it in my wardrobe on a semi-regular basis ever since, but with Aramis Gold, it's once again a regular mainstay along with a few others I have and it'll remain so. I love it!
23rd November, 2009

Opium pour Homme Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it; however, I simply cannot understand the reviews of pluran and snifferdog regarding this most refined and elegant composition by YSL. It is simply one of the very best men's perfumes ever created. Along with Escada PH EDP, Monsieur de Givenchy, Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage, JHL, Caron's Pour Un Homme, this stands as one of the all time pillars of men's perfumery. I've used it since it's introduction and pray it is never discontinued. It is one of the most complimented upon fragrances I've ever worn. LOVE IT!
10th January, 2008
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Escada Homme by Escada

One of my all time favorites. My only regret is that it is no longer available in the eau de parfum version -- which was absolutely the best men's perfume I've ever come across! BRING IT BACK, ESCADA! Nevertheless, the EDT formula is still very nice, yet much more subtle and discreet, but not as longer lasting. It's a refined and elegant creation that matches the beauty of the bottle. A keeper!
09th January, 2008

Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

I first smelled the original sometime around 1970 or so. I was only 16 at the time and while visiting my aunt and uncle once, I was using my uncle's bathroom to shower and shave. I opened up the vanity mirror and there was a bottle of Chanel's PM. I took a whiff and fell in love with it. I remember it having a very classy and an understated elegance about it. I imagine the concentrated version of it will be more of the same and I can't wait to try a bottle of it soon. I love citrusy openings with a slight, powdery/vanilla drydown in fragrances.
19th December, 2007

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

The word, "bewitched", is used often by reviewers of this fragrance here. After trying it (and yes, buying it), I can see why. It's as much that as Ungaro III, another "dark and sensual", yet not as sweet a fragrance, that I find wonderful, yet different from almost anything else out there. Black Orchid's uniqueness is its allure and its strength. Bloomingdales Atlanta is selling it as a unisex frag and its flying off the shelves. Glad I caught one.
17th October, 2007

Silver Shadow by Davidoff

I like it very much. It exudes class and refinement, even sexiness, albeit not in a formal or elegant way, but in a more genteel or casual manner. Perfect for the office and the normal day about town; yet, I feel comfortable and assured wearing it on a date with a fine woman. Yes, it is geared for the more mature man (me), but it's high time someone thought of us, too. Thank you, Davidoff.
27th July, 2007

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

Among my very favorites. Love the vanilla and cinnamon powdery mix; lasts allllll day long, therefore, just a spritz'l do'ya! Class all the way.
27th July, 2007 (last edited: 04th January, 2010)

Purple Water by Asprey

I tried this one on at a Nordstrom's here in Atlanta on a warm, humid day in the 80's. Quickly, the fragrance seemed to take off on my skin and I felt enveloped in a subtle, yet delicious blanket of a purple haze of florality and fresh fruit. I loved it; however, its eau de cologne strength wasn't sufficient to please me beyond a mere 3 hours or so. Perhaps if it were in an EDT variation I would be more tempted to buy it. But, boy is it a winner for me otherwise!
25th July, 2007

Pour Un Homme by Caron

Ahh, one of my signature fragrances....a delicious and unique swirl of class and wonder like no other. From its lavender and lemon beginnings right down to the intoxicating blend of vanilla and musk and floral/herb inbetweens, this stands alone as a classic, old-style sophisticated creation from 1934. I love it, love it, love it! I have used this fragrance regularly since 1978 and I have it in both its EDT and EDP versions. It will always remain in my wardrobe till I'm taken away or they take it away.
06th July, 2007

Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme

I just bought a bottle of Lancome's new fragrance, Hypnose, this week. I'm quite pleased with it. Sillage is good. Have to admit that I prefer Oriental fragrances on me as they do very well with my body chemistry. This is a light enough Oriental that I feel comfortable wearing it all summer long, even here in the hot, humid southern United States. I'm writing this about 8 hours after putting it on and it's doing quite well. I think it'll fit in quite nicely with my favorite summer fragrance wardrobe revolver that includes Monsieur Givenchy and Guerlain's Vetiver.
14th June, 2007

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

Very nice and surprising! Starts off fresh and then warms down to a spicy, clove-like fragrance or something like that. For me, I like this much better than the regular Pour Homme. The bottle with the light aquamarine liquid color is nicer, too.
19th March, 2007

Rochas Lui by Rochas

I just bought this fragrance without ever trying it out based on the comments here. Wow! What a veeeery pleasant surprise! I love it! A soft, warm oriental imbued with class and distinction. Classic and new. A long-lasting scent. This will definitely become a part of my inner-circle fragrance wardrobe that I feel will be appropriate for any time of the year, formal or office (but not casual).
08th March, 2007

Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

This comes on strong at first as a feminine floral, but the drydown is noticeably more masculine. I was, admittedly, hesitant to spray this on when taking a whiff of it from the bottle because its top notes are quite feminine-smelling. But, I braved it and gave it a try. Very nice and very unique (to me at least). Later in the evening, I felt more comfortable wearing it because it turned more masculine as it reached its fern accord. Very long lasting....applied it at 6:30pm one evening and I could still detect its satisfying aroma the following morning before the shower. If you're comfortable and self-assured in your masculinity and who you are, you'll have no problem with this new, beautiful and unique fragrance from Gaultier.
02nd March, 2007

Ferré for Men by Gianfranco Ferré

The description of this fragrance accord sounds right up my alley. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this new entry from Gianfranco
13th February, 2007

Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

A very nice fragrance. Classy, well made, and it lasts all day long. It can be had for a small price, but is readily available at Neiman Marcus for the image-conscious. Highly recommended for oriental frag lovers.
12th February, 2007

Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne by Caron

I'm joining in with the others in defense of this unique and beautiful fragrance. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well, Royal has been flattered quite nicely in the form of the new fragrance creation, West Side by Bond No. 9, thank you. Reviewers there are swilling with delight over Bond's new and wonderful fragrance. But, this is the original -- and could be -- the best. This milky-warm, powdery oriental draws positive feedback every time I wear it. Simply sensational and....original!
12th February, 2007

JHL by Aramis

I don't understand the "discontinued" tagged onto this most beautiful of men's fragrances. I just purchased two bottles of it at a Bloomingdale's store here in Atlanta here in the year 2007. I bought an additional bottle of JHL at a Nordstrom as well (I keep the extras stored in a fridge). I've used this frag since its inception in 1982. It reminds me of a home library room filled with burgundy leather chairs surrounded by lots of mahogany wood and rich, deep paneled walls. Old money and sophistication. The creamy cinnamon-vanilla drydown is delicious. Truly, one of the greatest men's fragrances of all time.
08th February, 2007

West Side by Bond No. 9

I tried this on at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta. Wonderful fragrance! is a complete rip-off of Caron's Royal Bain de Champagne (now called Royal Bain de Caron). Hours after applying it, it still smelled exactly like Royal Bain de Caron. From the top notes down through the base, it was just about identical. Totally blown away! If you love this fragrance, then by all means, stick with Caron and save your dollars. Get the Bond version only for the bottle.
30th January, 2007