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Samsara by Guerlain

I have been looking for years for my signature fragrance. It was a long, arduous search - but now, at the age of 39...I know this is THE ONE. I have purchased this scent several times in the past but I also kept searching for greener pastures, fearing there might something else out there even better that I will be missing out on if I don't keep looking. wasn't. I would then be drawn back, again and again, to the beauty, mystery and immense sensuality of Samsara. This is to me the perfume of the extremely sensual yet very lady-like, classy woman. Few women can actually pack both of these two qualities - it is usually either one or the other.
Samsara declares unabashedly that you can be both at the same time. I am not sure why some people complain about its "synthetic" feel, I don't get that at all - clearly not any more than with all other perfumes that are not soliflores. The scent is divine, the impression you leave behind is unforgettable. To me, this IS Guerlain at its best.
18th November, 2011

Eau de Cartier Concentrée by Cartier

I love it A LOT especially for its long life, great silage and suave, refined notes. All these traits are usually hard to find together. I have tried pure perfumes that last much less than this EDT. It is quite amazing. My only problem with it is that it feels a little too modern and too unisex for me. I wish it were an exclusively WOMANLY perfume (I don't like unisexes) but then again, it it was, it would not smell like this. All in all, great fragrance!
10th January, 2008

No. 5 by Chanel

It is superb, classy and distinguished, the prettiest fragrance I have ever smelled. The only drawback is that, at least ON ME, it is not strong enough and does not last long enough. But then again, I am one of those who cannot smell their own perfume (whatever I apply) less than an hour after application and no matter how much I apply. My sense of smell may be I gravitate towards strong perfumes, which unfortunately, are not as pretty as the refined, classy ones - the best of whom is #5.
09th January, 2008
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Blu Notte by Bulgari

For me, it was infatuation and then deep dislike; this after my sister suggested that it smells like the personality of your average modern woman: superficial, common, bar hopping, giggly, gets-along-great-with-everybody yet has never known true friendship...
Nothing to her.
It's weird because as soon as she said that I recognized what she was talking about. I am afraid it is true.
12th January, 2007

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I am not as sophisticated with perfume lingo so I will just use amateur words. I loved it a lot at first, smelled sweet yet suave and sophisticated. It reminded me of Coco Mademoiselle. However, having major perfume longevity problems, I had to pass because I felt that the drydown was weak and barely there. I own Mademoiselle and after an hour it is gone on me - so I could not take the risk with this one too, specially that the price is a bit up there.
10th January, 2007

Joop! Femme by Joop!

Flowery in a cheap, drug store way. I received it as a present and disliked it from the very first moment.
10th January, 2007

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

I loved it incredibly at first for its sophisticated air but after being convinced that it is a long lasting perfume, I realized...after purchase...that actually, on me - it is not.
After a couple of hours I can't smell any drydown anymore. It is bare, weak and the sillage is minimal. I am jealous of those people on whom this fragrance stays on and on and on.
On me - it just doesn't. I have seen it classified as an oriental but with all those light citrus traits going on, I don't think it qualifies as an oriental. It is a fruity-floral.
10th January, 2007