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Florida Water by Murray & Lanman

Winner of the "excellent budget/drugstore fragrance" award -- in a class with Pino Silvestre and Agua de Colonia Concentrada (Alvarez Gomez). Great value and interesting scent.
Citrus. "Fizzy" note. Herbal component of bay leaf/laurel. With spices, it sits near the bay rum category but is not as bold or strong.
Masculine. Not too sweet, a bit perhaps in the initial stages. Hint of rich tobacco leaf. A gentle spice dry-down.
A basic, but also a solid citizen.
01st February, 2017

Zara for Him Silver Edition by Zara

Not my style: very sweet, full of vanilla from the get-go.
Some good spices (pepper and cardamom). Perhaps a bit of wood in the dry-down A basic "guy" scent, seems more dated than 2014. It is not wretched. Some guys like sweet and vanilla, but I can't even be neutral on it since I absolutely don't.
08th January, 2017

Comme une Evidence Homme by Yves Rocher

Soft, warm peppery spices and a faint rose note. Non-offensive, dry, quite light and translucent. Clean, pleasant, a safe bet for any public space. Peppery cedar dry-down is quite good.
01st January, 2017
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Life Essence by Fendi

A good scent, in the gentle spice category. Starts with good citrus and an excellent spice blend. The coriander seed and cardamom are true to form but not heavy. In fact, the scent has a pleasant, clean, fresh quality about it. Perhaps the hint of conifer contributes to this aspect. Settles into a light woody-spice dry-down.
01st January, 2017

Vetiver by Dana

Green, grassy, straightforward vetiver. A touch soapy. IMO not quite as good as Malizia, but an acceptable bargain frag.
29th December, 2016

Bois Marocain by Tom Ford

Dry, green, very resinous and coniferous. A pleasure to wear. Hints of pepper and incense and the camphor-mint quality of conifers which brightens any mood. Woods in the dry-down. Somewhat low-key and close to the skin for a Tom Ford.
28th December, 2016

Pino Silvestre Sport Cologne by Silvestre

Mild thumbs up. Of interest to Pino Silvestre fans, but it has very little in common with that iconic scent. This has a very lemony, citrus opening, supported by zesty ginger spice. Then, white florals appear, and finally a light white musk base. Pleasant summery spritz, short longevity. The tarragon herbal note is the one point of connection to classic Pino Silvestre.
23rd December, 2016

Black Collection : Wool by Commodity

Interesting concept, but it smells nothing like wool. A soft, fairly sweet fragrance. Pleasant, simple. A bit of vanilla and musk in a soft cloud. A slight metallic touch in the dry-down.
17th December, 2016

Black Collection : Moss by Commodity

A pleasant scent, but I don't get anything remotely mossy in it. I get a bright, cheery orange blossom scent with a hint of musk and woods. Since the profile doesn't match the name, I deduct marks.
04th December, 2016

Black Collection : Book by Commodity

A nice scent on its own, and it certainly succeeds in delivering its concept. Cucumber and mint cleverly suggest crisp paper. There is a dusky herbal quality lurking in the background. Some sort of peppery spice may be clinging to the mild amber. The dry-down is woody, with a hint of vanillin suggestive of aging books. Not sweet or heavy. Pretty good, not profound but it is satisfactory.
04th December, 2016

Encens Jinhae by Atelier Cologne

This is an interesting scent. Nothing wrong with it, but something doesn't quite trap me. In part, the citrus aspect strikes me a bit like a stale lemon lifesaver. In part I am not a big fan of cherry blossom, though it is a distinctive note and not at all fruity. In part, I wish the incense and resin notes were more prominent. It is a distinctive scent, not sweet or heavy. I recommend trying it, as I am sure it will register differently for each wearer.
03rd December, 2016

Emeraude Agar by Atelier Cologne

This is an excellent oud scent. Anything with the word "emeraude" (emerald) suggests green to me and I am always interested in that.
Starts with a peppery bite. The bergamot and angelica are subtle -- sometimes I find those notes too strong in some scents, but not here. The rose and geranium notes in the middle combine well with the oud -- a classic combination. Eucalyptus is a brilliant touch, brightening the scent. The oud here (perhaps with the geranium) has a bright, almost citrus-like note which is very attractive and not challenging. The base is very tasteful and the scent is dry, classy and wears well. A winner!
03rd December, 2016

Décou-Vert by Laboratorio Olfattivo

I will give it a very mild thumbs up for being green! Beginnings of lily of the valley and leaves, which by the way certainly include tomato leaf. Surprised that no one has picked up on that. At times a bit like Mugler Cologne, at times a bit like Sisley Eau de Campagne. That is the best part. Then it settles into a predictable and too-sweet and generic musk - wood chord.
03rd December, 2016
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Kashnoir by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Too sweet and not all that interesting. I got zero lavender in the top notes. Mid is some interesting spice but not identifiably coriander. Segues into some interesting resinous notes. But the finale, a heliotrope-vanilla combo, is definitely an acquired taste.
02nd December, 2016

Armani Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

A competent if somewhat generic oud-spice/floral blend. The floral notes are pleasant, but there is a wet cardboard note at the beginning which muddles them. Somewhat spicy. The dry-down is not satisfactory -- sweet, musky and cloying. The oud note is identifiable but not particularly interesting.
27th November, 2016

Baptême du Feu by Serge Lutens

I was underwhelmed by this scent. I think it could have been much more interesting. The "scorched mandarin peel" and gunpowder should have produced a smokey, mineral note like fireworks. Not really any of that. Gingerbread + osmanthus should be a tea-and-cake chord... barely that. No animalic notes that I can see, nor any wood.
The main element is the osmanthus: a green-white floral, a bit like jasmine with a peach note in the background. Oddly metallic. A slight toasted note lurked in the far edges.
Different and unusual -- sort of. But not all that intriguing.
13th November, 2016

J'Adore by Christian Dior

A pretty, cheery and subtle floral. Slightly sweet but shows good taste. Light, nothing heavy here. Cute, clean and fun. If lightly applied it sits close to the skin and indeed becomes a good, somewhat sexy skin scent for a woman.
12th November, 2016

Colonia Intensa Oud Concentrée / Colonia Oud Concentrée by Acqua di Parma

This is an attractive, accessible oud scent. All of the intrigue and mysterious exoticism, with no challenging notes. A leather-spice chord mingles with oud and is framed by a old wood foundation. The impression is of an old spice trunk which has sailed the world on a clipper ship. Rich but not sweet. Warming.
08th November, 2016

Acqua di Parma Colonia Quercia by Acqua di Parma

An unmitigated disaster, quite unworthy of the AdP name. My heart sank when my first impression was of a very brash bergamot -- a style typical many "manly" and loud scents. This was followed by a big dollop of sweet cardamom, and an odd toasted nut note. The patchouli was tangy and sweet. The tonka was vanillin and hay-like and a bit sweet. The oak moss had an unpleasant, brackish quality to it. In sum: sour, unpleasant, loud, elevator-guy. A real scrubber.
07th November, 2016

Vert Bohème by Tom Ford

This is a lovely, green, spring-like scent. The crisp galbanum is softened by a white floral heart. Not sweet or heavy. The green eventually diminishes and the scent becomes a pretty white floral. A faint hint of violet pervades. I don't get any wood.
07th November, 2016

Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules

Similar to Molecule 01, being sharp, medicinal and minimal. An even less impressive dry-down makes this quite forgettable.
30th October, 2016

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

Unimpressive venture into pure minimalism. Sharp, medicinal, smells like weak disinfectant. Perhaps if I am charitable I can imagine a slight smoky note in the dry-down.
30th October, 2016

Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules

Oh, I don't like this at all! Wet cardboard, cold green vegetable water. bleh!
30th October, 2016

Pasha Edition Noire by Cartier

I don't like this flanker as well as the regular Pasha. The regular one has interesting mint and thyme notes -- here, they are a very generic and undistinguished green melange which is a tad synthetic-fresh. The citrus notes are toned down as well. I find this a bit loud and elevator-guy.
24th October, 2016

Escentric 03 by Escentric Molecules

This review was written with no prior knowledge of the alleged notes. Citrus, seems to be a very grapefruit sort of note. First white grapefruit, then pink. The white aspect has a sort of metallic sharpness, whereas the pink verges into or combines with rose.
> So I see ginger, lime and jasmine are the notes. Well, I would not have guessed that. The citrus note is super-persistant. It must be carefully engineered to last that long. It is like a simple and strong concept of citrus.
24th October, 2016

Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules

This review is written with no prior knowledge of the alleged notes.
Crisp and citrus-y, with a kind of soapy background. Pleasant, clean, simple. Dry-down develops a mineral, pencil-lead aspect (very slight). Subtle, close to the skin.
> Now I am surprised to see mastic and incense listed as notes. Well, I do not really detect them -- so if you are looking for those notes and like them, you won't really find them here in any prominent way.
24th October, 2016

Pasha by Cartier

How has this very nice aromatic fougere escaped my notice until now? It has a lovely green herb and mint opening, with hints of camphor/lavender. There is a sustained peppery spice note from the coriander. Dry and airy, with a hint of rich sweetness from the rosewood. The thyme note develops and becomes somewhat earthy and herbal, but it is always balanced the freshness of the mint and lavender and the dryness of the spice. Slight mossy dry-down. Widely available, good quality -- a no-brainer for class!
23rd October, 2016

Marte Red Planet by Battistoni

A very brash scent, quite down-market in style. Loud bergamot and aggressive mint. Green, aromatic and herbal -- but pretty synth versions of those items. Faint wood. Shallow and metallic. Nothing to recommend.
21st October, 2016

Dot by Comme des Garçons

A fruity floral. Green, with a vague resin and wood chord. Low-key, sits close to the skin. Ok, but poor longevity. An unremarkable offering from a usually distinctive house.
21st October, 2016

Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums

Buttery, sugary, vanilla. Like a freshly-baked cookie. Not my style but many like this sort of thing. Smells nice, just not anything I would like to wear or smell on someone. In a kitchen from the oven, yes. Some herbal notes do appear after a while.
16th October, 2016