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    Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal

    Notes: bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit, key lime, verbena, peppermint, basil, patchouli, oakmoss, with hints of jasmine and vetiver.
    I'm amazed at how much I dislike this scent! It has a very, very sour and unpleasant dry-down on my skin. I attribute that to the particular combination of patchouli and oakmoss. It is awful.
    The scent starts in a promising way, with good citrus notes. The herbs are lamentably brief. Then a brackish brown twang settles in and I just can't stand it.

    27th July, 2011


    Bandit by Robert Piguet

    This is interesting in an old-school, classy aromatic way. The floral notes are attractive, rich and heady. There are sophisticated spices and hints of leather to add intriguing notes. The scent reminds me of Trussardi (White), with its cream florals, spices and leathers. Probably Trussardi copied this original. The scent is not too sweet, a man certainly could wear it. The spices are complex, mysterious and dark. Yet there is also a cool, clear aspect which I associate with clove and which gives a masculine, barbershop aspect. Carnation adds another dimension to the clove. I'll reiterate: this is not a sweet scent. The dry-down is dry, spicy, slightly dirty... and quite intriguing. The musk and patchouli are (thankfully) restrained.

    26th July, 2011


    The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

    Don't get any lavender or fennel. This meteor hits the surface with a vanilla impact. So sweet it is candied. So simple it is boring. Sweetly spicy, gives me a headache. A very uninspired oriental.

    22nd July, 2011


    Givenchy Play Intense by Givenchy

    Yeah, a bit more "intense" than the regular Play. Is it any better? No.
    This is a bit more woody, and the wood (at times) gives a slightly vanilla note, like old oak casks for wine. A fuller, rounder version of Play. No less sweet, and I like it less due to the quasi vanilla aspect.
    Kind of reminds me of warm apple pie on a wooden plank.

    20th July, 2011


    Givenchy Play by Givenchy

    Starts as aromatic, a bit sweet and somewhat synthetic/budget smelling.
    Some of the sweetness burns off quickly and we have a functional, mildly spicy-aromatic scent. Has a vague, sort of generic appeal but nothing particularly noteworthy here. A somewhat odd, (or out of context) freshly-baked bread note.
    Nothing wretched here so I give it a neutral.

    20th July, 2011


    Night Scented Stock by Penhaligon's

    A lovely floral feminine scent. Some good spicy notes in the beginning. Very sweet and pretty, a blend of many floral notes. Quite weighty in character but natural smelling. Not cloying. The dry-down is interesting, some woody and earthy notes there. The vanilla and patchouli are restrained, not foreground. Not my style but I can appreciate it.

    19th July, 2011


    Chloé (new) by Chloé

    This is a very pretty and young-oriented floral. It has various soft flower notes, no one stands out for me. It is sweet but not obnoxious or heavy.

    18th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 21st August, 2011)


    Bosque by Humiecki & Graef

    This is a real nature scent. It starts with good citrus notes. These are followed by a lovely grass/meadow which is distinctive and persistent. The chord has a kind of minty aspect, and also a dusky tone which may be from the saffron. The buffalo grass melds into grassy vetiver. Hay - mint - grass, with a toasted nut edge. At times there are floral notes but these are not overdone. Sometimes there is a bit of a powdery note, but it is not sweet or heavy -- in fact the mint sort of note freshens it. I appreciate this scent for being intriguing and different from so many scents.

    18th July, 2011


    Chloé Eau de Parfum Intense by Chloé

    In comparison with the new EdT version of Chloe, this is not as sweet or floral. I'd say therefore that it is not "intense", actually it is more sheer and low-key than the EdT. There are some wood tones, and the rose note has a modest profile. There is also a hint of peppery spice. I get a metallic/ peach-skin note at the end, perhaps a synthetic note.

    18th July, 2011


    Love by By Kilian

    Soooooooo sweet and cutsey. Like a caramel candy left in the sun, all oozy and smooshy. I get a headache smelling it and even thinking about it. Wretched stuff.

    18th July, 2011


    Liaisons Dangereuses by By Kilian

    Quite sweet but has a bright quality which is attractive. Airy, a bit fruity like the gritty skin of pears. Also get the peaches which some have mentioned, in particular the fuzzy skin of peaches. Fruit skin seems to be the key here. Metallic and a bit nutty at times (almonds). Not at all my style. Not floral as far as I can tell. Seems too sunny and innocent to be a truly dangerous liaison.

    18th July, 2011


    Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme by Nicolaï

    I like this scent, and that surprised me because usually I am not a fan of patchouli. Some have said that this is a scent for non-fans of patchouli, I guess that is true for me.
    Like others, I find this to be an old-school scent, and I find it very charming and classy. The strong opening of lavender is attractive. Spicy green herbal notes take centre stage, and for me they remain at the centre.
    In fact, I think the strength of this scent is the dominant laurel or bay leaf note. Some have commented on the barbershop aspect, and the bay rhum chord certainly is well represented.
    The scent is powerful but not oppressive; hints at sweetness and richness but actually is very dry. The patchouli is very restrained and elegant. The vanilla is so much in the background that I can approve of it.
    Those who like CdG Laurel or Profumum's Victrix should check this out for the laurel note. Another great green dusky/earthy scent -- it is quite compelling.

    16th July, 2011


    Gardenia by Penhaligon's

    This is a very pretty, feminine floral. The opening is clean and clear, with soft blossoms balanced by a somewhat brisk, green-soapy quality. Gradually the notes deepen and become even softer and rounder -- that crisp edge goes away. The scent still is not too sweet. There are hints of spice. The base develops more power under the intensifying influence of benzoin. There is light musk, but also a kind of aquatic-beachy note.
    There are many flowers here, blended very well. It is difficult for me, a non-specialist in floral notes, to pick them out. The overall effect is lovely, Not at all my style but I can appreciate it.

    13th July, 2011


    John Varvatos 10th Anniversary Fragrance by John Varvatos

    This is a not a bad scent, but I feel it suffers from being too sweet. There is a little bit of citrus at the opening, and it quickly becomes spicy and fairly sweet. The scent smells nice, with hints of wood and leather. It is very smooth in style. The dry-down gets sweeter and sweeter, and vanilla-like notes emerge. Quickly I lose interest.
    In my opinion, Tommy Bahama for Men is a far more satisfying spicy-wood warm style of scent. It is drier and doesn't get tiresome.

    12th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 17th August, 2011)


    Cuir / Cuir de Russie by Piver

    Well, I don't get a birch note and I don't get a leather note.
    What I do get is a very -- very -- sweet, powdery fragrance. Aromatic at first, develops a tinny/metallic twang.
    Certainly does not ring my chimes.
    This is the vintage version: Cuir de Russie.

    12th July, 2011


    Lavender (new) by Crabtree & Evelyn

    Lavender + violet, tonka bean, musk

    Do not be misinformed by sales associates -- this is not simply a repackaging of the old reliable Lavender Water (1970); rather, it is a reformulation. The old LW was simple but delightful. It accurately conveyed a very realistic herbal lavender.
    This is something different, and in my opinion it is far less interesting. The opening notes suggest that the same lavender oils continue to be used. Very quickly though, the scent becomes much softer and rounder than the previous version. The lavender becomes sidelined by hints of violet flowers and a light musk. What results is a pleasant, subtle, "second-skin" type of fragrance. It is not heavily sweet nor excessively floral.
    Some may like this, but I mourn the loss of the previous version, which had a natural vitality and a bracing austerity. This does not.

    11th July, 2011


    Zegna Colonia by Ermenegildo Zegna

    I'm very disappointed in this scent. This nowhere near Essenza di Zegna, which is an excellent scent.
    Colonia has a brief floral-spice opening. Very quickly, it settles into a very synthetic-smelling, stale and metallic musk scent. Where is the neroli? Where is the green galbanum? Nowhere to be found. I find it quite unattractive. It is certainly not a classic cologne in style. Bah.

    10th July, 2011


    Boss Orange Man by Hugo Boss

    I don't find this repulsive or offensive. I simply don't think this is a particularly interesting scent.
    It is sweet and spicy. I can't pick out the apple, or the frankincense, nor any wood to speak of.
    It is smooth. If lightly applied I guess it is tolerable (if you like sweet scents) but it certainly has nothing particular going for it.
    Seems a bit cheap and loud in the final analysis.

    10th July, 2011


    A Scent by Issey Miyake

    This starts as a very pretty, floral-green scent. The jasmine and hyacinth are rendered accurately, and they are framed by green herbal notes from the verbena and the galbanum. If the scent was a bit edgier (rather than soft) and a bit less floral I'd be quite interested. The dry-down is less attractive, basically a synthetic moss/musk combo which seems quite uninspired.

    09th July, 2011


    Do Son by Diptyque

    This is a lovely scent: it is floral and very pretty. It isn't my style but I appreciate it.
    I applied a very small amount and found a powerful, attractive floral scent. It is really quite beautiful, a bouquet of heady white flowers. There is also a very pleasant chord of green - wood - earth, and this is compelling in a quiet way. The scent is sweet, but in small amounts it retains a translucent quality -- it isn't heavy or cloying.

    08th July, 2011


    Trèfle Pur by Atelier Cologne

    There are two aspects to my assessment: the scent itself (good) and the concept/name (misleading). Hence, I have a neutral vote.
    The scent itself is lovely: it is essentially a neroli-moss scent. The orange blossom notes are very well done. They convey orange zest, tree bark, floral notes... everything a person would want. There are mere hints of light herbs and greens. The scent deepens with spice and moss notes. The dry-down is mossy, gentle, classy, and very pleasing. The scent is not particularly original or distinctive, but it is very pleasant.
    However, I feel that the scent has a misleading name. Trefle means clover or shamrock in French. So when I see a scent titled, "Pure Clover" I expect a very green scent, with crunchy-leafy notes. Penhaligon's English Fern has moss and clover, and has that aspect. Diptyque's Eau de Lierre has an ivy note rather than clover but is the best example of the style of scent I feel this name implies. Particularly since Atelier has another orange blossom scent (Grand Neroli) I wonder why the theme is repeated so evidently here.
    In summary, the scent in and of itself is good; however, the name suggest something far greener than what I find.

    07th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 14th July, 2011)


    Clean Shower Fresh by Clean

    I knew this was lily of the valley even before I read about the notes.
    It evokes the powerful scent of those delicate little flowers very well.
    It has a straightforward focus on that flower, with a little bit of green notes and some wood.
    The scent is pretty but not excessively sweet, and quite charming. Good longevity.

    07th July, 2011


    Skarb by Humiecki & Graef

    revised review
    Notes from H&G site: lovage, absinth, Roman chamomile, barley extract, frankincense, myrrh, musk
    This is a a green, hay-like scent. It is dusky, dry, cool, with notes of chamomile and mint. There is a bit of toasted grain from the barley. I don't find anything weird or unpleasant here. A small amount of conifer from the frankincense. Pleasant in the middle section. Gets a little bit sweet in the dry-down, but not problematic or heavy.
    Perhaps not outstanding but worth checking out for green fans.
    --- First review below:
    I see that this scent has generated some quite negative reviews. I like it, and I’ll explain why. First, I like green scents and for me this definitely has lots of green notes. Second, I have a quirky affection for medicinal scents, and this one (by design) has notes of a medicinal sort. Third, despite some traces of sweetness I don’t really find this to be a sweet scent – it is not heavy or ‘thick’. And fourth, the dry-down seems really attractive and satisfying to me.
    Some of the controversy may be due to the ingredients. These are distinctive and may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But in my opinion the scent presents the notes faithfully and well. If some people don’t like the scent then it may simply be that these particular notes don’t suit the person. The same could be said of vanilla to my taste – I can’t stand the stuff.
    The barley extract and chamomile probably are responsible for the somewhat sweet, hay-mint note. The absinthe (wormwood) contributes a bitter, powerfully pungent and herbaceous note which is medicinal. The myrtle has its typical spicy-peppery green note. Researching lovage, I see that it is like a combination of celery leaf, angelica and oakmoss. Those notes are exactly what I find here. The myrrh is very soft and contributes a somewhat soapy aspect.
    Some have complained that the scent is linear – that it is all up-front and does not develop. I don’t find that to be the case. I see a subtle development, from a rather substantial dusky-green scent to one of a gentle, mossy sort. I would say this is a scent for green lovers primarily. Others may find it a bit unusual – I like it a lot.

    04th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 15th November, 2014)


    Deep Forest by Bogner

    I will register a "neutral" on this and explain my rationale. There is no intrinsic problem with what this scent presents -- it is pleasant, even attractive. My reservation is with the name / product match, which is more of a disconnect in my opinion. A scent with the name "forest" should ideally be coniferous, preferably woody, and certainly green in tone. It is none of these. The closest this comes to anything forest-y is the moss, which admittedly is rather nice. But Coneheads, please note: this should not be a holy grail scent. It simply isn't worth a major expedition to snag one.
    The citrus opening is very brief. There are lovely mossy notes which appear quickly. The main element in this scent is a pleasant spice, mostly nutmeg. The character of the scent is robust but not macho, having a discreet 80's-90's vibe. For the most part, the spice is dry. As the scent progresses, it picks up some resinous notes from some sort of incense. The dry-down is a bit sweeter, as the musk kicks in.
    Ultimately, this is a spice-musk scent. Brown in tone, not green. A vague allusion to forest through the moss. Pleasant, but not a Conehead's delight.

    14th June, 2011


    Dover Street Market by Comme des Garçons

    I like it. I agree with the assessment below that Dover Street is a good entry-level offering by CdG into their incense style. It is not as bold as Hinoki nor does it make such distinctive statements as the Incense Series scents. This is an office-friendly, casual sort of scent and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    The scent is bright, sprightly, and energizing. Citrus-pepper opening notes give way to nutty-woody spice (coriander) and good hints of resinous incense. The tangy juniper does give a gin-like note. Generally, the notes are smoothly blended. The dry-down has lovely incense and wood notes... in a light, translucent style. Its restraint and casual charm make this rather classy, in my opinion. Suitable for any occasion, any weather.

    12th May, 2011


    New York by Nicolaï

    Looking at my review of Carre d'As, I see some similarities: smooth, misty-cool. Perhaps that is a house style.
    I find this to be a so-so sort of scent. Nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but nothing that really grabs me. My chief reservation is that it is nowhere as green-herbal-earthy as I had been led to expect, based on some reviews. I find this to be a restrained, classy sort of scent. It has vaguely green notes and also a sort of metallic-minty freshness. At times the amber and patchouli bring a tiny bit of sweetness but this is not a heavy oriental in any way. At one point, the patchouli has a slight smoky tang which is intriguing. The drydown is a tiny bit sweet and somewhat powdery, due to the amber. I'm sure many like this with good reason -- it just isn't quite to my taste.

    11th May, 2011


    Monsieur Eau du Matin by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I endorse this for the following reasons. It is a pleasant, natural-smelling green scent. It is not expensive. It has accompanying skin care products for effortless layering.
    Admittedly, it is low-key. "Discreet" is how the advertising describes it. It sits very close to the skin and doesn't last long.
    It is a bit like Mugler Cologne but greener, leafier and lacks the vetiver note.
    Notes: bergamot, petitgrain, cedar, gaiac wood.

    04th May, 2011


    Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

    This is a pleasant, light and fresh scent. I'd say it is designed to be non-offensive and have the widest possible appeal. No notes particularly stand out, other than a light musk. The scent is not sweet, not heavy. The "marine" note is low-key, certainly not synthetic or tiresome. A pleasant no-brainer.

    18th April, 2011


    Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    My clinical assessment of this scent: "cutsey-poo."
    It has a very sweet opening which becomes slightly aromatic. The scent develops a blue, fresh, somewhat synthetic character. Powdery, vanillan, soapy, a tiny bit metallic or even rubbery. Never abandons its sweet and somewhat precious style.

    17th April, 2011


    Azure Lime by Tom Ford

    I will register a negative on this, since in my opinion it squanders an excellent opening by morphing into a sweet and somewhat synthetic musk. The lime-citrus at the beginning is very well done, and for about 10 minutes this scent promises to be a very classy and powerful old-school EdC. Then, poof, a dreary and monolithic sweet musk with vaguely ozonic aspects. Do you know the powerful dusty lemon-drop musk note of Geo. F. Trumper's Wellington? Well this scent is essentially that. But much more expensive!

    10th April, 2011

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