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    Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio

    Sweet, boring

    Too sweet, people... too sweet.

    The citrus-wood opening is the best part (the least sweet).

    The so-called "benzoin slam" gives a very sweet chime along with the musk in the mid-notes.

    Incense notes are poorly rendered and hard to find.

    Dry-down is sweet, woody with a trace of coconut. Sweet pencil shavings, that's about it.

    No moss or vetiver that I can detect.

    Unremarkable to say the least. High concept, low execution.

    Pros: attempts to render some wood notes
    Cons: nothing remarkable here"

    29 September, 2013


    Eau Dynamisante by Clarins

    Unpleasantly sweet and spicy

    If you like a very sweet, gourmand, coriander-like spice biscuit, then this is for you. I find it intensely sweet and unpleasant.

    26 September, 2013


    Caruther's Canyon Backpacker's Cologne by Juniper Ridge

    "shrubs & sap"

    This is an unconventional scent. Nothing pretty, floral, or sweet here. The notes are listed as "tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled EO's". There is a top note that is something like cumin or dried male sweat. This is brief but assertive. Then there is a minty eucalyptus, coniferous and resinous note. This has a woody foundation. There are still traces of a rubbery, terpene note, a lot like paint stripper. The scent is like walking through scrubby shrubs, getting the sap and leaf notes on you. The dry-down reminds me of Hinoki, though perhaps a bit less graceful. Not for everyone, but if you love nature in a bottle then you have to try this.

    Pros: Distinctive, nature in a bottle
    Cons: Challenging, powerful"

    11th September, 2013


    El Mono de la Tinta by Fueguia

    Excellent sandalwood

    This has a truly excellent opening: resinous, woody, complex. This is from the copaiba, which has terpene aspects. To my nose, there is only the merest hint of a very dry, woody cinnamon -- not at all an "apple-pie spice" note. The spice is subtle, not a loud 1980's spice. Indeed, the scent is dry throughout and thus very pleasing to me. The sandalwood is dry and translucent (rather than dense, as it sometimes can be). At times, there are hints of a toasted nut chord, a bit like almonds or even marzipan. On my skin, this is a very good sandalwood scent, with spice playing a minor, supporting role. Nothing gourmand here at all in my opinion. Dry, subtle, very classy.

    Pros: Subtle, classy, dry
    Cons: no downside"

    09 September, 2013


    Fumidus by Profumum

    Powerful, masculine

    Very smokey! Very peaty-earthy-rubbery! What an experience... not for the faint of heart. I found this to be a tremendously interesting, organic scent.

    While these are the attributes of some single-malt Scotch whiskeys, I don't feel this has a Scotch note per se.

    Here's an interesting aspect. On my skin, the scent quickly went to a rather pleasant dry-down of smokey birch and dry/grassy vetiver. Here, it is almost exactly like Chanel Sycomore (new version).

    On paper, the scent remained at a very smokey, ashtray stage for hours and eventually came to the pleasant stage.

    The sheer power of the first phase will be challenging to some. But it is a worthy scent for sure.

    Pros: Distinctive, assertive, bold
    Cons: may be too strong for some"

    09 September, 2013


    Chaparral by Roxana Illuminated Perfumes

    Intriguing, distinctive

    Notes: tinctured plant material, sage, frankincense, wood, oud, "california" notes.

    Very aromatic and powerful -- notes of sweetgrass, hay, herbs. The scent seems more brown than green in tone. There is a hint of something like root-beer, but it is intriguing and attractive. It develops along smoky, leathery, even slightly rubbery lines. It suggests a saddle or old gloves, a cowboy riding the range.. a masculine image. The scent doesn't stay sweet for long, and this is a natural hay sweetness rather than a sugary, syrupy, floral sweetness. It develops into an even smokier, more powerful scent, The dry-down has a beautiful incense note, frankincense and myrrh.

    Pros: Green, herbal, incense
    Cons: distinctive, takes getting used to"

    03 September, 2013


    Chant de Bois by Le Labo

    Pleasant citrus-wood

    I am commenting on the solid format of this scent. I don't get any resemblance at all to Terre D'Hermes. Chant de Bois lacks the mineral note which is characteristic of TdH.

    Starts with a fruity-citrus note, comprised of plummy bergamot and pink grapefruit. Not sweet, but definitely fruity. I find a hint of pink pepper which develops nicely. Hints of wood and (to my nose) the merest hint of patchouli (minty-earthy, well done). As a solid, the notes are slow to develop.

    03 September, 2013


    Belle du Soir by Le Labo

    Pleasant, young, feminine

    Starts off floral, a bit sweet. Green notes, and soapy-fresh. Not much neroli, more gardenia. Pleasant, feminine, yong-cheery in style. Don't get much wood. Patchouli develops an earthy-leathery aspect. Dry down is sweet, and reminiscent of a cosmetic case. Not my style, but OK.

    Pros: pretty
    Cons: dry-down is a bit fusty"

    30th August, 2013


    Quince, Mint & Moss by Union

    Pleasing green

    Notes: quince, mint, juniper berries, thyme, sage, mountain ash extract, Irish moss

    This is a lovely, cheery green scent. Very fresh due to the mint and tangy quince. Uplifiting. Settles into a superb juniper note -- suggests a cool gin cocktail. Wears very well.

    Pros: natural, mood-elevating
    Cons: no downside"

    26 August, 2013


    The Maj by House of Matriarch


    I can't claim to have much knowledge of attars, and this scent features several. Here are my impressions. This is a subtle scent, initially powerful and with a lovely drydown. There is a slight vanilla note and some sweetness in the early stages. Woody, earthy, clay-mineral (from the miti attar). Vintage and old-school because the attars were already aged prior to this scent's composition. The early stages remind me of a vintage fougere, with hay/coumarin sweetness. The later stages are drier and more woody.

    Pros: Stylish, subtle
    Cons: bit sweet/vanilla in early stage"

    26 August, 2013


    Holy Thistle by Union

    intriguing green

    Notes: Cnicus Benedictus (Holy Thistle), wild bracken, scots pine resin, sweet heather,bay leaf, juniper berry

    This is at times a lovely and distinctive green scent. At first bitter, then fresh-soapy, then reminiscent of pear or even fruit cocktail with syrup. Leafy and stalky. Hints of delicate floral from the heather. Can't detect the pine or juniper notes -- these could be more prominent. Scent is a bit sweet, and the fruity note is probably aimed at a female market. Could be drier and more resinous. The intriguingly dry resin notes are up-front, but they are quickly supplanted by the sweeter fruit notes (unfortunately, in my opinion).

    Pros: distinctive
    Cons: short on conifer, too sweet"

    23 August, 2013


    Royal by Geo F Trumper

    Old-school, acceptable

    I found this in a men's wear and accessory shop. Long discontinued, probably a 1980's left-over. Old school for sure, somewhat fusty perhaps. Slightly sweet moss, spices (cloves, nutmeg), and light wood. Pleasant and classy, but not remarkable. Because I'm a Trumper collector I bought it, but I wouldn't recommend going to extraordinary lengths to acquire it.

    Pros: classy, old-school
    Cons: not especially distinctive"

    22 August, 2013


    Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne

    kinda nice but blah

    Has a nice citrus opening which segues to a white paper and ink smell, and also white shirt. Hints of a crisp green note. Pleasant, fresh, suitable for office wear. Agree with onaluna -- where's the tea? Not to be found here. :(

    Pros: citrus, green
    Cons: nondescript"

    23 July, 2013


    Grand Néroli by Atelier Cologne

    This is pretty good. It is in two parts. The first is a well-made orange blossom scent. It has the typical citrus and light wood notes, and the typical texture of a soft but dry cushion or cloud. The second part is a mossy-woody drydown. It gets nicer and nicer as it develops, and has great longevity. The vanilla is non-existent, thankfully.
    Nothing radical or edgy here, but a good neroli scent is always welcome.

    06 May, 2013


    Wisteria by Florascent

    Floral and ambery. Green, but a bit sharp. Not much more than that -- a simple scent.

    04 May, 2013


    Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella

    The front end of this is oddly compelling -- the rubbery smell of warm tyres in the sun. The note is clear, strict, focused, quirky and fun in a strange way. There's things in the background but essentially on me that was it.
    The second half didn't please me to any great extent. A somewhat sweet, vanilla and light wood combo.

    04 May, 2013


    Lavender Palm by Tom Ford

    Competant but not exciting. Starts with a pretty good herbaceous lavender note. However, this all too quickly gets smoothed out and slightly sweet. Various floral notes emerge, nothing distinctive. The scent thankfully is not heavy. There is a slight hay-like note -- perhaps this is meant to convey a palm note (whatever that would be like). There is also a brisk, slightly metallic note, and something hard to identify (smoke? mossy wood? wet cardboard?).
    The scent seems vague and uninteresting, and certainly not worth a premium price. Lacks any verve or distinguishing features.

    30th April, 2013


    Acqua Essenziale by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Cool citrus, slightly green. Mild, fresh, hint of ozone.
    SV's version of Chanel Bleu.
    An inoffensive white-shirt scent.
    Light musk dry-down.

    15 April, 2013


    Violetta di Parma by Borsari

    This is the flagship of the Borsari line and justifiably so.
    A basic but utterly satisfying violet note -- silvery-grey with a hint of green.
    Classic, haunting, minimalist. Pared down to a pure expression of the violet note. Not sweet or heavy. Wears very well. Creates an aura of quiet mystique.

    13 April, 2013


    1902 Vetiver by Berdoues

    This is a pleasant, very inexpensive light musk cologne. Sort of EDC in style, with very mild herbal and vetiver notes. It is dirt-cheap and, as I said, pleasant. Nothing very distinctive here but at this price one doesn't expect more.
    Notes apparently are: verbena, artemesia, sage, lavender, sun flower, oak leaves, vetiver, musk.

    11th April, 2013


    Gelsomino by Borsari

    Discontinued... in a mini.... probably quite aged.
    The juice is a dark orange-pink.
    The scent leaps out of the bottle once I take the stopper off.
    It smells like a beautiful, exotic liqueur. Floral, somewhat sweet, heady.
    Rich, in the style of a peony. Some indolic-earthy notes, typical of jasmine.
    Still a lovely scent. Definitely old-school and vintage.

    10th April, 2013


    Mistral Patchouli by Atelier Cologne

    How the names for Atelier get chosen is mystifying to me. "Mistral Patchouli" suggests a dry resinous breeze on a patchouli base.
    Nope. This is essentially a grapefruit scent. Pamplemousse rose (pink grapefruit).
    It starts with a very good citrus chord, framed by some peppery spice. The scent quickly smoothes out and stays restrained. Very smooth and wearable, but not especially distinctive.
    Searchin' for patchouli? Look elsewhere.
    The scent sits very close to the skin.
    If I use my imagination I might claim there is a earthy-rootsy vetiver note at play... but I could be hallucinating.
    A pleasant but rather non-descript scent.

    07 April, 2013


    Cuoio by Borsari

    No surprises here. Old-school leather and tobacco, and quite sweet in style.
    Well made, and attractive in its simplicity. Has a patina of elegance.
    Not to my taste but it is a good scent.

    06 April, 2013


    Vétiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne

    Well, maybe I'm crazy but I expect a scent named "Vetiver Fatal" to (a) have some vetiver and (b) at least be interesting if not fatal, dangerous or edgy.
    This is a very bland scent. Some citrus and other fruits. Is there vetiver? Perhaps if I use my imagination I could detect some grassy notes... but it calls for rather hard-working exercise in imagination. The dry-down is somewhat bright and fresh. Perhaps there is a synthetic oud contributing that.
    Really, there's nothing special here to recommend or to slam.

    06 April, 2013


    Black Play by Comme des Garçons

    Well, some reviewers find the birch tar note too light.... that is not the case with me! Au contraire, for me it sent the thumb downwards.
    I liked the opening, peppery and woody, with a hint of herbs.
    But then the birch tar delivered its typical heavy, fairly sweet, smoky note. It's all I can smell, and after 30 seconds I grew very tired of it.

    05 April, 2013


    Vince Camuto for Men by Vince Camuto

    Well-constructed, basic scent of pepper, spice, mild leather, hint of vetiver. Props for being dry, powerful yet restrained, classy.

    04 April, 2013


    555 by Chabrawichi

    This is a VERY inexpensive Eau de Cologne, in the style of 4711. You can purchase it for a couple of dollars in Egypt, and even in North America it is available for under $10. It is natural in style, offering lemon, light herbs and florals, light musk. Has very limited longevity but at this price you can spritz it on all day long.

    03 April, 2013


    Acqua de Rosa Thea by Borsari

    This is a long-discontinued scent, and my review is based on a mini. I'm sure that this one has aged problematically and is a shadow of what it had once been.
    A sharp, alcohol note in the opening. However, once that burns off there is an authentic tea rose note. It is no longer fresh but it is still identifiable. There are some side-notes of a metallic and apricot kind.
    I'm sure this was a lovely scent in its prime.

    02 April, 2013


    Glicine by Borsari

    Glicine = wisteria.
    Wisteria is a heady, sweet flower. This scent is a sweet floral, but not cloying. Beautiful, with spicy notes, a bit of a mint-like freshness and a soapy-apricot roundness.

    01st April, 2013


    Vetiver by Borsari

    These scents are all old and in minis. Some, like this one, may be a past their prime. This vetiver is rootsy, woody -- typical of vetiver. It also has a slightly sour, toasted-nut note which may be the result of age. I'm sure it was excellent in the day.

    01st April, 2013

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