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Pure White Cologne / Original Cologne by Creed

This is a charming, delicate scent. I suppose it is labeled "masculine" because it is not sweetly floral and has a hint of wood (from the orange blossom). But really, it could be unisex.
Starts with lovely citrus notes. In particular, the grapefruit is realistic and distinctive. Develops some green tones building from the white grapefruit into a light galbanum and into a restrained green-pear note. Not fruity, just a hint of the latter note. Woody orange blossom. White musk and a starchy note from the rice powder.
This is of short duration, and here the flacon size is appropriate as it could be a refreshing splash -- albeit a rather expensive one.
02nd June, 2016

Sir by D.S. & Durga

A classy chypre. Despite the name, it is completely unisex in my opinion.
The rose note is apparent but does not dominate. The scent is not floral or sweet. A bit soapy at times, also salty, rubbery with a hint of leather -- all typical features of oak moss. The moss is well done, not brackish. A bit of an earthy note from the patchouli, but that note is very restrained (thankfully, since I don't like gobs of patchouli).
Thus, I think this is a very satisfactory scent.
26th May, 2016

Nero by Mazzolari

I hadn't expected to like this at all, given the notes listed. It is not sweet, and not particularly fruity. Crisp, full-bodied, and quite masculine in style (bold and aromatic). Has a crisply green note and assertive bergamot. Hints of wood and a light musk.
23rd May, 2016
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Barry Lyndon by Maria Candida Gentile

A very pleasant, good-quality and classy scent. Normally, leather and vanilla are not notes I enjoy, but here they are restrained and attractive. Starts with an aromatic, dusky, herbal chord. It develops a clean, fresh quality. That, along with the mild leather, reminds me of Chevalier D'Orsay. Lovely dry-down, a bit powdery but not problematic.
23rd May, 2016

Falling Into the Sea by Imaginary Authors

Not at all my style, but OK.
Aromatic and quite fruity from the lychee and citrus fruits. Fairly sweet. Feminine in style. Tropical concept of a fruit punch served on the beach. Mineral note from the "wet sand." Calypso music in the background...
18th May, 2016

Shangri La by Hiram Green

This is the second Hiram Green scent I've tried, and I am impressed. This is a rich, spicy chypre with an opulent floral heart. Not at all my style, but it is so well made that I can appreciate it.
Aromatic, a bit sweet and fairly rich. Floral and powdery. The spices add an interesting note. Normally, I can't stand a peach note but here it is well done and does not dominate.
Aimed at a feminine market but because it is not excessively sweet and has interesting spices, some guys might like it. A kind of leather-suede note appears in the dry-down.
17th May, 2016

Moon Bloom by Hiram Green

I can appreciate this scent even though it is not my style. The floral notes are rich and opulent, and the resins and spices are very well done and add complexity and intrigue.
I find that ylang-ylang dominates in the early going, and then buttery/fleshy tuberose takes over. I think the jasmine is overpowered by these more aggressive floral notes and thus I don't get much of it. Coconut + green notes suggest fig to me. The spices and resins remind me of MPG's Eau des Iles. And overall, this is clearly a tropical sort of scent -- something in the style that Comptoir Sud Pacifique used to do, before they sold out to the vanilla-crazed mass market.
17th May, 2016 (last edited: 16th May, 2016)

Scilly Neroli by Atkinsons

I know many good neroli scents. This is not one of them.
Competent rendering of neroli at the opening quickly gives way to a metallic and shallow note. Dry-down gets sweet, synthetic and screechy. Does not compare in any way to the old Atkinson standard-bearer for orange blossom, namely Gold Medal. That is a superb scent.
15th May, 2016

Sedona Blue by Keiko Mecheri

The generic notes listed in BN accurately convey the style of the scent.
Good citrus at the opening, followed by some aromatic notes. The scent is pleasant, clean and fresh. Ionic yes, but well done. I don't care for ionic/ozonic scents but this is inoffensive. For those who like "fresh" scents, this would be a winner. Woody dry-down with a hint of amber which is not sweet or cloying.
The notes are generic throughout, in the style of citrus or wood without presenting anything more particular.
This isn't my style of scent, but it is so well done that I will give it a mild thumbs-up.
15th May, 2016

01 / Hesperidé by Patyka

Notes: citrus notes, lavender.

Apparently Chandler Burr was of the opinion that this was a marvellous scent. I do not share that opinion.
The opening is a very strong citrus oil chord -- frankly, it bears a strong resemblance to citronella or bug spray. The scent is monolithic throughout, rather dense in style. I don't really get any lavender. Dry-down improves the scent, but it really is not worth seeking out in my opinion.
15th May, 2016

06 / Chypre by Patyka

This is a delightful chypre with a distinctive rose geranium note. Has a lemon-lime green citrus opening note. Develops an aromatic, even slightly smoky aspect along with a peppery-spice note. Definitely a chypre in style: green and mossy. Dry. The geranium develops slowly but well. A lovely and dry green rose note which works very well in this chypre. Dusky, classy, delightful scent.
13th May, 2016

Eau des Sens by Diptyque

A lovely scent, in an old-school masculine barbershop style, with amazing longevity. Starts with beautiful orange blossom, a bit soapy even at this early stage. The juniper berry is not a major element, perhaps it adds a bit of freshness and interesting depth. The soapy quality increases along with a wood note -- typical of some orange blossom. Earthy, even a bit leathery notes probably from both the orange blossom and perhaps a very restrained patchouli. Well blended and attractive, and ticking along at 10+ hours.
13th May, 2016

The Big Bad Cedar by Atkinsons

Don't know what's up with the BN fragrance notes. Here's what the Atkinson's site says:
Top: Cardamom, Clary Sage & Broom
Mid: Virginia Cedar Wood Essence
Base: Moss & Cashmeran
It would be a strange Cedar scent which had no cedar.
The juice is a pink-brown colour -- distinctive.
Gentle herbal notes and a hint of a sweet spice.
This segues into a gentle cedar wood note which is translucent and pleasing.
Hint of moss and synthetic wood accord maintain the wood note.
A pleasant, rather simple wood scent. The slight herbal frame adds interest.
01st May, 2016
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Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

Dreadful. Cheap-smelling, excessively sweet, brash, cloying.
01st May, 2016

The British Bouquet by Atkinsons

Starts with an aromatic dusky citrus note. The "malt" is evident immediately, in a toasty, fruity-fermented note. Not particularly pleasant, in my opinion. A vague green crisp leafy note, from the myrtle. No lavender.
Cool, aquatic, generic. Uninspiring, bland and slightly sweet in dry-down. Nothing to recommend it, and certainly not to warrant its high price.
26th April, 2016

The Excelsior Bouquet by Atkinsons

I like this scent. It is interesting, distinctive, very dry with no florals.
Starts with a citrus yellow grapefruit note. This combines well with the mineral-flint accord. There are hints of herbs and spices, the latter is mostly a cool pepper. This is a very subtle scent, much less bold than Terre D'Hermes. Some might complain that it is too subtle or find it a bit faint, but I appreciate it.
25th April, 2016

Night Scented Jasmine by Floris

Not my style but here is what I find.
Starts with watery-green floral notes. These are quite sweet and in a rather dense clump of various florals, hard to distinguish between them. Touch of tropical fruit? Settles into a sweet musk. A pretty, young, girly sort of scent. Fairly straight-forward and simple, a touch "in your face" but OK if you like that sort of thing.
24th April, 2016

Lavender on the Rocks by Atkinsons

I get a reverse pyramid here. Namely that the oud/wood register approximately one second after hitting my skin. They hang around for a while. A pleasant, low-key, somewhat sweet oud. Probably synthetic. After a while, some herbal notes make an appearance. I feel the lavender (despite being both "essence" and "absolute") is of rather inferior quality, and thus not particularly interesting. Gets sweeter in the dry-down.
I have often wondered what an oud/lavender scent would be like. There must be something better than this.
18th April, 2016

Carven L'Eau Intense by Carven

It isn't a disaster, but it has a note which seems synthetic to me and I find it problematic.
Points in its favour -- dry, cool, some approximation of some of the notes. Hint of ginger, bit of camphoraceous lavender, woody notes and a sort of moss in the dry-down.
Points against -- mint is synthetic, perhaps the birch also -- or at least give that sort of vibe.
A very frosty sort of scent, with more than a tinge of elevator guy.
18th April, 2016

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique pour Homme by Bottega Veneta

Dreadful. Brash, loud, elevator-guy.
Big ol' bergamot, the sign of many guy scents.
Full, nauseatingly sweet with a vanilla tinge.
Could have been a fougere in style but also has gourmand and aquatic vibes.
Yuck is an appropriate term for this early stage.
Pine? Not in anyone's wildest dreams. A somewhat acceptable generic woody dry-down. A plank. No resin.
18th April, 2016

Posh on the Green by Atkinsons

Has a crisp, citrus-lemon opening. Refreshing, the best part of the scent.
Gets an odd, dirty note.
Then an unpleasant, synthetic grassy note.
Shallow, sour, synthetic dry-down.
A travesty to the term "green."
18th April, 2016

Royal Mayfair by Creed

This is an odd duck. Looking at the notes list, it should be brilliant and exactly the sort of scent I like. I find it to be a failure.
Gin? A very vague fresh note at the beginning, quickly lost. So much for the juniper berries. The one note which comes from gin is a very pronounced coriander seed, that often being used as one of the aromatics in gin. Here it is nutty and it runs roughshod over more delicate notes.
Pine? Couldn't find any.
Roses? They are a very odd, rubbery sort of note here. It took several sprays over two days before I could identify them as roses rather than rubber. The first time I sprayed this, I thought, "car tires on wooden planks in the sun." As well, the rubbery note at times has a rather cocoa-chocolate vibe. Don't know what that is about.
Eucalyptus? Again, a vaguely cool-fresh note.
The cedar is the only thing true to form, and it appears very late in the game, several hours in.
In sum, a confusing jumble of closely-packed and odd notes, few of which seem true to form.
12th April, 2016

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

A classic but not my style.
Spicy-rich, substantial, fairly sweet and dense, heavily floral, too much vanilla for me to tolerate.
09th April, 2016

Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate by Hermès

Notes probably are: citrus, rhubarb, green notes, red berries, white musk.

Tangy citrus and berries. Am disappointed in that those notes are prominent, rather than a very tart, assertive rhubarb. Given the scent's name, I would have expected that to be front and centre. This is sweeter than I'd expect from a rhubarb-centric scent. The red berries/fruit give it a juvenile aspect, definitely a teener scent. actually, I find this to be bland and unsatisfactory.
06th April, 2016

24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract by Atkinsons

Should be better. At least this scent registers on the nose-ometer, whereas the 24 Old Bond Street regular hardly did. This has some smokey notes and the tonka note reminds me a bit of tobacco. Moderately acceptable but hardly worth seeking out.
04th April, 2016 (last edited: 03rd April, 2016)

24 Old Bond Street by Atkinsons

I think the "feminine" designation is incorrect -- it was in the men's section of my store. That being said, it is a rather weak offering. The juniper registers as a sort of fresh note. Rose - no evidence. "Oak casked whiskey" - none that I could detect.
A very attenuated, fresh scent. That's about it.
04th April, 2016 (last edited: 03rd April, 2016)

Musgo Real No. 4: Lavender by Claus Porto

A marvellously simple lavender: not sweet, herbal, quite authentic. Simplicity done well.
01st April, 2016

Sandalwood / Santal by Floris

This is a warm, beautiful sandalwood scent. Starts with rich, barbershop spices. The cloves are noteworthy -- not a note I crave but they are done well here, with a slight medicinal tang and not heavy. Subtle hints of green leaves, wood and incense add to the appeal. The sandalwood is creamy and warm. A mere hint of vanilla (another note I don't usually like) but here it adds to the overall scent. Excellent!
29th March, 2016

10 Crosby Rain Day by Derek Lam

The neroli smells more like a brash and somewhat synthetic orange note than an actual blossom. Rather like some synth bergamot notes one often encounters in male scents. Then, there is briefly a wet-pavement smell which unfortunately is more sweet than I'd expect in that sort of note. Poof, it is gone. No semblance of vetiver that I can fine. A vaguely sweet musk dry-down. Nothing remarkable here.
21st March, 2016

Armani Privé Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani

Ah, tuberose. I wondered what the note was. Now I recognize its kind of rich, fleshy tone. I got a bit of pepper in the beginning, and a mineral note as well. Not my cup of tea but it is ok, gets rather sweet in the dry-down.
13th March, 2016