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Armani Code Colonia by Giorgio Armani

This is TERRIBLE! I was expecting a classy restrained Colonia (cologne) style scent -- lemon and herbs.
This is a god-awful melange of sugar and vanilla and very brash, loud synthetic notes.
Absolutely NO redeeming features.
18th May, 2017

Platinum Collection : Bergamot by Commodity

Quite a bright, citrusy bergamot. Clean and refreshing note. Hint of tea leaves. The patchouli and vetiver are very restrained. A pleasant scent, inoffensive and kind of sunny.
18th May, 2017

Platinum Collection : Vetiver by Commodity

Smoky, somewhat leathery vetiver. Hints of incense. A bit too sweet for my taste. A bit thin in construction. But, approachable and will appeal to a mainstream market.
18th May, 2017
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Acqua di Parma Colonia Ebano by Acqua di Parma

Bergamot - check.
Elemi (green incense) - check.
Pepper - check.
Could be worse, but not my style.
Honey is a bit strong and sweet. Seems somewhat loud and brash. For an exclusive AdP I would expect something classier.
The dry-down is very in your face and would be unpleasant for more than 5 minutes.
25th April, 2017

Acqua di Parma Colonia Mirra by Acqua di Parma

WHAT a disappointment! Not an incense scent at all. A warm cookie gourmand scent, just the sort of thing I detest.
Very amber at the outset. Sweet and foody, with a warm bakery spice rack on display.
Smells a bit shrill and unpleasant.
Where is the citrus? Where is the myrrh?
After a raucous and discordant opening, it settles into a tamer spice aquatic blend that is quite uninspired.
25th April, 2017

Tsar Cologne by Van Cleef & Arpels

Not to be confused with versions earlier or later in dark green bottles. Apparently this was a limited edition and it is a bit different from the basic Tsar. I like it better.
This has an aromatic dry opening of lavender and pepper. It is quite peppery! The florals are definitely in the background. The scent has great longevity, and conveys a mood of casual elegance. Fir? Not a lot in this formulation, just hints from time to time. The dry-down is airy, dry, salty -- a well-balanced, old-school blend of moss and patchouli with a hint of leather. The moss note is commendable. It is green, aromatic, slightly soapy and coniferous -- not briny, rubbery or brackish (as some moss can be). The scent has great longevity on my skin. I enjoy its beginning and I like every aspect of it as it develops. It is crisp and formal enough to be a good daytime and work fragrance, projecting a quietly assertive confidence.
22nd April, 2017

A*Men Kryptomint by Thierry Mugler

No surprise but a disappointment. A*Men fragrances are all hyper-sweet and rich. Why did I think that mint could redeem that basic style? It does not.
The mint is very feeble, not bracing or icy. There are some vague herbal notes.
The scent doggedly settles into a dreadful synth musk that is quite headache-inducing. The tonka bean here has a vanilla tinge, to add to the torture.
Scrubber unless this sounds like your idea of fun.
09th April, 2017

Armani Eau de Cèdre by Giorgio Armani

Too sweet, a bit of a jumble of linear notes.
Very sweet opening of brash bergamot and heavy spice. So sweet, it is almost candied. An odd foody-gourmand note emerges, like a cookie. This develops into an OK synthetic suede note and a vague wood note. Cold tea... Bulgari does it better. Finally the violet leaf emerges, it is OK but not exceptional. The dry-down is a melange of foody suede with a hint of violet.
09th April, 2017

Cologne Intense Collection : Oud & Bergamot by Jo Malone

I had not expected to particularly like this, but I do.
Restraint and class are the key words here.
The bergamot is well done: crisp, citrusy, not plummy nor brash.
I don't often like bergamot but it is very well done here.
There is something crisp, white-paper in style. Reminds me a bit of Encre Noir.
Then the oud appears. Understated, yet warm and intriguing.
A simple scent, JM's usually are in that style. But, a good combination and well executed.
02nd April, 2017

Mahon Leather by Floris

I am pleasantly surprised, and happy with this scent. The reason being is that it is a close replica of the sadly discontinued Floris Vetiver. Rich, resinous, spicy with a pronounced vetiver note. The leather adds a bit more to the mix. But if you have been searching for the Floris Vetiver, give this a try.
02nd April, 2017

Uomo by Salvatore Ferragamo

Very sweet, freshly-baked sugar cookies on a warm wooden plate. Not a suitable scent for a gent.
02nd April, 2017

Laine de Verre by Serge Lutens

Sweet-ish. Fresh cool mint. With the citrus, it suggests a tall tumbler of 7-Up, ice cubes, and a sprig of mint. OK, I have smelled worse. Settles into a minty musk and light wool notes. More of a concept than a scent I would enjoy wearing.
28th March, 2017

Merry Maker by Pinrose

Surprisingly good, given all the fruit notes (which I normal don't like). A light fruit punch, not sweet. The fruit notes are subtle, not cloying, quite pleasant. The florals are discreet -- indeed, the scent overall is subdued and sits close to the skin.
25th March, 2017
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Pinrose by Pinrose

Not at all what I expected. Not really a rose-centric scent.
Quite alcohol-y at first. Then substantial clove/spice. A sharp, strong note, with a very faint hint of licorice/anise in the background.
The rose is slow to appear and is only a minor note for a while. Initially the scent is a dark green, somewhat rich and sweet spice fragrance.
Then, the rose asserts itself more. Rich and heady. Feminine market.
15th March, 2017

Wild Child by Pinrose

Not at all my style but nothing wrong with it.
Floral, sweet, young-feminine market.
A bit metallic in moments.
Could not pick out individual flowers.
Hint of buttery amber in the dry-down, but thankfully no vanilla cookie in sight.
15th March, 2017

Tambourine Dreamer by Pinrose

Fresh and springlike. Pretty and innocent. Young but not juvenile. Orange blossom and lily of the valley are well done. Not sweet though certainly floral. Very attractive. Female market.
12th March, 2017

Garden Gangster by Pinrose

This is an odd scent. It starts with a very strong green citrus and bergamot opening. Brash, almost harsh in its delivery. Reminds me of a sour lime hard candy. That moderates somewhat but not entirely, as some springtime florals emerge. The white musk is predictably sweet, soapy and generic. Kind of an odd hodgepodge of elements.
10th March, 2017

Treehouse Royal by Pinrose

I had not expected to like this. It is pretty good.
Starts with a very accurate and pleasant pear note. That combines well with a green fig note. The cassis may be cassis leaf -- I don't get a berry note. Slight florals and a mere hint of vanilla develop, but they are sidelights to the prominent and persistent fig note, which is green and crisp. Base settles into fig with a hint of grassy vetiver and moss. Admirably dry and not heavy.
10th March, 2017

Black Pepper by Comme des Garçons

This is a nice scent. I don't think it is amazing but it is pleasant. Has a dry, peppery opening. Wood notes develop, and it gets very smoky. Then, the oud asserts itself for an "old sneakers in the sun" flourish. Settles into a very safe, crowd-pleasing wood and light musk scent.
08th March, 2017

Essences Insensées by Diptyque

Sweet, floral, powdery. Spring-like, feminine market. The violet adds an interesting note to the sweeter flowers. There is a note sometimes like rubber, other times like freshly-cut grass. At times a vaguely metallic note. Not my style, but it is OK.
19th February, 2017

Cologne Indélébile by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Nice, pleasant, soapy, green.
White florals. When I tried the scent I didn't know what they were and speculation included tuberose and violet. Didn't really get narcissus and orange blossom.
05th February, 2017

L'Eau Serge Lutens by Serge Lutens

The citrus is ok. The cool is, well, cool.
But generally this is a synthetic, metallic, sharp, loud, and shrill scent. Generic, at times has a watery melon note. Avoid.
04th February, 2017

L'Eau de Paille by Serge Lutens

Paille = "straw" in French.
Agree that this is a generic style of fresh woody scent. The L'Eau series are supposed to be cool/frosty alternates to the usual rich opulent SL style. This one smells very synthetic, detergent-y, a bit metallic and quite unappealing. I like vetiver and incense, and find nothing of the sort here. I would get a headache wearing this.
04th February, 2017

Bergamotto Positano by Floris

I will only give this a neutral rating. Even though it is not my style, I could have given a slight thumbs up. But the scent style is so different from what is promised that I have to take that into account. This is not a warm breeze off the ocean. It is a cozy tea-and-cookies scent.
Starts with a green-tinged citrus note. Tea notes alternate with a marine (slightly rubbery, but pleasant) note. Then spices and a warm buttery/vanilla chord emerge and carry the scent for a while. This is foody. I don't like that style but this is OK. The vanilla is not obvious, and the scent smells like a very tasty, freshly-baked cookie. Surprisingly, some hints of the tea note and even the marine note persist. Suddenly, there is a flourish of the awaited orange blossom -- surprisingly late in the game but welcome.
Overall, a little too sweet for me. Gourmand-ish. Pleasant. The elements are good, nothing offensive here. Just not my style.
01st February, 2017

Florida Water by Murray & Lanman

Winner of the "excellent budget/drugstore fragrance" award -- in a class with Pino Silvestre and Agua de Colonia Concentrada (Alvarez Gomez). Great value and interesting scent.
Citrus. "Fizzy" note. Herbal component of bay leaf/laurel. With spices, it sits near the bay rum category but is not as bold or strong.
Masculine. Not too sweet, a bit perhaps in the initial stages. Hint of rich tobacco leaf. A gentle spice dry-down.
A basic, but also a solid citizen.
01st February, 2017

Zara for Him Silver Edition by Zara

Not my style: very sweet, full of vanilla from the get-go.
Some good spices (pepper and cardamom). Perhaps a bit of wood in the dry-down A basic "guy" scent, seems more dated than 2014. It is not wretched. Some guys like sweet and vanilla, but I can't even be neutral on it since I absolutely don't.
08th January, 2017

Comme une Evidence Homme by Yves Rocher

Soft, warm peppery spices and a faint rose note. Non-offensive, dry, quite light and translucent. Clean, pleasant, a safe bet for any public space. Peppery cedar dry-down is quite good.
01st January, 2017

Life Essence by Fendi

A good scent, in the gentle spice category. Starts with good citrus and an excellent spice blend. The coriander seed and cardamom are true to form but not heavy. In fact, the scent has a pleasant, clean, fresh quality about it. Perhaps the hint of conifer contributes to this aspect. Settles into a light woody-spice dry-down.
01st January, 2017

Vetiver by Dana

Green, grassy, straightforward vetiver. A touch soapy. IMO not quite as good as Malizia, but an acceptable bargain frag.
29th December, 2016

Bois Marocain by Tom Ford

Dry, green, very resinous and coniferous. A pleasure to wear. Hints of pepper and incense and the camphor-mint quality of conifers which brightens any mood. Woods in the dry-down. Somewhat low-key and close to the skin for a Tom Ford.
28th December, 2016