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    Violin in the Attic by For Strange Women

    An unusual, distinctive scent. It is in solid form, in beeswax. Thus it is slow to develop and has very good longevity.
    It is meant to evoke an old violin, stored in an attic for many years. Thus, it profiles some very woody notes, and the rosin one would expect in a violin. There is the strong note of linseed oil, giving this a putty sort of smell and a woodshop/industrial vibe. Attractive, a bit quirky, certainly seems uber-masculine to me. I didn't get any rose or cocoa, perhaps these simply soften the overall scent. Noble old wood, furniture, a bit monolithic in the early stages. Very much later, some lovely incense notes develop and last for a good while.

    11th February, 2014


    Love and Tears by By Kilian

    Meh... bleah.
    Has a very promising start of lovely white florals. gets a bit soapy. Pretty and sweet. Though at times earthy and apricot-like. Quickly gets cloying and tiresome, even in micro-doses.
    And there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) remarkable or interesting here.

    08 February, 2014


    Wild Plum Campground Backpacker's Cologne by Juniper Ridge

    A nice scent -- very green and woody. Similar to Siskyou, a little darker and not as dusky-"plump".
    Coniferous, invigorating. Sap and resins are here. Bit soapy, as is Siskyou.
    earthy, woody, bark, even a mineral note.

    08 February, 2014


    Mysore Sandalwood Attar by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    Very nice sandalwood: natural, woody, close to the skin, wears well.
    Clean and bright, slightly medicinal-lemony as some sandalwoods are.
    High quality.

    08 February, 2014


    Blue Encens by Comme des Garçons

    This is a superb scent, and a lovely friend has kindly gifted me with it.
    Exactly my cup of tea. Cool/warm vibe, dusky green with solid incense notes. Designed to enter and stay in my comfort zone.
    The cool is from the artemesia, which has a minty-herbal character. The warm is from the dry spices and the smoke of the incense notes. The overall effect is moire -- shimmering.
    Also there is a good mineral note -- wet stones. And true to the "blue" designation there is even a marine sort of note which is subtle and fits well into the overall scheme.
    Refreshing, comforting, introspective, subtle yet assertive.
    Very well constructed and wears well throughout the day. Haunting woody dry-down with continued cool incense. Top marks!

    06 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 28 September, 2014)


    Flower of Immortality by By Kilian

    Completely daft name. The peach note is dominant, so why not "Peach Melba" or "Sorbet a la Peche"?
    The peach is plump, juicy and appealing. However, uber-fruity scents always seem juvenile to me and I can't imagine anyone over 20 wanting to wear such a thing unless they were in a very goofy, light-hearted mood. Which, as I think of it, isn't such a bad thing...
    But back to the review. Young, girly, yet not cloyingly sweet. Some crisp aspect. Check it out and see what you think. Not in my purview but I've smelled far worse.

    06 February, 2014


    Le Poivre Rose by L'Antichambre

    This is a lovely scent. The notes listed are very similar to Raison Pure, yet the two scents are quite different.
    This does not have the minty-herbal aspect of RP. Rather, it develops the dry pepper, wood and incense notes. It suggests scrubby hills with wood and earth tones. It is more subtle than RP, and does not last quite as long. But the character is very classy and pleasing. I can particularly pick out a nice nutmeg note.
    Update -- the clary sage is very well done. The scent can be re-applied several times during the day. It has a lovely, subtle incense note in the dry-down.

    03 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 11th April, 2014)


    La Raison Pure by L'Antichambre

    The listed notes for Raison Pure are very similar to Poivre Rose -- and yet the scents are substantially different.
    Here, the emphasis is on a minty-herbal note which comes from the sage. This note is very persistent. It has a kind of soapy-fresh aspect which is pleasant and at times powerful.
    The spices are subtle and the incense likewise. The wood is a rather minor component.
    The cool mint works well with the warm spices, they contrast each other well.

    03 February, 2014


    Citrine by Olivier Durbano

    Oud, people. Oud is prominent. Hence a smokey note, hard to pin down. Almost like grillled sausage or bacon, at other times like rubber or a plastic bandage.
    Now, none of the above is bad! It is appealing if you like oud (aloewood, here as lignam vitae).
    And this combines with a languid, heady rosewood note.
    Not sweet, despite the rosewood and beeswax. But substantial.
    Very little citrus at any point, so the name is a bit confusing.

    29 January, 2014


    Siskiyou Backpacker's Cologne by Juniper Ridge

    Bright, grassy, a bit hay-like. Kind of lemony at first, in fact at times like a lemon hard candy. Then it develops a dusty-dusky herbal aspect. Powerful, slightly sweet, with a distinctive and somewhat round or "plump" character. The smell of scrubby hills. Could be more camphoraceous or coniferous. It does develop an interesting minor note of earth or mineral. Very natural, lasts about an hour.
    Update --
    Notes (from Juniper Ridge site):
    "Warm ginger, spicy cedar, driftwood, citrus, deep conifer forest, mountains and rivers without end."
    This is a distinctive scent. I should like it more. It has a rich, "plump", sort of musky quality that I can't quite identify and which I assume is the Siskiyou Cedar. It is not unpleasant, yet it doesn't fully appeal to me.
    Scent starts with a good lemon-citrus note. It quickly develops that rich note. I really struggle to describe it. It is something like fruit, perhaps tinned pineapple (tart with a metallic tang) or star fruit. But when I say "fruity" I don't mean it reminds me exactly of those fruits, rather those fruits share a weight/heft/quality with this scent. Perhaps the ginger adds to the mix.
    It settles into a light and vaguely coniferous scent. It is OK, and certainly worth a try. But this one was not bottle-worthy for me.

    21st January, 2014 (Last Edited: 29 August, 2014)


    Dia Man by Amouage

    On my skin, this is basically POWDER. Ambery, sweet powder. "Talc for the gods" as one reviewer has called it. If you like powdery scents then you will probably find this to be a very classy scent. I don't like sweet scents and after a while I find it to be cloying.
    The cistus labdanum in the top notes and the amber in the base frame the scent solidly in amber. For me, the amber dominates at the expense of the other more interesting notes. I get no citrus, little spice. The florals are squished into a narrow sweet range. The dry-down develops a few leathery and woody notes.

    21st January, 2014


    Prada Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada

    A complete and utter waste of time.
    Sweet. Uber-sweet.
    Extremely irritating.
    A scrubber.

    04 December, 2013


    Bottega Veneta Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta

    Woody, sweet, simple, a bit thick.
    Perhaps a slight metallic tinge.
    Smells inexpensive and generic.

    03 December, 2013


    Tzora by Anat Fritz

    A pleasant scent. For me it is not as distinctive, flinty or interesting as Terre D'Hermes.
    The main similarity is in the opening, which is a dry peppery citrus. This is very nice, and very dry.
    The scent moves to its second phase. At times like paper, other times a floral - celery leaf - baked bread note.
    The dry down is light and mossy. There is a slightly earthy note due to the vetiver.
    Overall, pleasant and classy.

    29 November, 2013


    Arso by Profumum

    Given the price, I am neutral on it.
    It is wood. Good wood, to be sure. But for me, it is simply wood and not much else.
    The wood is pleasing. It reminds me of bark, with a rough texture.
    Simple, outdoorsy, natural, and beautiful.
    But I don't get much (if any) coniferous notes, or incense.
    So after a while the wood seems monolithic to me.
    I think it could be more interesting.

    28 November, 2013


    Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano

    An interesting scent. Basically a smoky wood scent, with strong rubbery oud notes.
    Starts with a dark green element and some piney incense. Unfortunately, these are brief.
    It quickly settles into a rubbery-smoky scent. Interesting, quite intriguing.
    The dry-down is cool/metallic, herbal-minty, and a bit earthy -- typical of a good patchouli.
    And that dry-down is pleasant.
    Not a Conehead delight, and not enough incense.
    But pretty good.

    25 November, 2013


    Sous le toit de Paris by Atelier Cologne

    This is a pleasant, pretty scent. Nothing ground-breaking here, but nothing problematic.
    Starts with a hint of candied orange peel. Nice, too brief.
    Then some silvery violet leaf. Again, too brief... and a bit of a disappointment since this is proclaimed as a violet scent. Could be more interesting here.
    It settles into a light, slightly soapy-clean scent, with light musk and the merest hint of a leather note.
    Very safe, non-controversial. Suitable for office wear.
    Unisex, but some guys might find it a bit soft, pretty and sweet.
    Sits close to the skin.

    25 November, 2013


    Eau Mohéli by Diptyque

    Floral, a bit sweet. Reminds me of green jasmine tea.
    Develops a metallic, slightly cool aspect.
    Benzoin and patchouli are evident.
    Doesn't do much with the ylang-ylang.
    Dry-down is a light, inoffensive musk. Has sweet and slightly buttery aspects.
    Not remarkable, not complex.

    07 November, 2013


    Eau de Mandarine Ambrée by Hermès

    acceptable fruit goes south

    Starts with a crisp, realistic mandarine orange note. Pleasant.

    There may be passion fruit lurking underneath but I can't detect it.

    At this point the scent is not sweet and is refreshing and light.

    Then the amber kicks in. Not heavy or cloying, but odd. Sometimes a bit metallic, other times sort of toasted-wheat, like whole wheat cereal left soaking in milk for too long. Blah.

    Pros: nice orange notes
    Cons: odd amber"

    22 October, 2013


    Cristalle Eau Verte by Chanel

    Stale celery leaves

    Well if you like musty old celery leaves then this definitely is for you. Tired and unappealing.

    05 October, 2013


    Cristalle Eau de Toilette by Chanel

    Not all it is cracked up to be

    Something here didn't sit well on my skin. Quickly developed a tiresome, sad buttery note. Dense and unappealing. Synthetic peaches?

    05 October, 2013


    parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Tar by Comme des Garçons

    An interesting experiment

    This is a very interesting and complex scent. It has three stages.

    First, there is a clean, industrial, plastic-y bright stage. Like a plastic doll, left in the sun. Definitely some tar notes, but not the warm smell of freshly-poured road asphalt, more like well-aged or well-tempered old tar. An old industrial site... whiff of a metal ashtray... yet attractive, interesting and wearable. Not my style but I am intrigued. Then a great pyrogenic/flinty note develops. The reviewer who mentioned "old concrete basement" really captured this. Old, but clean -- not musty or moldy. Thus, this stage is high-concept and well done.

    The second phase stalls. It gets a bit sweet and tiresome. I wonder if the scent is losing its edgy nerve. It gets dense, like plasticine.

    Then, a third stage appears! A woody incense! Quite a surprise, given what has gone before. Though, in thinking of the CdG line, that really is their signature or house style. This is very nice and has good longevity.

    Overall, a very interesting scent. Try it, don't be put off by the synthetic aspect. :coolold:

    Pros: The synthetic notes work well
    Cons: Stalls but recovers"

    29 September, 2013


    Vetiver Racinettes by Ayala Moriel


    This is an outstanding scent. It does two things well.

    First, it gives a very unique vibe at the beginning. It is spicy, dusty, "ancient". It is like the interior chamber of an Egyptian pyramid -- very evocative. The mitti gives it these aspects, with earthy, clay notes. The mushrooms give more earthy, slightly sweet forest-floor aspects. And the hint of a very deep, rooty vetiver can be found here. Thus, this stage is so distinctive and completely intriguing.

    Then, the vetivers of various kinds emerge. Earthy notes combine with grassy and even lemony notes. This stage is a vetiver fan's delight. Many-layered and completely satisfying. I find that fine vetiver scents have a real comfort aura, and this one certainly has that.

    Powerful at first, and then very classy at the end.

    Try it!

    Pros: Unique, beautiful
    Cons: The earthy note will challenge some"

    29 September, 2013


    Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studio

    Not much incense

    I have to disagree with the opinions below. I don't find this to be a very incense-y scent, and certainly not anything remarkable.

    It has a very green, dry opening. The incense (such as it is) is largely myrrh, and seems to be the soapy-sweet variety of that rather than the haunting earthy kind.

    There are woody notes and labdanum.

    Hints of an earthy-minty patchouli and a rich, slightly buttery orris.

    Nothing suggesting the quiet tones of a church or temple here -- nothing.

    Thankfully the vanilla is not noticeable.

    The drydown has a somewhat irritating detergent-laundry note, slightly sweet. Perhaps a dusky note contribution from the angelica.

    Pros: Green, pleasant
    Cons: Bit sweet"

    29 September, 2013


    Flash Back by Olfactive Studio

    Pleasant, dry peppery-fruit

    This is not much like the sublime Terre D'Hermes.

    Main similarity is the peppery-citrus opening. However, it lacks the marvelous flinty note of TdH.

    Here, the citrus notes are plumper, rounder, very juicy.

    Then, the granny smith apple note kicks in. I have to admit it is well done and very realistic.

    But I have some reservations about a juicy apple note in a scent -- seems very young and like something you'd find in a Bath and Body Works store.

    Dry-down is a bit sweet and fruity, very young and cheery.

    Give this to your 10 year old niece. Save Terre D'Hermes for yourself. :coolold:

    Pros: notes are well done
    Cons: apple gives very young vibe"

    29 September, 2013


    Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio

    Sweet, boring

    Too sweet, people... too sweet.

    The citrus-wood opening is the best part (the least sweet).

    The so-called "benzoin slam" gives a very sweet chime along with the musk in the mid-notes.

    Incense notes are poorly rendered and hard to find.

    Dry-down is sweet, woody with a trace of coconut. Sweet pencil shavings, that's about it.

    No moss or vetiver that I can detect.

    Unremarkable to say the least. High concept, low execution.

    Pros: attempts to render some wood notes
    Cons: nothing remarkable here"

    29 September, 2013


    Eau Dynamisante by Clarins

    Unpleasantly sweet and spicy

    If you like a very sweet, gourmand, coriander-like spice biscuit, then this is for you. I find it intensely sweet and unpleasant.

    26 September, 2013


    Caruther's Canyon Backpacker's Cologne by Juniper Ridge

    "shrubs & sap"

    This is an unconventional scent. Nothing pretty, floral, or sweet here. The notes are listed as "tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled EO's". There is a top note that is something like cumin or dried male sweat. This is brief but assertive. Then there is a minty eucalyptus, coniferous and resinous note. This has a woody foundation. There are still traces of a rubbery, terpene note, a lot like paint stripper. The scent is like walking through scrubby shrubs, getting the sap and leaf notes on you. The dry-down reminds me of Hinoki, though perhaps a bit less graceful. Not for everyone, but if you love nature in a bottle then you have to try this.

    Pros: Distinctive, nature in a bottle
    Cons: Challenging, powerful"</p>

    Update -- the woodiest of the ones I've sampled. More wood, less resin or conifer than the others. Rough, textured bark is suggested.

    11th September, 2013 (Last Edited: 25 August, 2014)


    El Mono de la Tinta by Fueguia

    Excellent sandalwood

    This has a truly excellent opening: resinous, woody, complex. This is from the copaiba, which has terpene aspects. To my nose, there is only the merest hint of a very dry, woody cinnamon -- not at all an "apple-pie spice" note. The spice is subtle, not a loud 1980's spice. Indeed, the scent is dry throughout and thus very pleasing to me. The sandalwood is dry and translucent (rather than dense, as it sometimes can be). At times, there are hints of a toasted nut chord, a bit like almonds or even marzipan. On my skin, this is a very good sandalwood scent, with spice playing a minor, supporting role. Nothing gourmand here at all in my opinion. Dry, subtle, very classy.

    Pros: Subtle, classy, dry
    Cons: no downside"

    09 September, 2013


    Fumidus by Profumum

    Powerful, masculine

    Very smokey! Very peaty-earthy-rubbery! What an experience... not for the faint of heart. I found this to be a tremendously interesting, organic scent.

    While these are the attributes of some single-malt Scotch whiskeys, I don't feel this has a Scotch note per se.

    Here's an interesting aspect. On my skin, the scent quickly went to a rather pleasant dry-down of smokey birch and dry/grassy vetiver. Here, it is almost exactly like Chanel Sycomore (new version).

    On paper, the scent remained at a very smokey, ashtray stage for hours and eventually came to the pleasant stage.

    The sheer power of the first phase will be challenging to some. But it is a worthy scent for sure.

    Pros: Distinctive, assertive, bold
    Cons: may be too strong for some"

    09 September, 2013

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