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Lalique pour Homme Equus by Lalique

I found Equus after a long and arduous search for a new signature scent I could wear every day. In the past, I have gone for extremely clean, citrussy scents (Bulgari, Byredo's Fantastic Man) but I wanted something longer-lasting and slightly warmer this time.

Equus is still very clean, but it is also comforting and warm, but not exactly sweet. It's elegant, timeless and - what's important to me - not so well-known that it's instantly recognizable. Having skin that usually "eats up" fragrances very quickly, I'm impressed by its longevity and it's especially good on hair and fabric.

Oh, and the pricing is all right too - an important factor for a fragrance that you actually want to use liberally every day. I am very happy with this at the moment. ;-)
31st March, 2011

D&G Le Bateleur 1 by Dolce & Gabbana

Got this one today after immediately liking it when I smelled it. Gave it a chance to mature for a while and I do like the way it develops from a really simple and fresh scent, via some aquatic notes towards a slightly more mellow but still freshly laundered quality. I love "clean" smells and this is definitely one of them. Nice work!
04th September, 2009

Sunday Cologne / Fantastic Man by Byredo

I discovered this in Munich last week and it was actually recommended to me by the salesperson - usually not a good sign, but this time she was spot on - apparently this is exactly the fragrance I had been looking for. It's classic yet memorable, fresh yet warm and even though it says "Cologne" on the bottle, it has quite a lot of staying power (which is unusual for my skin). I adore the clean and no-nonsense quality of the scent, which is uplifting and sophisticated. This fragrance doesn't go for a cheap thrill (wouldn't be appropriate at this kind of price) but convinces with sophistication and style. It is rather pricy, but exclusivity rarely comes cheap. -- Very very nice indeed!
03rd August, 2009
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