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Zirh Ikon by Zirh

Good stuff although it smells like grasshoppers in green grass. It's not your average everyday scent..or special event scent .. somewhere in the middle perhaps. It does smell good, though.
25th July, 2008

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Very nice stuff....especially from the first whiff. .. however i found myself getting tired of it after a couple of wearings.. reminded me too much of a drugstore men's deoderant scent or something a high school guy might wear. .nothing wrong with that, but i tend to prefer the more classic/mature frags.
25th July, 2008

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

First of all, I do like to think of myself as very masculine, but in a modern sense, however. My style is very classic with a hint of trendiness. I'm a 28 year old banker, married, and my first child on the way. This is a very risky frag. I do admit, but if you have confidence enough to wear this, I think you're fine. The thing that appeals to me, although it's not the typical manly scent by no means, is just's different. And it smells simply wonderful. I would suggest for a man not to wear too much, but I think it's a nice and subtle change from what you'd otherwise expect. My wife loves it. It's simple and cheap. I have used many Creed's in the past, and while they look like trophies on our dresser, I may keep this one in the drawer. If you want something different and don't want to pay a ton, get this stuff. It smells so good.
07th May, 2007
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Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

Tabarome is certainly a scent from Creed in my opinion. I am a 28 year old banker and while TM is not a very "pretty" or young fragrance, it does indeed have it's place. If you're looking for a more modern/unisex scent, try SMW or MI...which are both truly amazing. I have worn both of them and currently wear GIT. I must say, however, that Tabarome is the only Creed that girls have not only complimented me, such as with the latter I just mentioned, but all compliments I recieved from TM have been alot more profound...such as one attractive co-worker saying "Now, I REALLY like that one." I think this is because it exudes more masculinity than some of the others. I like the always classic GIT as my main everyday scent, but choose Tabarome as my more dressed sophisticated frag. Anytime you have a strong tobacco scent such as this, that's what it's aiming for anyway. ...not "pretty" but "class."
25th April, 2007

Hamptons by Bond No. 9

This stuff is truly intoxicating. I've always been a big fan of Silver Mountain Water and while I do notice the similarities, Hamptons seems to be stronger and more masculine. SMW seems a little soft for some reason. I love it but had had comments that I smelled like a girl with it. lol. To me Hamptons is a bit more standout-ish. You can definitely notice it's actual parfum as's strong. It seems to me to a be a more updated, crisper, and dry fragrance that has many notes of SMW. I know Bond No. 9 has been compared to Creed, but hey, why not start with them and make changes/improvements from there...Creed's one of the best.
19th March, 2007

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

I have been a Creed fan for about 5 years and of course still am. However, after sampling this new fragrance, it really had something that I like. As mentioned, it's very masculine in a very handsome way. It has alot of "presence" to it....sort of a smouldering sweetness. As the Burberry description says, it does indeed seem timeless and classic...the way the tobacco, pepper, cinnamon, and liquor play together is truly intriguing. This is not a fruity summer scent by no means, and while it may be better suited for cooler weather, the right who doesn't necessarily care anyway but simply uses this as his signature frag. can definitely pull this off in the summer. It's kind of odd that I would say this knowing that Cary Grant wore the likes of Green Irish Tweed and Acqua Di Parma, it honestly reminds me of something that he would have least in his early days of The Philadelphia Story...back when a man was a man...a gentleman. It's a very smouldering fragrance. While this is EDT, I do think the Creeds last a little longer, but hey, just apply another squirt or two this stuff as it's fairly strong anyway.
11th March, 2007