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Escada Moon Sparkle by Escada

i bought this purely because someone told me that it smelled like skittles. once i opened the bottle and spritzed it, i smelled a very sweet fruity floral fragrance, but it wasn't "skittle-y" at all to me. i love it, but it disappears almost immediately (unless you spray it on your clothes).

the opening notes are strawberry, blackcurrant, citrus, & red fruits; middle notes are sweet pea, freesia, rose, & jasmine; base notes are raspberry sandalwood, musk, & amber.

raspberry is very prominent throughout the entire life of the scent.

i give this a neutral rating purely because the fragrance is so short lived.
04th February, 2009

Brit by Burberry

i smelled it in the bottle and was enchanted, so i immediately sprayed it all over me (bad idea?) and within a few seconds of it reacting with my skin i felt i was going to be sick. my first thought was to shower it off and change my clothes, however i was nowhere near a shower or a change of clothes. i suppose this was a good thing because after about ten minutes of wearing it, burberry brit turned into the most amazing fragrance! so soft and feminine! i sometimes have odd perfume experiences depending on my hormone levels (i'm sure all women do) so i'm willing to try it again. if i still have an unpleasant experience with the topnotes, i may end up buying a small bottle anyway...the drydown was way worth the torture of the first few minutes.
26th February, 2007

Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez

yes, j-lo's name and raunchy image turned me off to this at first, but when i sniffed the sample in a magazine, i decided to try it. plus the gorgeous bottle was hard to pass up. it's so fruity and bubbly that it instantaneously brightens my mood when applied.
30th January, 2007
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Princess by Vera Wang

soft scent with great staying power (which is important in swealtering texas) very feminine and sweet (but not sacharine-sweet) i feel prettier just from smelling it!
24th January, 2007

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

i adore this fragrance while seemingly everyone hates it. it's young and sexy and easy on the nose, unlike some heavier men's scents.
24th January, 2007

Amor Amor by Cacharel

such a youthful, tropical perfume! but i admit that i love this fragrance for more than its scent. my parents went on a velentine's day cruise in 2006 and my father bought this perfume for me at port the day before he died (he died feb. 14th in cozumel, mexico). i only wear it on special occasions or when i need luck. it makes me feel as if my dad is watching over me.
24th January, 2007

Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

when i sampled this on myself when it first came out, i loved it. i asked to smell it at a fragrance outlet, and the clerk sprayed it on paper and it was the most rancid thing i've ever smelled. i'm new to the world of perfumes, but i figured the paper turned the scent awry? i really think you have to have a certain body chemistry to pull this one off without it being overly sweet.
24th January, 2007

Anna Sui by Anna Sui

this fragrance is so whisper soft smelling...i wish it had more staying power, but it smells so delicate and pretty i can't help but wear it.
24th January, 2007