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Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

This is a lovely fragrance, smelled it on the weekend and bought it in fact. The only weak point on my skin is the lime but this is a problem with my skin rather than the fragrance! A very rich mixture which does not get heavy or sour on drydown. Has restored a good bit of faith in a fashion house which has otherwise let itself down of late with average fragrances.....
21st September, 2008

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

Synthetic. Yes. Green. Yes. Linear? To some degree. There are notes which emerge here as time passes. This is good frangrance IMHO. IT gives me the same feeling as Hugo Boss Motion (the original silver with orange trim). Both have a very vibrant note which predominates throughout their drydown but both feel very invigourating and for hte price, it certainly is worth a try isn't it?
20th January, 2008

Can Can Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

could could but now can't can't
03rd August, 2007
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Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

I don't really care IF this is a rebranded editon of something else. It works.Unlike madridbatabridd, I hate aquatics as a rule but like madrid, I think this is a great fragrance. As fro comparisons to Ben Gay, well this comes back to synthetic notes finding their way into low-cost products (blame the fragrance houses for that!). As always though, the comparison is shallow as there will be some note of similarity but on doing a head to head comparison, the illusion shatters. Funnily I have jsut read the revies on another 'fresh' fragrance which was compared to Ben Gay so maybe the manufacturer has hit on a great scent ;)
03rd August, 2007

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

There are a lot of synthetic things going on here. Whether they work for you is going to depend on whether you like (or dislike) that signature (or is that novelty) note, Praline.
03rd August, 2007

XS pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

There is a coolness to this one that lasts all the way through it's dry down. I can only put this down to the musk. This is no doubt be very attractive to many but I can't quite get around it to the other softer / warmer notes (this may just be my skin though)
03rd August, 2007

Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

This could be Versace Black Jeans' darker misunderstood cousin. Always a little distant, annoyingly self assured, given to occasional excess and at once off-putting and beguiling
03rd August, 2007

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

My simple nose tells me this is very similar to YSL Pour Homme. It's smells of the same vintage and it exudes the same character. The YSl is very simple in composition of course and the Guerlain adds in some florals and vanilla to pad out the fragrance (described as sweet by reviewers).
I really don't see how you could put this on off unless you were over 50. I'm not trying to be ageist (does that word exist?), but I think a younger person wearing this would look like a someone trying to dress older than they are.
03rd August, 2007

Ferrari Cologne Water (Yellow) by Ferrari

The Ferrari label has a fairly disparate range of smells in it's collection. Red is fairly simple minty floral (unisex in my opinion), Black is a dead ringer for Dunhill Red (again, my personal take), Yellow is as the name perhaps aludes, a tonic water sort of smell. A hint of sweetness ofset against bitter "medicinal" notes.
Hard to work out where this fits into the whole fragrance world but I'm sure it has it's place!
03rd August, 2007

Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

A light weight effort by Guerlain.Soap is word which springs to mind and has been mentioned by at least one other reviewer. Lasting power is again dissapointing in EDT form.
Carl999 has identified Buddleia and Mimosa seeds as a note which is offensive. I can't really find anything in this bland concoction which is strong enough to become offensive. Each to their own I guess! We at Kenmore QLD (just down the road) have no such problem with migratory birds though so perhaps Carl's views are based on bad experiences!
26th July, 2007

Jasper Conran Woman / Signature Woman by Jasper Conran

I really like this one on my Wife's skin. A pale floral with a slight hint of earthiness (to stave off any sickliness) and just a hint of mint (OK could be imagining this but I actually find it similar in accord to Ferrari Red for some reason).
20th July, 2007

Happy for Men by Clinique

Makes me happy................
20th July, 2007

Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss

I've been initially a bit hesitant with this fragrance but I am now warming to it. It is moving into Winter here and I think it heavier / headier notes are getting less prominent in the cool. It's fresh and bright
21st June, 2007
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Ferrari (Red) by Ferrari

This is a great fragrance in that despite it brightness it can be worn to the office. The spearmint is soothing and the floral gives warmth.
21st June, 2007

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

It lacks that slightly harsh feeling of it's predecessor and as such lapses into 'sameness and safeness'. I think I'll stick to the first effort and Gucci Envy thanks!
20th June, 2007

Chopard pour Homme by Chopard

Audi not owns Lamborgini and is (as of the new models coming shortly) going to mae good looking but very German cars. Lamborgini used to be an up-yours loud-mouthed vain-glorious brand for people who acted likewise. What we are seeing is a trend towards sanitisation of products to appeal to a wide audience.
Ditto fragrances.......
20th June, 2007

Jasper Conran Man / Signature Man by Jasper Conran

What I get from this one is, on the startout a very bitter vetiver mixed with 1984 Armani for Men. That's it! Dries down to milder blend of the two but it's still lemon, clove sandlewood and a softened version of that Vetiver note.
A bit dissapointing as Jasper seems to be trading on his Father's name without breaking any new ground here......
17th June, 2007

cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

I think this frag' has been released in the wrong season here in Australia. We are just heading into Winter so I get the feeling that my fairly 'cool' reaction to this one may be best re-evaluated coming back into the warmer months.
In the meantime, it's a short lasting let-down, but again, I will defer judgement on this one.......
09th June, 2007

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

I'm generally not a fan of the "lighter" woodsy basenotes but in this case I'll make an exception. This frag' gets criticisms for being quite mild mannered but this could also be considered a bonus for office / daytime wear. It works great in Summer, expecially for office wear. I wouldn't say it works as well in the colder months though. I like it.
08th June, 2007

Oxygène Homme by Lanvin

I think randumbsmellguy has really captured this fragrance to a "T".
This is one fresh fragrance which does not overpower your sinuses with vapourous gas and the herbal notes really play off beautiflluy against the musk. Sillage is good. Longetivity likewise. For those afraid of "fresh" "aquatic" or "oxzonic", give it a try.
16th May, 2007

New West for Him by Aramis

bring it back please Aramis (and that goes for the Women's version too!)
16th May, 2007

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

I do NOT wear fragrances to attract the other sex (and no, I'm NOT gay!). But when I wear this one I am acutely aware of the effect it has on the fairer sex, to the point where comments get made in lifts (yes it did happen much to my amazement). So there you go. It a great fragrance and, if it is a consideration, the ladies will like it!
16th May, 2007

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Anise, anise anise, anise, anise.
Thats all I get I'm afraid.
Well there asre otehr notes in there but there is also Anise (did I mention that already?)
16th May, 2007

Black Jeans by Versace

Just got a bottle on Ebay. (Good old Ebay). Anyway, I see what others refer to as "tar" here. Think a much more balanced version of the harsh note in Jacomo de Jacomo here. Once we get over this we get into the smoothness of the woody, syrupy notes playing off against the vibrancy of the musk. Altogether a great smell which should appeal to a wide range of people and age groups.
19th April, 2007

Joop! Homme by Joop!

chemical warfare has been legalised........
18th April, 2007

Opium pour Homme Eau d'Orient by Yves Saint Laurent

Perhaps I need to have my ofactory receptors cleaned out. Foetidus has uncovered some very subtle notes here (much kudos here). I myself can only really find a subtle reorganisation on note-intensity coupled with a peppery injection. I think I have a long way to go!
17th April, 2007

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

lightweight, which is not bad if you're after that. I think the younger consumer will find it attractive but certainly not a fragrance for those searching for perfume nervana.
17th April, 2007

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

Equal parts class & elegance, squeezed into a convenient atomiser dispensor.
17th April, 2007

Polo by Ralph Lauren

WARNING: Apply with caution.
A little goes a LONG way......
17th April, 2007

Dunhill Signature by Dunhill

Tonka Bean. It seems to be everwhere at the moment so I suppose it inevitably affects our perception of fragrances which were released before the onslaught of Tonka Bean fragrances. This note seems to be very strong and has the potential of overpowering. Having said all that I really like this one. It is one of the nicer tonka bean frag's around!
16th April, 2007