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Scandal by Lanvin

Rich flowers on a base of the smoothest leather imaginable. Jasmine and rose with hints of spicy carnation makes up the floral bouquet, later on joined by the softness of orris. The genius of this fragrance lies in it's masterful blending. The isobutyl quinoline that makes up most of the leather note is never sharp or rubber-like as it can be in many other perfumes. I would hesitate to put Bandit in the leather chypre family. To me it's more of a floral leather. Rich, warm and sensual.

If you ever get the chance to smell this long gone masterpiece, do not hesitate. It's a crime that Scandal was discontinued.
23rd March, 2006

Rush for Men by Gucci

On me the clear woods and light musks melds with my own skin and smells warm, but never sweet, which is unusual on me. I underdtand this doesn't work for everyone, but it's one of my staples. I have used up several bottles allready.
26th August, 2004