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Lady Caron by Caron

One of my favorite Carons. On cool days the warm peach and moroccan rose rise to the surface, and on warmer days the magnolia blossom is the star! I find this beautifully blended, not too sweet and simply gorgeous!
05th May, 2007

Parfum Sacré by Caron

Without a doubt one of my favorite Caron's. Warm, light, spicy and sensual. After using up my sample in a couple of days, I purchased the full size EDP. I had to have it! One of the most beautifully blended fragrances I own, and a masterpiece from start to finish. Elegant, classy and exceedingly rich.
01st March, 2007

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

My all-time favorite oriental. I have the Parfum Classic, and it truly is a superb scent. Beautiful, warm, spicy and ambery with a hint of sweet orange and florals. Although being relatively new, this is "old world" classic at it's best. Jean Desprez... my hat is off to you!
24th February, 2007
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Youth Dew Amber Nude by Estée Lauder

Although I love the original Youth Dew, Amber Nude is finding it's way into my heart as well. It is not as "grounded" as the original, and I prefer to look at it as a kind of shy little sister. Amber has always been one of the notes I am drawn to, as it smells warm and rich on my skin. Amber Nude is warm and rich, with a very sensual spicy quality. I still prefer the original, but this one is on the fast track to becoming another favorite!
21st February, 2007

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

This one is not as floral as I thought it was going to be. The floral notes are there to be sure, but very subtle and light. There is a lot going on in this composition, but I find the notes are blended so beautifully, that it "feels" warm and clean at the same time without any one note overpowering the other. If there is a negative to this for me, it would have to be that it doesn't last as long as I would like. I don't seem to be able to carry this scent longer than about 4 hours!
21st February, 2007

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

Well, add me to the "granny" list, because I adore this frag. I agree, that it's not for the faint hearted or the "I love fruity, foody, watered down oceanic scents" crowd! This one is a bombastic and beautiful grown-up scent that IMO does not scream "I'm an old lady", but instead, very calmly and eloquently states that she is the epitomy of luxury, class and sophistication. My collection will never be without this warm and wonderful fragrance!
21st February, 2007

Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum by Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso smells every bit the Grand ol' Lady that she is. Castles, large overstuffed furniture and classy wealthy people. This one is indeed unusual, but in a wonderfully big, too much money sexy kind of way. I love it!
20th February, 2007

Bellodgia by Caron

This is one of my favorite daytime scents. So beautifully Victorian and elegant. It reminds me of old Hollywood and days gone by. Gorgeous, timeless and classy! Love it!
19th February, 2007

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I apologize in advance to all you Angel lovers out there, but this scent is an atrocity IMO. It actually makes me kind of sick when I smell it, even on others. I normally like patch, but coupled with that horrible sweet candy smell, it just gags me. I find it has a stinky feet or dirty sweaty socks smell in warm weather, and a candy-counter theater smell in the winter. I really couldn't hate a fragrance more! UGH!
31st January, 2007

Shalimar by Guerlain

Although I have never cared much for vanilla, esp. strong vanilla notes, I have always loved this fragrance, and have purchased it time and time again over the years. Besides Opium, it is the only other scent I've ever worn, where men have actually swooned when thay first smelled it! It is a deeply sensual and gorgeous oriental, and one that I pray will be around for many more years to come.
31st January, 2007

Tabu by Dana

I wore this many years ago and liked it, but find it does not smell the same now. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is just "different". Cheaper somehow. The dry down is missing the sensuality that it once had, and I'm certain they have changed the formula, or are using a cheaper substitute of something...... mmmmm.....
31st January, 2007