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Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

When I first smelled this, I was head-over-heels in love with it. Sweet and fruity and for some reason reminded me of fresh sassafras. I was addicted to it; my then-boyfriend loved smelling it on the sweatshirt I'd borrow. Then, I slowly stopped using it. When I tried to wear it again, it left a bad taste in my mouth all the way through the drydown until I had to take a shower. I've given it several more chances, but I just can't wear it anymore.
31st January, 2007

Mitsouko by Guerlain

I just received my bottle of the EDT today. When I first put it on, it smelled like cooking brown rice and old books, which was something I did not notice when I first tried it out at the store. This was not a negative, however, as I love the smell of old books and will often duck into used bookstores just to sniff the air. As I wore it, the peach started to come out and the overall scent got warmer and a bit sweeter but not overly so. Now, it is about 12 hours after I first put it on, and I smell something like the woods in early spring before the flowers have really started to come out. I am glad to have Mitsouko in my collection.
31st January, 2007