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    In Love Again by Yves Saint Laurent

    I am one of those people who turns Pamplelune into catpee; so did happen with In love again too after ten minutes. The first 10 minutes are pleasant; but then I get catpee and hairspray.
    Reminded me very much of Babydoll,( wich I love and can wear )at first.
    I'll stick to Babydoll when I'm in the mood for a summer scent like this.

    05th May, 2007


    Absolu by Rochas

    When I put this on it instantly reminded me of another perfume; Jean Paul Clasique.

    I don't find it too flowery at all.
    It says it has orange flower and spices.
    I like it and will consider buying a bottle; it is easily found online at very low cost.

    29th April, 2007

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