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L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Reminds me of PI with it's tiny bit of sweetness, and also Dolce and gabanna ph for some reason.

Nice. better than i thought.. Not "boring" like others have reviewed.

It's YSL targeting the move.

It's not bad at all, I would get a bottle, but my fajah has it already.
20th June, 2007
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Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

smoldering smokey sweet. Subtle. Too subtle for my tastes. it has good longevity, but lacks projection.

this one, you have to be very close to smell. smells nice...different.

Test before buy, I bought this one blind.

If it was stronger, I would give thumbs up.
02nd June, 2007
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Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

my grandma wears this. smells great. i can see a young lady wearing this out granny..the youngins are lurking...
20th April, 2007
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Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

Fresh. Lemony. Think Issey Miyake L'eau d'iseey but more lemon and sharper freshness at that. Tested this one twice, I would buy, but L'eau d'issey is too similar, nobody but I or good noses who know about fragrance would be able to distinguish, to be honest.

Lasts long. Sillage is good. Nice safe scent. I like it. Perfect summer cologne.
19th April, 2007
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Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

My girl does not like this one as well. Good thing because it gives me a headache.

Too mossy...just as bad as Polo original.

hard to describe, but the smell makes me sick.

I could see it on some people who wear leather ect... but in the 80's..not today. smells kinda "salty" and stale. gross.
17th April, 2007
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Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

The best cologne I have ever smelled. I always run back to this one when I smell my dad's or my brother's colognes or the other's at the stores.

It's light, manly, citrus fresh, sorta peppery. YET, it has great sillage and longevity on skin (8+ hours) and lasts for days on clothing.

I was looking for WEEKS for a cologne. Something always was wrong with others... They smelt great but lasted short. They lasted long, but smelt way too sweet or musky. THEN I found Plat Egoiste and tested it a few days. Went back, purchased it, and I want to wear it everyday.

If you're looking for a QUALITY, FRESH and MANLY cologne, give PE a try. Don't judge it on a paper tester. Wear it. ALONE. Walk in the store. Spray this cologne ONLY. Come back hours later desiring to buy it. It will happen.

Ladies...Get this for your man if he's a classy, young, fresh smell loving man and cares about his presentation to others.

PLATINUM EGOISTE= Sexy. Ladies I know (young ladies) say so.
25th February, 2007
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Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

my girlfriend wears this. it's the best smell on a woman i have smelt. It's light, its delicious. I always want to get near her neck to smell it. she puts little on but it lasts a long time. i love how when things get hot, it has good sillage. i recommend this to women who don't know what to buy.
13th February, 2007
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Hugo by Hugo Boss

I'm 18 and I use this scent. It's masculine, clean and a bit musky.. It's a nice balance.. It's hard to describe..but it smells good on my skin. From what I've experienced, it lasts a decent amount of time on my skin. Maybe 6 hours... Silage is good for about 2 hours... but, no cologne really lasts on me anyway, which disappoints me. But Hugo smells classic, not a bad choice. I feel confident when I wear it.
11th February, 2007
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Guess Man by Guess

Smell: Crisp, clean, a little citrus, a little like the out doors.

Lasting: Long. Sprayed on a shirt, hadn't worn it for 5 days. Smelt it distinctively before putting it in the washer. On skin? Not sure... I get used to my smell within 20 min with any cologne, but others say they smell it hours after application.

Comments: Mom loves it. G/f loves it. I love it. Haven't worn it to work or school yet.

Last words: Buy it, you won't be disappointed. Its clean, refreshing, makes you feel like a clean masculine person. I love drenching in cologne, and this one I love...b/c other ones just stink. I can smell this all day!

I went through these colognes and returned them until I finally found Guess Man: Aqua Di Gio (too girly, not lasting long), Cool Water Deep, Allure, Curve.
04th February, 2007