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Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

I wore this one to work one day and a beautiful young lady came up to me and told me that I smelled really good, gave me her name and phone number, and left on the post-it note "Call Me!!!" I've never had this happen with any other fragrance.
31st August, 2005

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

There are some fragrances that are good and there are some that are great and then there are some that are bad. This EL offering isn't groundbreaking but it has that little something to it that makes it really, really good. It doesn't smell that feminine to me and I'm pretty discriminate to these type of smells---I want to smell like a man and this fragrance doesn't challenge that. I really wished it lasted longer but on occasion I have gotten compliments on it 6-8 hours after application---you just can't smell it yourself. Try it before you buy it.
31st August, 2005

Lanvin L'Homme by Lanvin

This fragrance is really good and is suprisingly long lasting for a fresh scent. My nose isn't on a first name basis with all the top, mid and basenotes but it likes all of the ones in this offering. To me it smells like a niche fragrance--sort of what a Creed lavender/floral fragrance would smell like. I like it and have gotten several compliments on it---do be light with it because it can be strong if you overapply.
31st August, 2005
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Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

I really like this fragrance and I will tell you why---it's not your everyday run-of-the-mill fragrance--plain and simple. It is "rich" to me in a way similar to a fruit cobbler with spice added. Compliments always abound when I wear this one and you don't need a whole lot of it to get a good effect and feel it's aura. I like to wear it on dates because of the sensual and sexy feel it has and because the sweetness is so alluring.
08th August, 2005

Himalaya by Creed

I now love took four or five wearings but this one has grew on me like no other scent has---and I didn't like it at all the first few times I wore it. The most versatile scent that I own and the powdery smell I noted in the first comment has somehow disappeared.
08th August, 2005 (last edited: 07th December, 2005)

Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne

I have to say that this is the #1 compliment-getter in my whole arsenal. Clean, fresh, sexy, modern, masculine, long-lasting, and tranquil all are descriptions that apply to this marvelous yet inexpensive offering from Claiborne. It won't develop much and won't knock your socks off but who cares when you smell this good for this long for this cheap. Hoooorahhhh!!
08th August, 2005 (last edited: 31st August, 2005)

Very Sexy for Him 2 by Victoria's Secret

This fragrance grows on me everytime I wear it and it has never failed to get a compliment or two. I don't own a ton of fragrances but I do have several (50-60) and this one is nothing like any of the rest of them. The only problem is it's durability but it will still go 4-5 hours before you would need to reapply. I wore it to work one day and a lady I work with stopped me and said "What have you got on?" to which I said "Very Sexy 2" and then she summed it up by saying "You got that right!!!!!!"
19th July, 2005

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is definitely not one of my favorites but it isn't a bad scent. The problem is that it doesn't evolve and stays pretty bland throughout a wearing which is not good for a scent that costs as much as this one does.
09th July, 2005

Visit by Azzaro

I really like this fragrance but it doesn't garner very many compliments. This one also has the tendency to smell a little different with each wearing which to me is a positive trait.
09th July, 2005

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

This scent is unlike anything I have in my wardrobe which is good because I like variety. It also gets a lot of compliments from ladies of all ages. It will get a lot of work from me when the weather warms and I get out more. Like any other fragrance it must work with your chemistry to be "great" due to the heavy fig note which may come across as too sweet for some. Worth trying before buying.
21st February, 2005